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Brighton Bound

On the Train Just out of London
Countryside Brighton Train Station Brighton Beach Pier Skeleton Jessica and her Kitchen Roast Pig! Saturday Roast - Super Tasty
Photos by Ms. Jen with a Nokia N86.

Sat 10.03.09 – Today I went down to Brighton to visit with Jessica Splengler and Jeremy Keith. It was a good gray and blustery autumn day in Brighton. We went for a little walk and then returned to their flat, where Jessica made the most delicious pork roast. Tasty.
Big thanks to Jeremy and Jessica for hosting me in Brighton.

A Few Tidbits from the Tuesday after Labor Day

Tidbit #1: I don’t have any photos from today because I only took one and it was of Scruffy. I think y’all get enough Scruffy photos.
Tidbit #2: Why no photos? Gasp! Shock! Horror! What ever have you been up to?
Yep. I am trying to work real hard real fast so that I can free up two weeks at the end of this month to go to London for the Moo Party, London Design Festival, Over the Air, and FOWA. I am registered for FOWA (Future of Web Apps) but I would really like to be able to be in London the week before.
Tidbit #3: Lauren has been Redeemed.
Tidbit #4: I am perversely considering buying a Nokia N86 in London rather than one here. Why in London?
a. I am sick of the US being the place of last mobile delivery and I don’t want to reward companies that wait 2-3 or 4-5 or never months to release good mobile devices in the US.
b. The 3G sucks on AT&T due to the large number of iPhones on the network, so if one is going to be stuck (at least in LA) on Edge-like speeds why not buy a device that is Euro 3G – at least it will be fast when I am on holiday.
c. If I buy an Euro Nokia N86 online in the US, I won’t have a warranty. My June of 2007 bricking experience of my online bought N80 taught me that no warranty is BAD. If I buy the N86 in London, then I will have a warranty in the UK. It is still a warranty.
d. I want to within the year get a job in Europe, so it would be better to get a Euro 3G phone.
I know…rationalizations. rationalizations. rationalizations for my anger at NokiaUSA for being S-L-O-W or getting their container ships lost in the Bermuda Triangle.
Tidbit #5: Hey, have I mentioned lately that I would love to get a job in mobile in London? Know of any positions for a bright creator|ideator|project manager sort? Let me know.
Hopping back on the hamster wheel.

The Gherkin and Tower Bridge

The Gherkin and Tower Bridge
Photo taken by Ms. Jen with her Nokia N95.

Mon 06.29.09 – As I was walking back to the Tower Hill Tube station after visiting Steve and Lobelia Lawson at their house barge on the Thames near the Design Museum, I saw The Gherkin, the glass skyscraper euphemistically named after a pickle rather than a phallic symbol, framed by the Tower Bridge. I was in a rush to not be late to meet up with folks at the Phoenix Club, but I stopped nonetheless to catch this photo.

Tug on Dry Dock Boat

Tug on Dry Dock Boat
Photo taken by Ms. Jen with her Nokia N95.

Mon 06.29.09 – A small tug boat on a barge dry dock in the Thames River, moored to a wharf on the Southbank near the Design Museum. I was visiting Steve & Lobelia Lawson when I spied this marvelous approach to boat repair.

Cam Displaying Her New Kinder Egg Jewellery

Cam Displaying Her New Kinder Egg Jewellery
Photo taken by Ms. Jen with her Nokia N95.

Sun 06.28.09 – Much fun was had by all at the post-birthday BBQ for Ms. Vikki Chowney that Camilla Blackett held at her fabulous loft flat at the Church in Camden. This photo was taken after a flat of Kinder Eggs and a fifth of Jose Cuervo tequila was procured. The chocolate exterior’s of the kinder eggs were used as shot chocolates for the tequila. It was later determined by the testers that rum worked better in the kinder eggs than tequila, as rum is more favorable to milk and white chocolate. Tequila would do better in a dark chocolate egg.
Allix formed the internal plastic kinder egg cases into jewellery for Cam.

BBQ’ing the Rain

BBQ'ing the Rain
Photo taken by Ms. Jen with her Nokia N95.

Sun 06.28.09 – Vikki Chowney and James Whatley display the best of English summer BBQing weather…

Leigh and Jon

Leigh and Jon
Photo taken by Ms. Jen with her Nokia N95.

Sat 06.27.09 – Saturday was a big delight. I took the train from London Paddington out to Oxfordshire to hang out with Family Hicks. We had a nice lunch in their backyard, I got to meet Tufts and Tom Tom the new guinea pigs, and then we went out to Chipping Norton for Mantha’s 8th birthday musical theatre adventure.
Upon return to Chez Hicks, the little ones had tea then went to bed. Leigh and I procured beverages and very good Chinese to go food, friends dropped in, and then karaoke was sung on Sing-Song (?). Unfortunately for me, I had to get to the train station to catch a the last train back into London before I could sing my Darkness song.
Even more unfortunately, my train was 1.5 hours late (o.O). But it was all worth it for the gloriousness that is Oxfordshire in the summer.
Big thanks to Leigh and Jon for hosting me.