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January 2nd: Camellias blooming in London and the Grayson Perry Exhibition

Camellias blooming in London on Jan 2nd!
Tottenham Court Tube exit Reflections The British Museum Courtyard of The British Museum Alison, Andy and the ADOX Grayson Perry's Motorcycle with a Alan Measles Stunt Double Quarter Moon upon exiting the British Museum about 5pm

Photos by Ms. Jen with her Nokia N8.

Mon 01.02.12 – It must be a warm winter as a camellia bush in Bayswater is already in full bloom.
Today I had the opportunity to go with Alison Austin and Andy Budd to the Grayson PerryThe Tomb of the Unknown Craftsman‘ exhibition at the British Museum and then to the Teddy Bear Tea afterwards in the 3rd story cafe.
The exhibition was wonderful, humorous, thoughtful, and many layered; go see it. I have a new favorite artist thanks to Alison!
Best part of writing this blog post is discovering that Grayson Perry’s teddy bear, Alan Measles, has a blog.