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Strange Dreams

Sun. 10.14.18 – This morning I woke up every hour after three in the morning with strange dreams that involved my favorite bath towels disappearing as I folded them while doing laundry.

I have four red bath towels and wash clothes. I fold the wash clothes into the towel fold, so they do not get lost when I store them in the cupboard.

I am not afraid of nightmares or disturbing dreams, but the dream of my towels disappearing as I folded them kept coming back every time I fell back to sleep.

Odd but true.

A Bit Worn

In my last 1.5 years of university and the first year of being out in the big world, I purchased quite a few household items. I belong to the set of folk who would rather spend good money for objects that will last, rather than the purchase objects for as cheaply as possible at Walmart/Ikea/Target/Costco and then discarded a few years later when the object is unusable.
To that end, most of what I purchased in that time period, I still use daily 18-15 years later. My towels, my kitchen knives, my dishes, my Reed&Barton flatware, my Chantel blue enameled cookware, etc, etc, etc.
In the last year, I have noticed that my towels, which are lovely and don’t shed, are starting to fray. My good Gerber knives are now, even though I take them to be professionally sharpened, starting to have dings and dips in the blade and small rust spots are forming, although those are attacked with Bon Ami. My lifetime guaranteed Chantel enameled pans have a few dings in them, also with some spider cracks in the enamel.
Everything is still very usable and in good condition, but I will have to replace the towels soon unless I like having frayed towels hanging in my bathroom and getting stuck in the washer. I don’t mind the idea of upgrading my knife set to W├╝sthof or the like, but I do mind having to buy new towels.
New towels, no matter if you buy the cheap ones at Target or the more expensive ones at Macy’s, shed. They shed all over you when you are drying yourself. They shed when washed. Shedding of the new towels lasts for up to a year, though declining after each wash & dry.
New towel lint is more pernicious than Black Lab fur scattered around the house. I wish there were pre-washed, lint-free, 100% cotton bath towels available for sale.
Now I could only get an upgrade on the gray hairs that are breeding like rabbits on my head… I suppose I will shortly be forced to dye all my hair purple.