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I leave for SXSW in Three Days!

Blast from the Past: SXSW 2001 - Jason from the Amazing Royal Crowns & Ms. Jen

After I went to the big Sunflower Street post office and shipped the last four weeks of work off in big trackable priority mail envelopes, I allowed myself to finally start thinking about SXSW.
Yes, the Annual Spring Break for Geeks Pilgrimage to Austin, Texas, for the best little, ok… not so little anymore, conference / festival on the planet.
This year will be my 10th Interactive, but 13th year overall (1998-2000, I attended Music only). I guess this makes me an Austin veteran.
Now to figure out when to hold the annual wine & cheese party…

#NokiaComp Goes to SXSW Interactive 2010

#NokiaComp winners and the WOMWorld fellows

Nicole Lee and Mark Guim Adam and James George and a Bagel George plays ukelele to a flowering tree ;o) Adam kicking! George at Kick! Iain running into home base Adam, Big Phil, and Charlie at the Nokia Chatting at the Nokia Party Iain, Adam, and Vaibhav James and Ms. Jen George and Big Phil Dan's Bag of Tricks, Ovi Map Tricks Dan and his Tricks George learning to drive a Segway Ricc and Dan getting the Nokia N97's all set to Ovi Maps Vaibhav learning the Segway All lined up and ready to Segway! Iain and Ricc on the Octo-bike We picked up a game SXSWi attendee to join us on the Octo-bike We followed bikers on Harley hogs Adam
navigating Dan and Iain on Segways Navigating around a jackalope  on 6th Street And then we found Ewan on Dan's Ovi Map route Using Ovi Maps to navigate a route of Dan's planning Lunch at the Boiling Pot after the Segway Map adventure Lunch at the Boiling Pot after the Segway Map adventure Sunday evening's game of Guess Who A view of Guess Who Ricc, Chris, and Adam working Guess Who Playing Guess Who Ricc and Alexi the Guess Who Winner! Off the SXSW Grid - Open Mic Comedy night that Phil Schwarzmann found and got up at the Mic

Photos by Ms. Jen with a Nokia N86.

SXSW is my favorite conference/festival/springbreakforgeeks event of the year and has been since 1998 for Music and 2001 for Interactive. I love Austin in early to mid-March.
For a few years now, I have felt that Nokia has missed a big opportunity to reach out to the North American and International web, mobile, gamer, and interactive creator & influencer communities by not participating, attending, or throwing a big open to all badges party at SXSW. Last year Nokia held two private by invite only parties that were kept on the low down, which was completely baffling for a company that is struggling in the North American market, as SXSW would be the perfect place to get all the influencers and bloggers to start talking.

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SXSW Interactive 2010 Photo Essay Wrap Up

Nokia N86 Panorama of the Annual Wine & Cheese Party, SXSWi 2010

Panorama photo by Ms. Jen with a Nokia N86 at the annual Wine & Cheese Party.

Every year at SXSW, I take tons of photos, many years I attempt to get most to all of them up here or at Flickr and don’t quite make it to the end of the week’s worth of photos. This year, I did and here they are, plus a few of my patented Ms. Jen transcribed session notes:
Day 0 – Thurs 03.11.10
Day 1 – Fri 03.12.10
Day 2 – Sat 03.13.10
Day 3 – Sun 03.14.10
Day 4 – Mon 03.15.10
Day 5 – Tues 03.16.10
The Day After – Wed 03.17.10
Per the usual, click on the photos to start the slideshow and read the captions. Big thanks to the WomWorldNokia folks for loaning me the Nokia N86 8mp camera phone so that I could take so many great photos.

Jeremy and Tantek, SXSW Day 5

Jeremy and Tantek, SXSW Day 5

Faruk and a Shiner Jim and Scotty Cinnamon, Nicole, and Denise And so the Wine & Cheese Party Starts Greg, Stephanie, and Kenneth John, Paul, and Stephanie Kenneth and Scott Sims Wine & Cheese Party gains momentum Glenda and Kenneth deep in conversation Jeremy and Gavin Hans, Charlie, and Lloyd We Are Scientists playing and the staircase Cindy Li and Matt Harris Stephanie and Jeremy at the SXSWi Closing Party

Photo of Jeremy & Tantek taken with a Nokia N97 at the Convention Center, the rest at the annual Wine & Cheese Party & Closing Party with a Nokia N86. All by Ms. Jen.