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And it Was Hot

Photo taken by Ms. Jen with her Nokia N86.
Sunday 09.26.10 – The first day of real summer heat occurred on the fourth day of autumn. Welcome to SoCal’s fire season.

The Last Monday of 2009

Extra high tide this morning Breach in the Seal Beach winter berm brings the high tide and sand to Seal Way 2 Hours after High Tide and it is still very high Flooding - Knee High to a Grown Man Claudia Callis waves Midafternoon meet up with Alex & Diego Hernandez Jackie and Baby Diego - who is 3 months old as of yesterday Beautiful Sky near Sunset Sun is setting Amazing sunset draws folks to watch Sun dips behind the clouds Sun goes down, as Tractor reinforces the sand berm at the Seal Beach Pier

Photos taken by ms. Jen with a Nokia N97.

Mon 12.28.09 – The last Monday of 2009 was an eventful day in Seal Beach, as the early morning high tide was really high and flooded the south end of Seal Beach as well as Seal Way near the pier. My morning walk route with the dogs was a bit interrupted by the water, but the wonder of it all was amazing. Most of the home owners were in good spirits as the water did not come up to their doors, but only to the first step or so.

Christmas Olive Trees, Dr. Figaro, Supertankers, and Sunset Wedding Photos

Julie Wanda's Christmas Olive Tree Dr. Figaro, Part I Dr. Figaro, Part II

Comin' Around The Bend, When the Sunset, She Comes Esther the Oil Platform, a Few Supertankers, Catalina Island, and the Seal Beach Winter Sand Berm Sunset Wedding Photos at the Seal Beach Pier

Photos taken by Ms. Jen with a Nokia N97.

Sun 12.20.09 – After a heavy work week, I found myself a bit stuffed up this weekend with an attendant sore throat, all the while praying that I not get fully sick. Today, I met up with Julie Wanda at her house so that we could go to lunch. I wanted to take photos of Figaro and Miss Kitty Le Meux, as I was taking the photos of Figaro he kept coming up to my nose and sniffing my nostrils and mouth, then backing up with a look on his face. Yes, Dr. Figaro, I have the beginnings of a cold or something.
After a stop by my brother’s house and my return to home, the sunset came early as we are only one day from the winter solstice. Scruffy and I went on a walk along Seal Way and along the pier. Today it was very warm, 77F / 25C, and the air was so very clear, as I could see the mountains in full detail and Catalina Island in sharp contrast. Three oil supertankers were sitting out on the bay waiting their turn in at the Port of LB/LA, the air was so clear that one could see their names on the sides of the ship even though they were several miles out to sea.
The best of all was the couple who were having their wedding photos taken on the beach on the north side of the Seal Beach pier. A bunch of folks were standing in the parking lot and on the pier taking photos of the sunset, Catalina and the bridal couple. Truly lovely.
Mazel Tov!

The Very Last Drop of the Sunset

The Very Last Drop of the Sunset

Sat Dec 6, 2008 - The Dolphin Market on the way to the Beach Sat Dec 6, 2008 - Amazing Sunset as seen from Seal Beach Sat Dec 6, 2008 - Amazing Sunset as seen from Seal Beach Sat Dec 6, 2008 - Amazing Sunset as seen from Seal Beach Sat Dec 6, 2008 - Amazing Sunset as seen from Seal Beach Sat Dec 6, 2008 - Amazing Sunset as seen from Seal Beach Sat Dec 6, 2008 - Amazing Sunset as seen from Seal Beach

Sat. Dec. 6, 2008 – On our way back from the Caribbean Christmas concert at CSULB, my Mom noted that tonight’s sunset would be good. When we got back, we collected Scruffy and walked over to the beach to see the sunset. We walked up to the top of the winter berm and the sunset was amazing!