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Running from the Wave

Running from the waves

Sat 03.01.14 – During the great Puddlewatch 2014, aka where one must post lots of PuddleGrams, I went out in a break between the weird water stuff falling from the sky to take photos of waves roaring up the beach south of the Seal Beach Pier.

While the surf was not as big as Surfline predicted, it was still fun to watch the wave action and small boys running from the waves.

Pigeons Sipping at the Showers by the Pier

Pigeons sipping shower water at the Seal Beach Pier

Photos taken by Ms. Jen with a Nokia N97.

Tues 03.02.10 – Photo taken on my morning walk with Scruffy McDoglet, the sky was heavy with storm clouds over the land, but clearing up out near Catalina Island, so if you look closely the big, tall automobile carrier ship out in the bay has sunlight glinting off of it.

Pigeons, Part II, plus the Auto Carrier in the Bay