NaBloPoMo2022 : Snow!

The last two days of rain in SoCal has produced some snow on the local LA area mountains and a good deal of snow on California’s North-South spine, the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Today I drove from SoCal to the Eastern Sierras and here is…

Embrace the Blur : A One Day Drive to Arizona and Back Again

Sun. 11.06.16 – Today including a whirlwind, blur of a drive out to Arizona and back home to Huntington Beach in one day! The madness was more than just an opportunity to spend $36 on gas; I was on a mission to pick up…

The Pre-Dawn Waning Crescent Moon Conjunct Mars and Jupiter, with Venus and Regulus

Fri 10.09.15 – Yesterday morning we had a pre-dawn cloudy conjunction of the waning crescent moon with Venus, this morning’s pre-dawn show was the Moon in a triangle with Mars and Jupiter.

Last Night’s Sky

Thurs 05.28.15 – Last evening just before 9pm, I took myself to the dock at the La Paz County Park near the Buckskin Fire station to take photos of Venus and Jupiter and various stars & constellations in the very last bits of twilight….

Lumia Conversations Interviews Ms. Jen in ‘Out of this World’

Microsoft’s Lumia Conversations interviewed me this last week about my love of mobile photography and my quest to take photos of the Moon, planets, and some stars with my camera phone in an article entitled ‘Out of this world: Meet Jenifer Hanen, astrophotographer‘. This…