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Jason Goh Jumping!

Photo of Jason Goh jumping at La Familia Sagrada taken by Ms. Jen with her Nokia N8.

Sun 02.26.12 – The above photo of Jason (@smashpop) jumping at the La Familia Sagrada best describes the whole day. I walked down to the Fira de Barcelona to pick up my MWC badge and meet Clinton Jeff to get the audio gear I brought him to him. Rafe Blandford, Dan Carter and Nirave joined us, we toddled across the street to TapaTapa for lunch, where Trent, Jason, and Lester joined us.
After a delightful lunch, most went back over to the Fira for various press conferences but Jason, Lester, Trent and I did a 4+ km walk from the Fira to the La Familia Sagrada to stretch our legs and take lots of photos. It was good fun.

Barcelona! MWC!

Good Morning, Barcelona! View from my Window The Arc de Triumf and it's Placa Cute door graffiti The Fountains at Placa de Catalunya
Photos taken in Barcelona by Ms. Jen with her Nokia N8.

Sat 02.25.12 – Here I am in Barcelona for Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2012.
As I wrote here, I decided to go to Barcelona for MWC this year rather than Austin for SXSW Interactive. Now that I am here, even though MWC doesn’t start until Monday, I am so glad that I decided for MWC as Barcelona is fabulous and quite a bit cheaper than Austin.
I left LAX on Thursday the 23rd and arrived here at 7am yesterday morning. Even though I sort of slept on the plane, once I made it to my rented studio apartment I had a nap attack that lasted too long. In the afternoon, I wandered around my neighborhood and went grocery shopping.
In the evening, I met up with Dhruv Bhutani who is also in town covering MWC for Fone Arena, and we went to have drinks and tapas at Cerveseria Catalunya.
Barcelona is really lovely and I am glad that I am here.