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The Nokia E73 Mode Beach Party

Mike, All lined up on the beach
Lenny, aka The Truth Dennis and Lenny Donna, laughing between takes, Glenn in the background Playing with the Nokia E73 Mode Al Pavangkanan and Mike Macias Donna giving instructions Mike and Al all ready to Kayak Donna looking back, Jeb doing his best to play bumper kayaks Jeb and Al next to the Parental Advisory Duffy boat The Great Tipover Adam, laughing while wet Volleyball: Beach locals vs. Mobile Geeks Volleyball: Beach locals vs. Mobile Geeks

Photos taken by Ms. Jen with a Nokia E73.

Sat 08.21.10 – This afternoon and evening was the very fun Nokia E73 Mode Beach Party with a set of ‘challenges’ in Sunset Beach as hosted by Nokia and WOMWorld.
Attendees were given the choice to dress up in suits provided by the WOMWorld folk and to be apart of the challenges that also involved a film crew. The film fellows were using Canon 7Ds to record the video of the adventures.
WOMWorld’s Donna was our ‘boss’ and the best parts were going out kayaking in the Huntington Harbor and the volleyball game in front of the Beach Party house, as seen in the photos above.
I enjoyed using the Nokia E73 Mode to take photos, as the camera is 5 megapixels and much improved over the last ESeries device I trialed – the E71. The photos are clear, the color is fairly correct, and the camera was fairly fast. My only complaint with the E73’s camera is that in automatic mode it does best focusing at objects about a meter (3 feet) away and is a bit blurry and anything closer as seen in the photos above.
As always it was wonderful to catch up with friends who are also passionate about mobile and make new ones. Big thanks to Nokia, WOMWorld – Donna, Adam, and James, for hosting a lovely party and weekend.
The big question is when will the video come out?

Portal Poopers

All day today, as I wrapped up working in the PHP Salt Mines, I had tons of ideas for good and scintillating blog posts, but soon as I sat down to blog all of the ideas fled to someone else’s brain.
Instead, I will tell you about the new dog religion or ritual practice I have observed lately. For over a month now, whenever I take Scruffy out for a walk, I have noticed that Scruffy always wants to do his dog-ly business in front of someone’s door or at the entrance of their walkway. If I drag him off to find another spot, like a lawn, before he makes his deposit he will hold it until we are in front of another doorway or walkway.
I have decided that Scruffy must be participating in some obscure dog cult of the Portal Poopers.
Fast forward to this last week when Belle was visiting, several mornings in a row as we went to leave for our walk a pile of dog poop would be blocking our way. Cold dog poop. Not Belle’s. Not Scruffys. Not fresh, but cold.
What other dog had entered the breezeway to participate in the Portal Pooping ritual?
Tonight, I found out who, as he was portal pooping in front of Earl & Sharon’s doorway before he came over to visit with Mr. McDoglet…
Yes, Magnus & Scruffy must both belong to the PP dog cult!

Oh, Where Has All the Flash Gone?

Now that video is all the rage, Flash seems to have been sidelined to banner ads, games, and corporate websites.
I miss the days of silly, homemade, whimsical* Flash animations with very little purpose. While I am not a big fan of all Flash websites in which most of the time I immediately exit, I do like fun Flash.
Where have all the silly Flash animations gone? Are art students and high school students too broke to buy the education version Flash from Adobe and don’t have a crack code? Are they too deep into WOW/Wii/XBox/etc and celebrating 4:20 to create their own Flash silliness? Are they too used to the Facebook & MySpace communities to put up their own websites?
Do you have a favorite fun Flash that has been created in the last 2 years?
* Let’s not even talk about silly, off the wall animated gifs