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Still Sick. Still Sad.

Tues. 11.15.16 – I am still sick with the flu/evilvirus/snotmachine/nauseathing. I am still sad. Sad about Scruffy – I keep calling Belle Scruffy even though she is a different breed, taller, bigger, not Scruffy, etc. Still sad/mad about our election of the Narcissist-in-Chief.

I will have more substantial thought posts when I am not being attacked by the evilvirus.


Sat. 11.12.16 – I promised myself and Roland that I would blog every day this month to help me get back into the swing of blogging again. And it has.

Big thanks to Roland for all of his encouragement and comments.

I have not much to say today other than this week got more extra special when I was returning home from the vet to drop Scruffy off for cremation. I felt nauseous as Belle and I drove back and as I pulled into a parking spot I knew I would not make it into the apartment. I got very sick. Luckily, I still had two dog bowls in the car.

I have the flu. I am still crying about Scruffy. And Trump is still Doofus-in-Chief-Elect. Gah.

Rabbit Rabbit

Hello February 1, 2013.
Once again, I was all geared up to BLOG DAILY and a wrench or two has been thrown in my path. I have been sick with the flu*, yes the real live infuenza, for the last 8 days and then on Monday my wifi went down and out. Neither problems have been fixed fully at this point. I am still sick & I am still using my Nokia N9 to get a small thin stream of internets.
My big praise for the week is to Open Mobiles. Yes, my Nokia N9 is a true working horse trooper. My Nokia Lumia 920 said no – sorry, can’t, my 808 PureView valiantly tried, and the Nokia N9 just did it. I very much look forward to the the open linux mobile phones to be released this year by Jolla Mobile, Ubuntu, and Firefox.
Tomorrow is my Dad’s 70th birthday. We are going on a bit of an adventure with Grandpa’s ashes (if I can find which box they are in) and then to a lovely birthday dinner. Hopefully, I will have enough energy and will not cough up on everyone.
Tomorrow is also St. Brigid’s Day and Groundhog’s Day!
Happy February to you.
* I was terribly sad to find out that this season’s flu did not have a sexy name & story like the Swine Flu or the Bird Flu or the Hong Kong Flu or the like, but has a very dull name of Influenza A (H3N2) [556] (mostly likely of the blabbity blabbity California or Victoria sub-name blabbity boring we-have-no-storytelling-naming-capacity blabbity blabbity strain). The October 2009 Swine Flu was MUCH MORE SEXY. Because if you are going to be stuck in bed with 103F fever and bored out of your skull, the virii should have a great name and story. kthnxbai

Dog Tusseling, or Why Does Kimchi Hate Me?

Scruffy & Magnus

Photo of Scruffy & Magnus taken by Ms. Jen with a Nokia N97.

Wed 03.10.10 – Today was the day I was too be running around errands, finishing up details, laundry, packing, etc etc etc, in preparation for a 6am flight Thursday morning to Austin, Texas.
The whole day today was derailed by a nasty light phobic migraine that kept me in bed until around 4pm. It is all the fault of kimchi and my innate pre-travel fridge frugality. I always feel the need to not waste any food that might go off while I am out traveling and I try to make all kinds of interesting dishes before I depart as to not have to throw anything out.
This is a bad impulse. I have now gotten sick 3x just before flying. Silly me.
There was a large quart jar of kimchi from AR supermarket that was in the final dregs for a couple of weeks now living on the top shelf of my fridge. Why I felt compelled to eat the remainders I don’t know, since I already know that kimchi older than a couple of days makes me tummy sick & triggers headaches. Le Sigh.
So, today’s photo was of Scruffy & Magnus wrestling while I was trying to recoup from my ill-advise kimchi consumption.
Tomorrow, super early, I am off to SXSW for Interactive. See you there!

Cough Syrup Mustache: Scruffy McDoglet Update

Scruffy & his cough syrup mustache

Photo by Ms. Jen with a Nokia N97.

Mon 01.25.10 – Thanks to everyone who has inquired about Scruffy’s health. The good news is that he is on the mend. He is still coughing, but it has reduced in quantity and volume. Scruffy is still sleeping a lot and is a bit cranky (Sorry, Gracie!).
Today, he discovered that sleeping on his back made for less wheezing and coughing. And as he was sleeping on his back, I noticed his cough syrup mustache and needed to take a photo.
Sadly, Scruffy is still on quarantine from other dogs and when Magnus came over to visit today, Scruffy couldn’t go out and play.

Today’s Big Adventure: A Trip to The Vet

Scruffy's X-Rays  - Lung InfectionScruffy's X-Rays  - Lung Infection

Photos of Scruffy’s x-rays taken by Ms. Jen with a Nokia N97 with permission from Dr. Kali.

Fri 01.22.10 – The last 3 days have been very worrisome & exhausting as Scruffy has been very sick with a hacking, honking cough that has kept both of us up. Dr. Kali at North Tustin Veternary Clinic was a gem today, he was very calm with Scruffy, got the X-rays, we talked over the results, without any panic about kennel cough or pneumonia.
While Scruffy may have one or the other or another type of bacterial lung infection, I appreciated Dr. Kali’s calmness and professionalism. Scruffy is on a regime of antibiotics and doggy cough syrup, as well as under strict instructions to stay away from all other dogs for 2 weeks. He is still coughing intermittently, but not anywhere as hard or with the same duration and hopefully the cough syrup will keep him sedated enough to get both of us a good night’s sleep.

Tidbits from a Sneezy Tuesday Evening or Brain Dump Whilst ill with Head Cold

Listening to “Up Around the Bend” by Hanoi Rocks. Finland produces more than multimedia mobile devices… ;o)
The same weekend of CES and the porn convention thingy (sorry, I don’t pay attention to acronyms at the best of times, let alone the beachballtits acronyms) in Las Vegas is always the weekend of the American Football finals weekend. Thus, my brother, his good buddy Mike and Mike’s dad make their yearly pilgrimage to the Sports Book at Caesar’s Palace to spend the weekend drinking and betting and getting sick from the smoke & viruses brought to the sports book room by all the folks who are in there. Got to love Las Vegas.
Now listening to “El Matador” by The Spores. Molly rocks harder than you.
Whether you go to CES, the porn thingy, PRB, VLV, or any other reason to go to Lost Wages, you will come home with the Las Vegas Flu. The LV Flu is worse than anything you pick up in an airplane. First off there are a wider variety of folk from more ports of call in any given casino in Lost Wages than in any airplane. Then add onto that the canned, recycled air, and SMOKE. Did I mention the extra, pungent, oxygenated smoke that is recycled in Vegas? Add that to at least 243 viruses and you have SICK. Real quick.
Now listening to “Beat Surrender” by The Jam. If you haven’t guessed, I have iTunes on shuffle.
Sin City nothing. More like Sick City. What goes on in Vegas does not stay in Vegas. It comes home with you. If you are a mild mannered (me) or a medium mannered (brother) Hanen, it means coming home sick with a nasty head cold which can develop into more. Now if your manners aren’t mild or medium, then wrap it. I don’t want to hear what you picked up.
So, my brother spent all last week at home with bronchitis, conjunctivitis, and sinusitis. The CL said he had an extendo hangover, but today (10 days later) was his first half day back at work. Hardly a hangover.
Up now? “Not a Crime” by Gogol Bordello.
I felt mild twinges of tummy flu last week but squelched it. I woke up this Saturday for our first day of the Punk Rock Bowling Tournament #10 with my nose dripping at an alarming rate and I was COLD. I am never feel cold. I like 45F. I like skiing. I like cold weather. I run hot. But I have been cold ever since Saturday. I currently have the heat on in my apartment. Shocker.
“Toast of the Town” by Motley Crue from the remastered “Too Fast for Love” cd. Thanks, Alex!
Don’t know if I was getting a bit sick before leaving for Punk Rock Bowling, but within 12 hours I was very sick. Now this makes for a boring weekend. I was in bed by midnight and waking up at 10am. No real drunk, but lots of cold medicine. Bah. How can one flirt with hot 40-something punk men when one’s nose is dripping and one has a sore throat. Really.
Speaking of the Crue and Ikki Nikki Three & a Half… if you have a copy of the original Leathur Records “Too Fast for Love” contact me. That is one of the best punk/metal albums of all times – Dead Boy-esque. The 1981 EMI version is just metal. Bah.
Ha.ha.ha.ha… In your mind you are thinking, “Ms. Jen must be sick and a bit loopy, she just wrote ‘hot 40-something punk men’!” Yes, it was true. But flirting whilst sniffly never is very effective so I have no news to report. But the men were hot.
“Family Tree” by Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra. Love the TSPO. Love ’em.
I hope I don’t get as sick as my brother, as I have WAY TOO MUCH TO DO before departing for the Nokia Urbanista mo-pho adventure on Feb. 6th. Like finish two client websites, update the’s CMS, and put together all of the Punk Rock Bowling photos (334 of ’em) into a mammoth photo essay.
“Leavin’ Here” by Lars Fredricksen and the Bastards. Other than Gordy (the Unknown Bastard), none of the other Bastards or alumn Bastards were at Bowling this year. Hmph. Oh, Craig Fairbaugh, where are you? Did you fall off the planet?
Speaking of the Nokia Urbanista Diaries, how did Devin visit Punk Rock Bowling for most of Saturday but he did not post a single photo to the Nseries website? Enquiring minds want to know. I know he got some good photos, as I was with him when he was shooting and talking to the ladies with leopard print Sidekicks.
Do the Devil” by the Amazing Royal Crowns. No websites for the Crowns, other than MySpace and all my old articles and other bits. Hey look! Someone put up a wikipedia article on the Crowns. Yeah!
Actually, I do know why Devin couldn’t post his photos from the Sam’s Town Bowling lanes… if one can’t get a GPS signal than Nokia’s Sports Tracker won’t post the photos from the route taken. Why are we using software that is not working while the first of our four mobile bloggers is already out on the road? If Nokia would just add geotracking to Lifeblog and toss the Flash interface into the can, it could have worked out of the box.
iTunes is now playing “I Can’t Get It” by Hanoi Rocks. Even though I have 1648 songs in my iTunes Library, it keeps coming back to Hanoi Rocks, The Jam, and Sigur Ros. Odd.
Well, to stop the cold induced brain dump now, I will say this, I can’t get it why the world’s premier mobile phone manufacturer insists on using Flash for their website. Ironic when one considers that most mobiles can’t get Flash and Flash Lite is not so great. Gotta agree with Finland’s other export, Hanoi Rocks, right now. I don’t get it at all.