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Happy 7th Birthday to Scruffy McDoglet!

Scruffy McDoglet, still spry at seven
Photo of Scruffy racing around the Green Belt taken on 11.03.10 by Ms. Jen with her Nokia N8.
Sun 11.07.10 – Happy 7th Birthday to the one of best the dogs ever, Scruffy McDoglet!

Cough Syrup Mustache: Scruffy McDoglet Update

Scruffy & his cough syrup mustache

Photo by Ms. Jen with a Nokia N97.

Mon 01.25.10 – Thanks to everyone who has inquired about Scruffy’s health. The good news is that he is on the mend. He is still coughing, but it has reduced in quantity and volume. Scruffy is still sleeping a lot and is a bit cranky (Sorry, Gracie!).
Today, he discovered that sleeping on his back made for less wheezing and coughing. And as he was sleeping on his back, I noticed his cough syrup mustache and needed to take a photo.
Sadly, Scruffy is still on quarantine from other dogs and when Magnus came over to visit today, Scruffy couldn’t go out and play.

Today’s Big Adventure: A Trip to The Vet

Scruffy's X-Rays  - Lung InfectionScruffy's X-Rays  - Lung Infection

Photos of Scruffy’s x-rays taken by Ms. Jen with a Nokia N97 with permission from Dr. Kali.

Fri 01.22.10 – The last 3 days have been very worrisome & exhausting as Scruffy has been very sick with a hacking, honking cough that has kept both of us up. Dr. Kali at North Tustin Veternary Clinic was a gem today, he was very calm with Scruffy, got the X-rays, we talked over the results, without any panic about kennel cough or pneumonia.
While Scruffy may have one or the other or another type of bacterial lung infection, I appreciated Dr. Kali’s calmness and professionalism. Scruffy is on a regime of antibiotics and doggy cough syrup, as well as under strict instructions to stay away from all other dogs for 2 weeks. He is still coughing intermittently, but not anywhere as hard or with the same duration and hopefully the cough syrup will keep him sedated enough to get both of us a good night’s sleep.

Back at our Beach

Back at our Beach

Sat 05.23.09 – This afternoon, my Mom and I took Scruffy and Magnus down to Dog Beach. It was nice to be back at “our beach”, mostly it was nice to walk the length of the beach with Scruffy and Magnus watching them greet all the other dogs and to feel the cooler California ocean water.