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Qt Dev Days 2011, The Photos

The Famed @Yeswap, aka Dennis, has arrived! The Mysterious Qt for the Next Billion Slide Digia's Tuukka Ahonien presenting Jussi and John, the N9 App Doctors Tuukka, Juha, Suvi, and Riku at the Qt Dev Days Welcome Reception Having fun at Knuckles - Juha Nokia's Richard Kerris presenting the morning's first Keynote Qt's Jeremy and Benedikte helping someone The Delicious White N9 The Qt Dev Days 2011 SF Expo All the Lovely Ladies who registered us and helped with questions Aditya, Pablo, and Oscar Mildy scary circus man with a glowing ball at the Qt DD dinner & party Jurgen and the Cotton Candy Lady Alexandra and her fabulous feather boas Magician Jay Alexander showing his tricks to awed geeks The N9 and the Lumnia attempting to have drunken phone... Riku and Juha Digia folks at the Party: Suvi, ___, Tuukka, and ___ William and Sunny Laughing while attempting to navigate/fly an AR Drone Watching an AR Drone flying Jeremy discussing the Rasperry Pi In the How to Contribute to the Qt Project Session

All photos taken by Ms. Jen with her Nokia N8.

Thurs 12.01.11 – As the Qt Dev Days 2011 wrap up and are over, I present to you a summary of the photos I took over the course of the three days of the training and conference.
I really enjoyed and learned a good deal over the course of the Qt Dev Days. One of the best parts is the high ratio of nice and smart folks I met and the conversations were good. I attend at least 3-4 conferences a year and this one rates up there with Mobilism for my fave conference of the last 2 or so years in terms of content and inspirational conversation with other attendees.
Big thanks to Qt, Nokia, Digia, Futurice and all the other sponsors for putting on a great conference.
Even bigger thanks to all the lovely folk I met, the good conversations on mobile & development that were had, and letting me take your photos. Y’all rock.
See everyone next year, if not sooner.
My Qt Dev Days conference notes:
Qt Dev Days 2011, Day 1: Training
Qt Dev Days 2011, Day 2: Conference Sessions
Qt Dev Days 2011, Day 3: The Last Day

Sunday: From Queen Malika to the Cows

Jason Queen Malika The Wind Turbines of Altamont Pass Pastoral Graffiti
Sun 11.07.10 – Sunday: wake up. Brunch with friends. Tea & crepes at Queen Malika in the Castro with Jason. Get in the car and drive back to SoCal via the Central Valley in the rain.
Photos taken by Ms. Jen on with her Nokia N8.

Wedding 2.0

Matt and Cindy get married 2.0
Looking out at the San Francisco Bay from the end of Pier 39 Jason, Daniel and Arun The Groomsmen practicing their hand holds & stance Jeremy and Jessica Greg and Stephanie Greg taking a photo with his new Samsung Galaxy Tab Here comes the Bride #cindymattwed 2.0 The Flower Girls The Receiving Line, with Grandpa Li MJ and Ari The best part of having the wedding at the Aquarium: Jellyfish! The Tube Tank Swirls of Anchovies Kiss the Bride! Screen glow: MJ, Coley, and Kevin More folks from the YVR Table: Stephanie, Greg, and Dave MJ and Cindy Lauren and Cindy All the Ladies Matt is tall and I am short.  ;o) Ms. Jen, Dave, and Lauren Coley, Kevin, and Craig They are all taller than me: Greg, Matt, and Jeremy MJ and Tantek More screen glow: Jeremy, Norm!, and Craig James and Norm! Dancing Dan DJ'ing Christopher and Ari The Bay Bridge from the Balcony of the Aquarium
Photos taken by Ms. Jen with her Nokia N8.
Sat 11.06.10 – 361 days after Wedding 1.0, Cindy Li and Matt Harris got married (Wedding 2.0) at the Aquarium by the Bay. Jeremy Keith made an excellent officiant, the ceremony was lovely, and I loved that Cindy’s dad, Mr. Li gave a blessing prayer in Chinese.
After the ceremony, the receiving line was held in the Aquarium proper and we were encouraged to visit the various tanks & displays while the catering staff re-purposed the event room for the reception.
The reception was lovely with all the guests sat at airport code tables. I was at YVR with a lovely set of friends and the reception was delightful. Food, dancing, laughter, catching up.
Congratulations to Cindy and Matt!

The Big Adventure, Day 3

Nokia N86: Who knew that ATM's dispense White Nokia N97s?
Nokia N97: Workshop - Andy, Laura, and Tim Nokia N97: Workshop - Norman and Virginia Nokia N97: Workshop - Jonne, Petri, and Valdis Nokia N86: Jonne and Valdis Nokia N86: Shawn and his iPad Nokia N86: Petri and His Award Winning Photo as Japantown Pedestal Disqus Player Nokia N86: Sideview Nokia N86: The Class Picture, thought up by Roland, taken by Justine Nokia N86: Damian and Jonne Nokia N86: Valdis, Shawn, Rich, Topi, and Hywel Nokia N86: Rich, Topi, and Joni at the after event drinks Nokia N86: Valdis and Andy

Photos taken by Ms. Jen with a Nokia N97 and her N86.

Wed 05.12.10 – Day 3: The Last Day of the Big Adventure. Today we worked in small groups and pairs on the various bits. The best part is towards the end when we were sent out in our pair groups for 20 minutes outside of the Hotel Kabuki to take funny/fun/silly photos for a prize. My photo of Petri on a concrete pedestal was the winner, Petri won a large bottle of good sake. Go Petri, Go!
I would like to extend an big thanks to the Firefish folk for putting on a well-organized workshop and to the Nokia folk for coming a long way to workshop with North American tech folk. While at times it was hard, by the end of today much had been gathered and gained.
Thanks all.

The Big Adventure, Day 2

The Fabulous Elevator at the Park Kensington Hotel Bright Sunny Morning Hotel Kabuki's Courtyard Nokia N97: Topi & Petri enjoying the sunshine Nokia N97: As seen on break, Willow tree Nokia N97: Japantown Roland basking in the glow of his Monitor Driving down Post Street during the Golden Hour Rich & Laura at dinner in the Fabulous Submarine themed ballroom Damian and Ben Topi My favorite submarine port painting above Rich's head: The Seal & his Hat Topi, Rich, and Laura in the amazing elevator with a couch! Foyer of the Park Kensington Hotel

Photos taken by Ms. Jen with a Nokia N97 and her N86.

Tues 05.11.10 – Day two: the day we workshopped in a conference room at the Kabuki Hotel from 9:30am until 7pm discussing a wide variety of topics around smart phones, until we were all sapped. Then we took cabs down to Farallon for a delightful and reviving dinner in the 4th floor submarine themed ballroom at the Kensington Park Hotel.

San Francisco: There and Back Again

>Break in the Clouds, Driving to San Francisco San Luis Rey Resevoir Cindy and I practicing for our UX Web Summit Presentation Cindy and TnkGrl Brother Joe at Lunch before driving back home to SoCal Truck Stop on Hwy 152 The Tejon Mountains at the Grapevine dusted with Snow

I left Tues 4.20.10 in the morning and returned Thurs 4.22.10 in the evening. It was a very quick turn around time trip from Seal Beach to San Francisco to co-present with Cindy Li on Mobile UX for the UX Web Summit. I enjoyed the Summit, I enjoyed presenting on one of my favorite topics: designing for the mobile web, I enjoyed co-presenting with Cindy, I enjoyed seeing various friends, and I enjoyed my drive home with my brother, who happened to be in SF at the same time for work.
Big Thanks to Cindy Li and the Matt Harris for hosting me and having me at their apartment!