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The Nokia viNe Promo Video is Cute & Funny!

Wed 11.12.08 – I have truly enjoyed using the Nokia viNe mobile app the last two months and the word on the streets is that it will be released into the wilds this week.
This should be fun to see how it has been refined from the testing stage. Looking forward to seeing the released mobile app later this week.
Do watch the video above as it is cute, funny, and a great use of flash, animation, dog walking and Nokia viNing… I don’t know anyone who ever walks their do while they are running Nokia viNe… ;oD

The Haute Dog Howl’oween Dog Parade 2008 Photo Essay

Dog Beach or Bust Float Front of the Dog Beach or Bust Float Haute Dog Howl'oween Red Flyer Mermaid and friend Bird Bird Leaps Up Walking Tramp Seeks a Lady Doggie School Bus The Littlest Pirate!
Family Brilliant Gladiator Dog Medical Organizing the Jungle Float The Autumnal Bee Float Princess Pea takes a Drink Greyhound Greet Great Dane Bumble Bee Hoomin & Doglet Fall Bees Underway The Beehive Float Lining Up Lord of the Dog Floats Sets Sail BatBoy and BatDog Curious George Gets a Ride The Jail Dogs The Greeting Committee I Can Haz Taco Dog Pug-abunga! Elphaba Looks Back Sherlock Sniffs About The Smallest Hyena Support Our Yorkie Tankdggs Minerva The Great Barking Goddess Belle the Dog Beach Lifeguard Scruffy on the Dog Beach Lifeguard Float Evil the Luggage Daredevil The Crayola Girls The Viva Mexico Float Bulldog Taking a Siesta Marge the Sanitation Worker and Her Rubbish Bin Bin Full of Doggies #1 Sanitation Girls Doctor! Nurse! Help! Going Home, All Over for 2008

All Photos taken by Jen Hanen with a Nokia N82 at the Haute Dog Howl’o’ween Parade, Oct 26, 2008, in Long Beach, CA.
To view the Lightbox slideshow, please click on the thumbnail you wish to see and then use the “Next” & “Previous” to maneuver through the slideshow.
Big thanks to all the folks at Haute Dogs for putting on a fun parade and many thanks to our own Scruffy McDoglet & Belle Le Cane for being willing to be dressed up and sit on a dog parade float!
Update: More photos of the Howloween Dog Parade can be found at

The Big Switch Over, or Back to My Nokia N95

The WOM World folk let me keep one of the Urbanista Diaries N82’s through SXSW for better photo taking, but today I had to reset it back to factory settings & wipe the extra memory chip in anticipation of shipping it back to the UK and returning to the daily use of my Nokia N95.
To get my Nokia N95 back into daily use, I updated it to the most recent N95 update and optimized the files. Per usual, the update wiped all my settings and programs, so I had to reinstall ShoZu and Joiku, as well as redo my blog settings in Lifeblog. Only problem is that the 20.0.0.something update for the N95 has made Lifeblog incompatible with this install of Movable Type Open Source 4.1, or if not incompatible at least it won’t recognize the correct settings. The N95 12.0.0.something Lifeblog worked just fine with this MTOS 4.1 install, and so did the most recent update / OS version for the N82. I have run through the phone’s Lifeblog settings 7 times and reset them each time and it still can’t find this blog. Bah!
When I met up with Charlie in London a couple of weeks ago, he was surprised that Lifeblog was installed on the N82 and said that the N82 would most likely be the last phone that would have Lifeblog. Charlie unofficially confirmed what I had supposed for sometime now, that Nokia has left Lifeblog to die.
This will be a problem for me and my daily moblogging from my phone to this blog. I have tried for a few years now to convince various Movable Type perl developers to make a mobile blogging plugin that would work across a variety of mobile platforms to moblog photos and text to one’s MT 3.x or 4.x install, but to no avail. David Jacobs told me that his company, Apperceptive, has made such a plugin for paying customers and will be releasing a version to the public, but it has not happened yet.
Charlie is currently working with David on a blog for Nokia and hinted that one of the side projects would be a mobile blogging plugin for Nokia phones.
Please, please, please…


Yeah! DHL is Here! Yeah!

Mon 02.04.08 – After all of Friday’s troubles, fire drill, and hurried documenting of box contents to make the US Customs folks at LAX release the package from WOM World for my leg of the Nokia Urbanista Diaries adventure, it is a big relief to see the DHL truck pull up in front of my apartment building as I was coming back from a walk with my Mom and Scruffy.
I was so excited to document the arrival of the Nokia N82s and attendant accessories that I pushed the video button and made a video instead of a photo and I said “DSL” instead of “DHL”. Oh well. The DHL delivery guy was a good sport.
As with Jay, my box contains:
3 Nokia N82s
2 Nokia GPS Modules
1 Nokia Bluetooth Headset (darn! I did not get the Pirate one that Jay did)
1 Nokia Buletooth Keyboard (excited!)
and a bag of goodies: sim chips, extra batteries, The Proporta Mobile Survival kit, and something called the Generation X (((CELL ANTENNA))) *.
The last item looks like an enlongated golden RFID chip, but you paste it into the battery compartment of you phone and it boosts low cell reception. All my iPhone friends on AT&T need this**.
Yeah! The Urbanista Diaries countdown continues: two more days to go, then I am on a plane.
* According to the over the top copy at the link: “AS SEEN ON TV”…. Judge for yourself. I will let you know if it works well or not.
** I am on AT&T & have no reception problems with the Nokia N95. The iPhone folks in the same area are having dropped calls and data. It is the hardware, people. The internal antennas in the mobile device. Yet another way that Nokia kicks Apple’s bootay…

My Passport, She has Arrived!

Who cares you say… Well, it does matter, folks, as I sent her off in a little FedEx envelope with a check, an application, and two photos to the Indian Embassy’s outsourcer (yes, they use an outsourcer) a number of weeks ago to apply for a tourist visa to India in anticipation of the Urbanista Diaries trip.
The Outsourcer kindly had an online passport tracker to let me know how it was progressing along a line of desks on Mission St. in San Francisco (hey, if the Embassy is going to outsource, mighty kind of them to do it to my home state). Within an hour of my passport’s arrive, it was “On Hold”. Yep, “On Hold”.
After a few weeks, a few emails, a few phone interviews to clarify my intentions, and two letters on my part, the upswing is that if one is a “Freelance Artist & Designer” from California, one’s visa application will be on hold while the Outsourcer susses out if you are a journalist (no), a filmmaker (no – but you are from LA, no, I am not a filmmaker), a web designer seeking work in India (no, got enough right here at home in California, thanks), or ….
Anywho, after writing the second letter assuring that my intentions for travel in India were honorable and that I will be conducting a whimsical photo tour of India that is a continuation of an ongoing mobile photo project, my visa was approved and my passport returned.
Good thing that the Nokia Urbanista Diaries are merely a global mobile photo and geo-mapping project to showcase the Nokia N82’s abilities and not a film project… ;o)
Today, Jay arrives in Singapore.
Tomorrow, Devin completes his leg of the Urbanista Diaries trip and passes the baton onto Jay, whereupon Jay trots off to Malayasia & Thailand.
Two weeks from today, I will be in Chennai, India.
Two weeks and one day from today, Jay will pass the baton onto me.
30 days from today, I pass the baton onto Ryan in Vienna…

What I Did With My Evening or Going Mobile

I worked on refining the design of this website and have started making a Mobile version of the site.
Yep, a .mobi – view on your mobile / cell phone, version of the website. It is almost there, when I have it ready all the way, I will ask for help in testing it on various cell / mobile phone browsers.
I also added the Nokia Urbanista Diaries widget to the sidebar on the blog and as a center piece on the entrance page to the website. If you would like to follow along by adding the widget on your blog or website, here is the widget code to copy and paste onto your site:

<div id="flashcontent"><strong>In order to view the Nokia N82:
The urbanista diaries you need JavaScript and Flash Player 8+ support</strong></div>
<script src="" type="text/javascript"></script>
<script type="text/javascript">var so = new SWFObject('',
'Nokia N82: The urbanista diaries', '300', '250', '8', '#ffffff');so.addParam('wmode', 'transparent');
so.addParam('flashVars', 'bloggerID=4&copy=');

Or you can download the widget from the Nokia Nseries site yourself.