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Photos from the Four Days, or I Haven’t Fallen off the Planet, Yet.

Wed 06.30.10 - Scruffy All Wrapped Up Thurs 07.01.10 - Beautiful Roadkill Thurs 07.01.10 - Lovely light lavender rose Thurs 07.01.10 - Local Papaya Tree Heavy with Fruit Fri 07.02.10 - Local Gargoyles Sat 07.03.10 - Flowering Sage

Photos taken by Ms. Jen with her Nokia N86.

Sat 07.03.10 – I have broken a two and a half plus year daily blogging streak in the last four days by not posting. Mea culpa.
The first two days of my blogging sabbatical were taken up with finishing a lovely long term client website re-design and the second two days were taken up with a migraine and recovery thereof that included a lot of sleep & drinking of water.
Here are some photos from the last four days worth of dog walks around Seal Beach.
Happy Fourth of July weekend to you and yours.

SXSW Interactive 2010 Photo Essay Wrap Up

Nokia N86 Panorama of the Annual Wine & Cheese Party, SXSWi 2010

Panorama photo by Ms. Jen with a Nokia N86 at the annual Wine & Cheese Party.

Every year at SXSW, I take tons of photos, many years I attempt to get most to all of them up here or at Flickr and don’t quite make it to the end of the week’s worth of photos. This year, I did and here they are, plus a few of my patented Ms. Jen transcribed session notes:
Day 0 – Thurs 03.11.10
Day 1 – Fri 03.12.10
Day 2 – Sat 03.13.10
Day 3 – Sun 03.14.10
Day 4 – Mon 03.15.10
Day 5 – Tues 03.16.10
The Day After – Wed 03.17.10
Per the usual, click on the photos to start the slideshow and read the captions. Big thanks to the WomWorldNokia folks for loaning me the Nokia N86 8mp camera phone so that I could take so many great photos.

How to Change the Directory that Movable Type Uploads to When Using the Atom Protocol (Lifeblog, PixelPipe, etc)

I don’t know about you, but I have had a little list of blog upkeep items that have been on my to do list for ages, but haven’t had the time to research and then execute them. After thinking about a few of them for some time, oh like a couple of years, I decided recently to make a real paper list and make it happen.
Here are the things I wanted to do:
1) Figure out how to get thumbnails of images to appear in the excerpted version of this blog’s RSS and Atom feeds.
2) Think about how to keep the evil sploggers (spam bloggers who scrape feeds) at bay AND keep my regular feed readers happy with a good feed. I have had my private full feed for at least two years now & announce it frequently but folks who want a full feed didn’t know about it.
3) Even though Perl is not really my friend, I have wanted to figure out how to alter the Atom script for this blog so that when I use Lifeblog or PixelPipe to mobile blog from my camera phone to this blog that the photo will be uploaded into the file directory of my choice and not the default main blog directory.
A few weeks ago, I dedicated a few hours to attempting to bending the Atom and RSS feed templates to my will. Unfortunately, Movable Type 4.x is very dependent on the Asset Manager for knowing where the images are, and due to challenge #3, I was not able to fix #1 with any satisfaction, as all the fixes required the Asset Manager to know where all the images are and by default the Atom script uploads all assets/images to the main blog directory, which causes a messy main directory with my daily mobile blogging. To solve this, I have been manually moving images to a proper image directory and then updating the blog post later, thus the Asset Manager can’t keep up with me. Poor thing.
Persistent artist vs. computer program. Who is going to lose? In the long run, the program. Until I solved problem #3, problem #1 was a null point.
I solved #2 by resetting my public facing feeds to be a bit bigger excerpts that would show the images but would excerpt any article over a certain length. I use the .htaccess file to stop any lifting of images. And I still have the private complete feed for anyone who emails me and lets me know that they want the url.
Today, I decided to conquer the moblogging directory issue and attempt to make Perl bend to my will.


Should I Declare Flickr Bankruptcy?

The big question that I have had over the last month is should I declare Flickr bankruptcy?
For a variety of reasons, I have not managed in the last 5-8 weeks to post my regular daily photo or two from my phone to Flickr, I have made a valiant effort to keep up here at Black Phoebe, but Flickr has fallen to the wayside.
Part of the problem started back in late April when I returned the lovely little Nokia N79 it its rightful owners and reverted back to my good, old, faithful Nokia N95 camera phone. In early May, after a firmware upgrade, I found that there was no more Shozu mobile application to download unless I wanted to purchase it. Given that I have planned to purchase a new camera phone this summer, I didn’t want to commit to any new mobile software until I knew which phone I would be getting, and thus which software or app would be best for the phone in question.
Starting in May, I tried to remember to download my photos to my computer every few days and then upload them to Flickr. Anytime that I involve my computer in a part of the photo upload process, there is failure, as my computer is always a black hole for photos, which is why I started blogging directly from my phone in the first place.
The winning equation for me the last 4.5 years since I got my first internet enabled camera phone was as follows:
Take photo -> Add subject -> Send Directly From Phone to Internet = Win
This is the bad equation:
Take photo -> Save on camera or camera phone -> download to computer -> fiddle with and|or forget != Photo on Internet (quite the opposite actually of photo on the internet, the photos never leave my computer)
Because of the fact that I am not into photo processing on my computer and that photos that enter my computer very rarely leave (Hotel SoCal MBP), for the last 4.5 years ever since I got the lovely Nokia 7610 and an unlimited data package, I have used a variety of methods to daily post photos to Flickr and to this blog (or at least attempt to do it daily).
This spring’s camera phone disruption has lead to me getting out of the habit of posting daily photos to Flickr. It has gotten worse. I am not a few days behind, or even a week or two, but five – Yes, 5 – weeks behind in posting photos to Flickr.
I now have 140 – 180++ plus photos from San Francisco, life around SoCal, Germany, Carl Zeiss Factory Tour, London, and Fourth of July that I could post to flickr.
Should I just do it – upload them all, name them, add them to sets, etc – or declare Flickr bankruptcy?

The Nokia N95 vs. The Nokia N97

Nokia N95 - The Doctor is In Nokia N97 - The Doctor is In
Nokia N95 - Chanse's Boots Nokia N97 - Chanse's Boots
Nokia N95 - The Doctor and Cor with an E75 and an iPhone Nokia N97 - The Doctor and Corvida of with an E75 and an iPhone
Nokia N95 - Painting on the Wall of the Austin Convention Center Nokia N97 - Painting on the Wall of the Austing Convention Center
Nokia N95 - Photos for Ewan and Ricky Nokia N97 - Photos for Ewan and Ricky
Nokia N95 - Ms. Jen & Mr. Charlie Nokia N97 - Ms. Jen & Mr. Charlie

Photo Credits: All photos taken by Ms. Jen either with her Nokia N95 (v.1) or Dustin’s Nokia N97 prototype on Sun. March 15, 2009 at the Austin Convention Center, Austin, Texas, during SXSW Interactive. Nokia N95 photos on the left column, Nokia N97 on the right. Click on first photo to start the lightbox slideshow.


Nokia viNe Has Been Released

It is official, Nokia viNe has been released into the wild and is now available for download. This version of Nokia viNe is a mobile geo-path-tracking / photo / video location based mobile app that allows one to create “vines” or “journeys” on one’s phone and then upload it to the nokia server to be displayed on the web or via a widget.
Nokia viNe version 1.02 released by Nokia today is for the following Nokia mobiles: the E71, N78 & N79, N82 & N85, and the N95 8GB & N96. I have tried it with my Nokia N95-1 and it won’t login to the server and start working, sad this.
I promise to write a new Nokia viNe How To tomorrow that will reflect the changes in the new version that has been released to all. Not only are there some nice improvements and changes to the mobile app since I wrote my tutorial (faster uploads!), but the Nokia viNe web interface has greatly improved.
There are three features I would love to see in the next iteration of the Nokia vine mobile app and web interface:
1) Multiple logins on the mobile app. I currently have two logins and would like to toggle between accounts as to what I upload where.
2) Be able to have finer control of what is public and what is private, not only on Nokia viNe, but also on Sports Tracker and Share on Ovi. I like Flickr & Vox’s approach of up to 4 plus levels of privacy to public with: private (only you), Friends & Family, Contacts, and Everyone. At this point, there is no way I can control this from the Nokia viNe mobile app, nor from the web interface. Given that Nokia viNe is a location based service this is extra important for trust and safety.
3) Be able to determine in my account settings if I want my photos or video to be able to be downloaded once they are up on the Nokia viNe site. Right now, I have no control, which as a beta tester over the last 2+ months didn’t bother me, but over time it will. Flickr allows me to set who I want to be able to download my photos (none, family, friends, friends & family, contacts, and everyone). This is important for trust and copyright.
Overall, I would like to say Bravo! to the folks who have been working hard to make both the Nokia viNe mobile app and the web interface.
My other posts on Nokia viNe:
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Tidbits from 11:34pm on a Monday Night

Ok, so I have failed the last 3 days to write something substantial in the morning for my NaBloPoMo challenge to myself. I am writing but…
Due to the headache and the nearness to the midnight hour, you all will be getting a few tidbits out of me.
1) The new Nokia viNe update for alpha/beta testers, Nokia viNe 1.02 (11/20/08 release) is FAST! Yay! Instead of the upload time taking forever, my 5 photos of this evening’s sunset went so fast that I thought viNe was lying to me when it announced the upload was done. But it wasn’t, all my photos were up on my Sports Tracker account and up at the Nokia viNe flash viewing thingy. Yay!
The Nokia viNe 1.0 was supposed to be released to the wild last week, but they have delayed it and I will let you know when it is out.
2) As for MOCA’s economic failure and near collapse of the institution, I have a few things to say. I bent Tammy’s ear about tonight, but it can be all summed up in the fact that I think they have been way to rock star-y high brow about the contemporary art they were showing and did not really interact with the community over the last decade.
The Hammer museum has done a *great* job of involving the community by putting on annual group best of shows (best LA MFA graduates, best of LA young artists, etc), as well as having lectures and other community events that draw folks in. I would love it if MOCA were to have a best of LA young artists or best of Downtown artists or best of east side taggers or best LA mid-career artists that haven’t had a one person show yet. Etc. etc. etc.
MOCA, I would rather drive downtown to see great local events at either your Main MOCA space or at the Geffen then drive to Westwood. Give me a reason to care about you. Give me a reason to want to participate. The Hammer does. The Getty does. So, why don’t you?
The LA Times’ art critic, Christopher Knight, has an Open Letter to MOCA.