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August 2015 – Best Of…

Belle and Duckie OC Fair View of the Sunset & Olympic Mountains on the Descent to SEA-TAC Dusk at the Bellingham Marina-1 View of Mt. Baker / Kulshan from the highway Koi Mosh Pit at the Huntington Lily Pond

While this blog seems to be in sleep mode with occasional bouts of activity, there is actually quite a bit going on in Ms. Jen-land, but I am not ready to talk about it publicly, yet.

Anywhoo, here a few of my favorite photos from August with my Nokia Lumia 1020.

Bolsa Chica Bird Party!

Bird Party at Bolsa Chica water outflow
Egret in Flight 11.22.14-egret-party-1 Egret and the Photographer

Sat 11.22.14 – Today I went over to Bolsa Chica Wetlands during low tide and had fun for over 40 minutes watching a Bird Party! at the water outflow pipes between the big wetland sections. Not only were the birds having a grand time of fishing for little fry and sardines, as well as the seagulls attempting to steal said fish from the terns while flying, but there were many photographers of various species and bird watchers. Thus it was not only fun to watch the antics of the birds, but also of the humans.

Photos by Jenifer Hanen, aka Ms. Jen, with her Nikon D800 and a Nikon 50mm f/1.4G lens.