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Gracie’s First Trip to Dog Beach

Gracie and Scruffy at Dog Beach Post Winter Storm Wind Blown Ocean A Tangle of Dogs Gracie building a Sand Castle, Scruffy wondering why we aren't walking

Photos taken by Ms. Jen with her Nokia N8.

Tues 03.27.12 – Today neighbor Tammy had to go deal with some exciting county government stuff, so she needed someone to watch 2.75 yr old Gracie for an hour or two. I offered to take Gracie to Dog Beach in Huntington with Scruffy and I as a diversion. Even though it was chilly and very windy, we had a lovely time, that is the chill and wind got to be a bit much for Gracie. She napped soundly all the way home.

Sunday Afternoon at Dog Beach

Beautiful day at Dog Beach with wispy clouds Donna and her New Pug Friend A perfect piece of kelp

Photos taken by Ms. Jen with her Nokia N86.

Sun 08.22.10 – Scruffy, Belle and I met up with Donna at the Nokia Beach House and then we all trundled down to Dog Beach for another walk on the beach with all the various dogs in Huntington. It as a lot of fun and Donna met a lovely pug.
What more can one ask for?

Fragile | Tough

No Dumping, Drains to Ocean 07062010933.jpg Climbing Roses, Unfolding

Photos taken by Ms. Jen today with her Nokia N86 camera phone.

Tues 07.06.10 – Two sides to a coin, possible paradoxes, and sisters in arms: fragile | tough, hope | courage, brittle | tears, anger | yearning.
To my two friends who are going through much travail this week, I walk with you in mourning, tears, and anger. I give you a big hug across the country. I wish I could be there.