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A Tale of Two Leaks

Mon 04.26.10 – I find the tale of the two leaks of the last week to be very instructive of the respective companies, countries, & cultures of which they occurred.

Leak #1: The ((**GASP**)) iPhone Leak.
OMG! The iPhone 4 has been leaked. The Oh Holy Jobs and Cupertino Silencers get the cops on the beat. Gruber waxes prolific…
Because OMG the next Holy Artifact has been leaked!
8.8 earthquake surely will hit Jason Chen’s house next week. And he is not even boobylicious.

Leak #2: Eldar M. at Mobile_Review leaks the next Nokia high end mobile – The N8.
Eldar gives the prototype of the non-yet announced Nokia N8 a Russian Rant treatment. Various bloggers & commenters react & rebut.
Helsinki is still waiting for a few spring flowers to spring out.
Quietly, the FCC gives the Nokia N8 the seal of approval.
Espoo wonders if there will be another snow storm before the trees leaf out.
No earthquakes or police raids in Moscow or Helsinki, nor any clerics nor cleavage. No news at 11.
Elgar possibly picks his nose, which is full of snot from Spring pollen & creates a bugger sculpture in the shape of not-yet-announced iPhone 4.0, hoping that Steve Jobs will send the Cupertino Police after him.

p.s. People, please wake me up with the iPhone X.x has a real camera.
p.p.s. To quote me from last night: “Eldar has made his reputation on scooping everyone’s scoop & Nokia is famed for have wonderful devices 3 months AFTER release.”
p.p.s.s. Tomi Ahonen, last Thursday, on “So bloodbath in smartphones continues: Q1 results from Apple, AT&T and Nokia
Tues 04.27.10, 8:07am PST – Nokia speaks and requests the return of their N8 prototype.
Bless Espoo, the money quote is: “We are not the Secret Police, and we want to maintain our culture of openness.”
Eldar, return the N8. Nokia’s culture of openness and lack of scary Cupertino style closed-ness is one of their unique Finnish treats to the rest of us, let’s help them keep it.

The Nokia N97 : Photos, A Story, Thoughts, and Asides

This July, I participated in a three week trial of the Nokia N97 that included weekly Tangler chat meetings where we addressed various topic on and about the Nokia N97. During the time with the Nokia N97 trial device, I posted photos to this blog, tweeted about my in the moment rants/raves on the Nokia N97, posted a bit of video, and other wise left other bits of N97 commentary blowing about the winds of the internet.
Here is my official Nokia N97 Review and I am going to divide my review of the Nokia N97 into three parts plus and Aside section:
I. My Favorite Photos I took with the Nokia N97
II. A Real Life Story of the Nokia N97 and the iPhone 3GS, as it Went Down At the South Coast Plaza Apple Store and Who Won
III. The Things I Really like about the Nokia N97 and the Things I Really didn’t like
IV. A Few Asides
Here we go:

I. My Favorite Photos I took with the Nokia N97

Nokia N97 - Erika at the 4th of July BBQ Nokia N97 - Bird and Jeremy at Dog Beach Nokia N97 - Belle sunning herself
Nokia N97 - Palm Trees at sunset Nokia N97 - HappyHappy by Choi Jeong-Hwa At LACMA Nokia N97 - HappyHappy by Choi Jeong-Hwa At LACMA
Nokia N97 - Here We Go! Here We Go! Nokia N97 - Blackberries and 1 Mulberry from my Mom's Garden Nokia N97 - Kayaking at Grant Lake, June Lakes, Calif
All photos taken by Ms. Jen with a Nokia N97 in July of 2009.

While I did find it awkward to take photos with a device as big as the Nokia N97, as my hands are very small, other than a few issues with clarity and farther than I expected focal range, now looking back at the nearly 400 photos I took in the nearly 3 weeks with the Nokia N97, I really do like most of the non-close up day photos. The Nokia N97 does a fine job as a 5 megapixel camera, as evinced in the photos above.
The above photos, other than being resized, have not been retouched or processed in any way.

II. A Real Life Story of the Nokia N97 and the iPhone 3GS, as it Went Down At the South Coast Plaza Apple Store and Who Won
Last summer, when my sister’s cell phone was 2 years old, my Mom and I discussed the idea of getting her a new one for her birthday. This June I brought up the subject again, as my sister’s mobile was nearing on 3 years old and we decided that we would get her a new mobile phone for her birthday on July 21st.
To be fair, I thought that I should give my sister Allison the option to see, touch, and test/try out as many new mobile phones as possible. My sister’s major usages on her mobile are texting, Gmail, taking photos, and sending her photos Vox blog. With this in mind, I handed her my HTC Magic / Google G2 phone for her to try out the touchscreen only Android phone. She was polite but not very interested.
Then I took her to the South Coast Plaza Apple store mid-July to see what she thought of the new iPhone 3GS. I had the trial Nokia N97 with me as I wanted her to compare both phones side by side.
We tried out the iPhone 3GS with me, bizarrely, acting as the salesperson showing her all the features and pointing out how many considered each feature to be far superior to any other smart phone on the market. All the while, I had the Nokia N97 out and showed Allison how it compared to the iPhone – from the Nokia’s physical qwerty keyboard to the iPhone’s touchscreen, we tested out how each phone’s camera would take the same shot, we tried the internet on both phones, we tried the GPS, etc etc etc.
At one point we had two Apple sales humans watching me with fascinated horror, not saying a word as they stared at the Nokia N97 in my hand and the iPhone in my sister’s hand.
I was actually hoping Allison would choose the iPhone, as it is So Much Cheaper than the N97, but at the end of our 15 minutes of fondling the iPhone at the Apple store, I asked Allison,
“So, honestly, what do you think?”
Allison on the iPhone, “It is too light and plasticky. I don’t like the touchscreen and I don’t like the photos.”
Me, “But what about the User Interface? The flicking bits? All the apps.”
Allison just looked at me and said, “I guess I am a Nokia girl.”
She put the iPhone back on its pad and started to walk out.
This really happened. I did not pitch the Nokia N97 to Allison, if anything I was very indifferent about it, as it is not necessarily the phone I would choose.
My sister is an example of a person who wants a smart phone but doesn’t want an iPhone, hard as it is for many people to believe at least to many of the designers I know. Since she received her Nokia N97 for her birthday, she has been very happy with it. I have asked her several times how it is going and she continues to be very happy.
My sister’s experience is a living example of Rita Khoury’s thesis that the N97 is for the connected user not the power user. My sister loves texting, email and Facebook, as she has FB always on and connected as a widget on her Nokia N97.
But Ms. Jen, you ask, what do you really think of the Nokia N97?


Nokia viNe How To Tutorial

Tues 10.28.08 – The below screenshot slideshow is a pictorial tutorial on how to use the Nokia viNe (formerly LifeviNe) mobile application. Click on the first photo at the top and navigate through the lightbox slideshow. Detailed notes are below. If you have questions, please comment below and I will do my best to answer your questions, but please see the Troubleshooting post.
Here is the companion posts I have written on Nokia viNe:
* Troubleshooting / Bug Report post, please comment there with your troubleshooting tips and bug reports on the Nokia viNe Mobile app.
* My previous post on Nokia’s (life) viNe with some how to.
The Tutorial:
A) Before you start, please make sure that you have already set up a Sports Tracker account at or do it from the mobile Nokia viNe application. The way that the Nokia viNe app works is that the mobile app will upload your photos and video from your mobile to your Sports Tracker Account.
B) Then you can get the Maps + Photography widget and display your Nokia viNe journeys / photos / video on your website or Facebook or other spots online. If you are a participant in the Nokia viNe campaign / project, then you can view your uploaded journeys at the Nseries Nokia viNe flash interface.

1. Open up the Nokia viNe application on your mobile. 2. The Record / Start: Start the Nokia viNe application by pushing the middle select button. 3. If the GPS doesn't load automatically, You will see this No GPS note. 4. Now let Nokia viNe run in the background while you take photos, videos, or listen to your music. 5. If you need to pause recording, click on the leftside "Options" menu to Pause. 6. When you are done, click on "Options" and then click on "Stop Recording". 7. At this point it will ask you if you want to "Proceed" and upload your journey now or "Upload Later" 8. But before you "Proceed" you can edit the name of your journey & choose your media. 9. If you are choosing your media, the viNe mobile app will present you with a grid of thumbnails. 10. At the Tags screen, the viNe app will encourage you to add the name/tag of your location or activity 11. Before Uploading Photos, Did you make sure you have the Correct Access Point? 12. To Check your Access Point, Click on "Options", then "Settings" 13. Click on "Access Point". 14. Click on your best access point (free wifi or your unlimited data plan with your carrier). 15. Hopefully, you will have success and will be able to get the "Upload Successful" & be able to view your Journey on your widget (as seen here) or at Sports Tracker, or title=


Urbanista Diaries: Best of Mumbai

Mumbai: Arrival area of the Mumbai domestic airport Mumbai: Loading up a car Mumbai : Magazine shop Mumbai: Driving to the hotel in Colaba Mumbai: The Aquarium Mumbai: Streetside pavillion Mumbai: Taj Mahal Hotel entry way with horse sculptures Mumbai: A view of Colaba Causeway from the window of the Chinese Restaurant Mumbai: Fruit Vendor Mumbai: The Old and the New Mumbai: Street dog asleep Mumbai: Red scooter Mumbai: Floral arch before the Gateway of India Mumbai: Boarding the ferry boat to Elephanta Island Mumbai: The southern Mumbai skyline from the Harbor Mumbai: Ferry boats and oil island pier in the Mumbai Harbor Mumbai: Watching the waves Mumbai: Small bovine greeter at Elephanta Island Mumbai: Elephanta Island sculptures Mumbai: Elephanta Island guardian lions Mumbai: Rotunda with dogs Mumbai: Getting a photo taken in front of the Elephanta Island train Mumbai: Feeding the terns while departing Elephanta Island Mumbai: Ferry boat grate Mumbai: Gravity is a Myth Mumbai: Colaba at night Mumbai: The nice scarf vendors Mumbai: Pink! Mumbai: Synagogue Mumbai: Street Lunch Mumbai: St. Thomas' Church Mumbai: Crossing the street Mumbai: At the Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus Mumbai: The subway Mumbai: The Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus Mumbai: Sidewalk tiles Mumbai: A view through a doorway Mumbai: Sonopic Ultra Sound Clinic & family planning
All photos taken by Ms. Jen in Mumbai, India, with a Nokia N82.

The above photos were taken in Mumbai (the city formerly known as Bombay), India, from Mon. Feb. 18, 2008 until late Wed. Feb. 20, 2008 while on the Nokia Urbanista Diaries. Mumbai was my last stop in India and my second to last stop before passing the ‘baton’ on to Ryan Gallagher.
What to say about Mumbai? Within 15 minutes of being away from the airport and driving the hour plus south to my hotel, I knew that I was going to love this city. Mumbai is great big beast just like my other two all time favorite cities: Los Angeles & London. Mumbai is the Indian sister city to a mash up of LA & Miami. Big, spread out, something going on all the time, lots of lovely art deco to modernist residential architecture from 1920s-1960s (like LA & Miami), lively, and more than a bit chaotic.
I stayed at a hotel that came recommended by Lonely Planet in the Colaba district of southern Mumbai, as I could walk to most of the stuff I wanted to do from there. In the 2.5 days that I was in Mumbai, I walked around as much as possible, took as many photos as possible, and took an afternoon ferry out to Elephanta Island in the Mumbai Harbor.
I would like to go back to Mumbai and spend more time exploring the city, as 2.5 days was not enough.
Click on a thumbnail and then navigate through the lightbox slideshow by putting your mouse over the top right hand side of each photo, titles along the bottom.
Enjoy the photos, I have only the Austria photo essay to do to wrap up the all of my favorite photos from my leg of the Nokia Urbanista Diaries trip.

Urbanista Diaries : Best of Kerala Photo Essay

Kerala: Communista March Kerala: Bright Yellow Building Kerala: Church on the Airport Road Kerala: Kochi Goat Kerala: Lunch at Dal Roti Kerala: Terracotta Bull Kerala: Ceiling Fan Kerala: Big tree on the edge of the cricket pitch Kerala: St. Francis' Church Kerala: Golden Light Kerala: Sunset at the Fort Cochin Beach Kerala: Boats and Chinese Fishing Nets Kerala: Plumeria Kerala: Roadside Shrine Kerala: Kochi Apartment Towers Kerala: Cell Towers Kerala: The Backwaters Kerala: The Slow Boat Tour Kerala: Ceiling of the Lime House Kerala: The Crushing Floor at the Lime House Kerala: Drink Stand Kerala: Doing the Washing Kerala: The Backwaters, Part II Kerala: Ducks Kerala: Somany Kerala: The Mixed Tandor Platter at Dal Roti Kerala: Peeling Orange Paint

All photos taken by Jenifer Hanen in Bangalore, India, with a Nokia N82.

As a wrap up for my Urbanista Diaries adventure, I am going to be publishing photo essays of my favorite photos that I took in each city that I visited. Some of these photos are in my flickrstream, most of them on the website, and some are new to everyone but me.
The above photos were taken in Fort Cochin & Surrounds, Kerala, India, from Wed. Feb. 13th to Fri. Feb. 15th, 2008. I really enjoyed how laid back Kerala was, it was a true treat from staying at the Delight Home Stay in Fort Cochin to the backwaters boat tour. I have previously blogged about it being “God’s Own Communist Country.”
Click on a thumbnail and then navigate through the lightbox slideshow by putting your mouse over the top right hand side of each photo, titles along the bottom.
Enjoy the photos, three more cities to come.

Thanks WOM World!

Tues 02.26.08 – I would like to give a BIG Thank You to all the lovely folk at WOM World for all their hard work to make the Nokia Nseries Urbanista Diaries mobile travel adventure successfully go off! Thanks y’all!
Photo taken in Oxford by Ms. Jen with a Nokia N82. WOM World folk – left to right: Colin, Richard, Siobhan, Amy, and Donna (unfortunately Frank and Robbie were not at lunch).

Urbanista Diaries : Best of Chennai Photo Essay

The Happiness Bell Jay and his mini light sabers Taking an Auto Rickshaw to San Thome Sam Thome Cathedral, Chennai Venerating the Virgin Mary Melted Candles The Virgin all dressed up The Beach and Bay of Bengal Speed Post Chennai Photowalk: Shrine
Chennai Photowalk: Simpson & Co. Chennai Photowalk: At the gate of the Hindu Times Chennai Photowalk: The Mail Chennai Photowalk: Green Glass Chennai Photowalk: Alert Dog Chennai Photowalk: Fetish Chennai Photowalk: Anna Salai / Mount Road Chennai Photowalk: Stopping for Lunch Chennai Photowalk: Casino Art Deco Cinema Chennai Photowalk: Photographing the Casino Cinema Chennai Photowalk: Subway under Mount Road Chennai Photowalk: Walking Chennai Photowalk: Billboard Chennai Photowalk: Chandru shows us the Sunday Magazine interview about the Chennai Photowalk folk Chennai Photowalk: Ornate Door Lock Chennai Photowalk: Survival Benefit The Tarmac at the Chennai Airport

All photos taken by Jenifer Hanen in Chennai, India, with a Nokia N82.

As a wrap up for my Urbanista Diaries adventure, I am going to be publishing photo essays of my favorite photos that I took in each city that I visited. Some of these photos are in my flickrstream, most of them on the website, and some are new to everyone but me.
The above photos were taken in Chennai (Madras), Tamil Nadu, India, from Sat. Feb. 9th to Mon. Feb. 11th, 2008. Big thanks once again to the Chennai Photowalk flickr group for such a fun photowalk day on Sun. Feb. 10, 2008.
Enjoy the photos, five more cities to come.