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A Sunday Nap

Napping Belle

Sun. 03.04.18 – There is a funny, poignant moment in the life of a dog owner / lover when the said beloved pet is older but not yet decrepit. Funny because you distinctly remember the tiresomely rambunctious puppy and young dog who you wished would nap in the afternoons. Poignant because now the beloved dog naps most of the day away only to become alert in time for dinner.

Belle le Cane, aka Bellie Pooh, is now nearly thirteen and she enjoys a good solid nap to a walk or a game of fetch these days.

Photo taken today by Ms. Jen this afternoon with an Olympus Pen E-LP8 mirrorless camera and an Olympus M.40-150mm lens.

Caught in the Act

Lukas, post-nap, caught in the act of lifting the black out curtain to see the excitements of the driveway.

Photo taken by Ms. Jen with her Nikon D800.

Mon 09.23.13 – Today I babysat Lukas while Erika took Oma Sabine to the airport for her flight back to Germany. Lukas napped during the whole of my babysitting adventures with my only duty to stick his binky back into his mouth mid-nap when his cries were heard over the baby monitor.
After Erika returned from LAX and Lukas finished his nap, we could hear little sounds of movement and a few cries over the monitor and then looked at the video monitor and saw that he was upright and looking out the curtain, so I grabbed my Nikon D800 camera and snuck into the room as quietly as possible to capture a photo of his viewing the outside world.
I was semi-successful in my quick photo, the door creaked a bit as I entered and Lukas looked at us with surprise as I took the photo. I am still very happy with the photo as the light is lovely, Lukas is in profile, and I got the moment after the moment.