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Bluetooth vs. Wired: The Nokia Headset Wars

Nokia BH-602 Bluetooth Headset Nokia HS-43 Wired Stereo Headset

I know it is much cooler to be wearing a bluetooth one ear-ed headset these days than a two ear-ed wired headset, but I am currently a HUGE fan of the Nokia hs-43 wired headset and don’t even know where my fancy pants expensive bh-602 bluetooth headset is (somewhere in the bowels of my purse).
Since July 1st, those of us who live and drive in California are to have hands-free wireless devices whilst driving. You can talk on your mobile while driving, but you have to have both hands on the wheel and your headset on, not that most SUV drivers obeying the law. We won’t talk about the lady with her phone glued to her ear in the GMC Yukon XL who nearly ran me off the road today, no, not at all, we won’t talk about her nor bailouts for auto companies that build such behemoths.
No, what we will talk about is cute, small, efficient, good design by forward thinking companies…. Nokia, thanks for two good products that make my life easier.
I like the way that the Nokia BH-602 bluetooth headset will shape to the back of my ear, but I don’t like how I can’t hear in stereo and when I am walking or out in the big wide public my friend on the other end of the call asks if I am in a wind tunnel. I also have lots of music loaded on the microSD chip both in my N95 and in the Nokia viNe loaner N82 mobiles and it is very hard to listen to music in a one ear-ed bluetooth headset. Also due to having a small ear, the bluetooth headset even when properly shaped to my ear, flops around making it hard to hear.
My N95’s wired stereo headset died a bad wire failure death over nearly a year ago, so I had been using the wired headsets from my N80 and N800 to listen to music while exercising and walking the dogs. When the black N82 arrived on my doorstep in early September, I pulled out the included in the box wired headset, the HS-43, with glee to see what it would do.
Over the last couple of months, I have fallen in love with the wired headset that came in the N82’s box, to the point that I don’t use my bluetooth headset unless I left the wired one at home.
Why do I love the HS-43 wired headset so much? Let me list you the reasons:
1) Wires. Good old fashioned copper covered in plastic & cloth makes for a better sonic / audio experience.
2) Stereo. Hey, novelty! I can hear sound, be it music or spoken voice, in both ears!
3) No need to remember charge the wired headset.
4) Friends and family can hear me speak during a phone call much clearer with the wired headset, even when I am walking along the beach in a stiff breeze. Hello, Seal Way, the killer of all phone calls, you don’t kill my calls now.
5) Oooh, baby baby… the best feature of the HS-43 wired stereo headset is the one that seems most bizarre when you first pull it out. It does not look or act like your usual wired headset, as the back/top is not a headband but a 1/4 inch wide black fabric that is about 6 inches long that have two lanyard style clamp/unclamp at each end. Thus, when the danged thing gets all tangled up into a wad of wired hell, you just pull the two clamps apart and YAY the tangles are gone. If you by accident attempt to pull it out of your purse too fast or out from under the dog and you think, “Oh Crap! I have just broke the headset!”, oh no you have not, the clamps release and you can pull it out nicely and reclamp it.
Oh, lovely HS-43 Wired Stereo Headset, I <3 you. Bluetooth, who?

The First Anniversary of the Seal Beach Salon This Saturday!

Seal Beach Salon First Anniversary Party

I may have invited y’all before, but the Seal Beach art | music | writing salon meets once every two months for a night of art, music, and poetry/reading – and drinking & snacking & talking. It really is a mishmash of folk from all over SoCal and from a variety of creative disciplines. This Saturday is the 1 year anniversary and they are moving the location to Dan Callis’ new studio on Marina Dr. Come join us, it will be fun.
What: The Seal Beach Salon’s First Anniversary
When: Saturday, Nov. 15, 2008
Time: Starts at 6pm, ends at 10pm.
Where: 700 1/2 Marina Drive* at Dan Callis’ new studio (just back from the corner of Marina & PCH, in the yard behind the flower shop & plumber that are on PCH in the same building) – Google Map
Who: Filmmakers Hobo Soul will be showing their film in an RV, Dan Callis will be having an Open Studio, poet Aaron Belz will be giving a reading, and Avi Buffalo and Band will be performing.
Bring: Yourself, friends, and beverage of choice.
Come and join us in Seal Beach on Saturday evening.

Concentration or Lack Thereof

I am currently sitting in the lounge of the local Toyota dealer/service place waiting for my car to be done. And I have my earplugs in, the earplugs that are rated for 34 decibel sound reduction. And it is still loud enough to hear everything clearly.
Either my earplugs are failing or my local Toyota dealership is one loud place, piped in muzak, big widescreen tv in the lounge area at full blast, and people trying to talk over all of this. How does anyone get any work done here? How do they cut deals for cars in this noise?
I am one of those folks who can’t work or read or code unless it is quiet. I can’t listen to music, even low instrumental music, if I want to read and comprehend what I am reading or if I want to code and not make mistakes. If I try to write while a bunch of stuff is going on around me, I will end up transcribing whatever the distraction is, which makes me a great live blogger at conferences but makes it hard to write while there are distractions.
In my immediate family we have a joke about Hanens and TV that basically goes along the line of if you want the Hanen in question to listen to you and look at you and comprehend what was said, do NOT turn the TV on or walk anywhere near a TV.
Yes, people, I come from a long line of amusing, creative, very bright, but easily distractable people. My Dad calls it being ADD, I call it that we are curious and are interested in a wide variety of inputs.
I am constantly astounded that folks can get much done or remember what is said in the noise that pervades so much of modern life. I make a big effort to have a quiet and peaceful house, I don’t own a TV or a stereo or radio. Thus, going out in to the big wide world can at times be a aural and visual assault.
Conflicting TVs & piped in music (both at once) are now common while at the supermarket, gas station, car service lounges, outdoor malls, etc.
Does this bug anyone else?

Salon #5

Salon #5 - Liz Carney Speaking about her Paintings

Sat 07.12.08 – Painter Ryan Callis and Poet Chris Davidson decided nearly a year ago to start an art / writing / music salon every two months in Seal Beach as a way to lure the Silverlake hipsters out of their lairs and out into the big wide world of SoCal.
The Salon has been quite successful with 30-50 attendees (mostly artists and writers) the second Saturday of the odd numbered month. I went last time (May) and had a good time listening to folks present their work and talking with other attendees of the artistic and writerly persuasions.
Ryan approached me about presenting some of my work at this month’s Salon two weeks ago with the statement that the web has been under represented so far. I decided that I would promote all things web / mobile and photography by showing some of my India photos from the Urbanista Diaries adventure.
The other presenters were: Los Angeles painters Liz Carney and Feo Voronov, who displayed and spoke about their paintings (Photo of Liz Carney above with one of Feo’s paintings on the wall next to her). Poet Patty Seyburn read from four of her poems. And Summer Darling played an acoustic set.
The constraint for the evening was that I had to show my work, describe my process and be done in 10-15 minutes.
Thus, I decided that I would actually present on a dual set of subjects: One being the adventure and process of geo-mobile-photo-blogging with the Nokia N82 on the Urbanista project and the other being the phenomenon of photowalking and making friends through Flickr groups. How would I cover so much ground and images in 15 mintues?
I distilled my presentation down to the bare minimum facts on mobile photo blogging and then specifically talked about the 4th Chennai Photowalk. I took all the photos that I took from the Chennai Photowalk and put them in a slideshow that played while I spoke on the Nokia Urbanista event and on the Chennai Photowalk folks. It was great fun and the audience liked not just the Chennai photos but also the whole idea of photowalking.
All in all, Salon #5 was delightful.

Channel Three

Sat 03.15.08 – SXSW Day 9 or The Ides of March – Hometown boys, CH3, at the Devil Dolls / Crawlspace / TKO / Hellcat showcase at Red 7. Photo by Ms. Jen with a Nokia N82.