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Mobile Phone Photography :: Eight Years and Three Days

Wed 12.12.12 - Seal Beach Xmas Tree

Photo taken this evening at the Seal Beach pier by Ms. Jen with her Nokia 808 PureView.

Wed 12.12.12 – Eight years and three days ago, I came into the possession of my beloved Nokia 7610 with its lovely 1 megapixel camera, Lifeblog software, and unlimited Cingular data plan.
From my Nokia 7610 to my current kick-ass Nokia 808 PureView, I have had eight great years of experimenting and pushing the boundaries of my photography practice with my mobile camera phones and sharing the photos to this blog, Flickr, Twitter, and various mobile photography projects.
I love mobile photo photography!
I would love to have a full time job in it, be it on a team involved in the creation of the camera phones, the software thereof, or being some fabulous mobile phone company’s imaging evangelist!
Here is to eight more years of great camera phones, better software to mobile blog / photo share with, and to even better photos!

Six Years of Moblogging: Best of ….

Nov. 22, 2005: Ms. Jen: Self Portrait

Well, this was silly of me. Really silly of me to promise you all that I would go through each year of mobile photo blogging and then highlight the best of each year.
Yesterday, Friday, I went through each post from 2005 and picked out about 12-14 photos that were my favorite. This took over 2 hours. By the time I was done selecting, I didn’t have time to make thumbnails and then write the post. Today, I also blanched about taking another couple hours to finish up 2005 and then do 2006, amongst all the other work and personal related things I had to do today.
Sorry to tease y’all with my over-ambition but this week is very busy and I don’t think I will get to daily photo essay of each year.
Here is the list of URLs that I selected yesterday, feel free to go view them.
01.17.05 –
02.02.05 –
03.12.05 –
04.09.05 –
06.04.05 –
06.13.05 –
07.01.05 –
07.10.05 –
09.10.05 –
10.31.05 –
11.07.05 –
11.22.05 –
12.03.05 –
12.06.05 –
12.09.05 –
12.19.10 –
All the photos above where taken, to the best of my knowledge, with my Nokia 7610.
The really interesting part about taking the time to go over all of my blog posts from 2005 was how hopeful I was that year. I would like to be that hopeful again.

10.10.10 – Blogging Numerology

My Dad's idea of incognito parking
Photo taken by Ms. Jen with her Nokia N8.
10.10.10 – This post right now. Surprise lunchtime visit by my Dad and his work truck, who were on their way to Northern California for a month. Dog Beach with Les Doggies. Crescent Moon at dusk.
09.09.09 – Through Billy’s Looking Glass
08.08.08 – Blogging, BlogHer, and Dooce
07.07.07 – At Book Making Class
06.06.06 – Notice : Under Construction
05.05.05 – Happy Cinco de Mayo
04.04.04 – The Wittlest Cowboy In The West (my favorite in number and in photo)
03.03.03 – Can’t remember what happened on this date as I was a month and a half from starting this blog, but I must have been excited about SXSW’03 where I was to hear Mena Trott talk about Movable Type & meet Jish (see 08.08.08 entry) that would inspire me to start this blog.
02.02.02 – My dad’s 59th birthday, but the archive is of no help here do to my cleaning directory problem and the bowling photos have been moved.
01.01.01 – Visiting my friend Denise in Boston, gone to see the Amazing Royal Crowns the night before.

Shakes Fist at Sockets

My personal project of the last few days is to start chipping away at my moblogging app. Roland Tanglao and I have been talking since the Big Adventure in May about working together to get my mobile blogging app idea off the ground.
Basically, I know that if I can get a php script to post to this blog via the Atom or XML-RPC protocol, then I can get my mobile to do it via a python app. I have now spent more than 12 hours spread out over 2 days researching the various protocols, reading docs, and then trying to get several different php scripts to post a simple blog post to Movable Type 4.3’s Atom or XML-RPC scripts.
Tonight, I kept getting errors that either the scripts aren’t able to authenticate (both Atom & XML-RPC) or with XML-RPC I keep getting a “32300:transport error – could not open socket”.
Darned sockets, I shake my fist at you.

Camera Phone Photography: Celebrating Constraints

To follow up on last week’s post, 2,045 Days with a Camera Phone, I would like to write a bit more on why I have loved camera phone photography and mobile blogging so much in the last 5.5 years and that can be summed up in one word: constraints.
The old adage in design, photography, and many other arts is that it is not unlimited creative freedom that sparks the best in a designer or artist, but it is limits and constraints that the artist or designer has to push at, be challenged by, and get around that create great art and design or at least cause the artist in question to grow in their craft.
It has been very easy the last 8-10 years to hone one’s craft with a DSLR camera almost to the point where too many photographers get obsessed with megapixels, lenses, and processing in Photoshop than the actual act of taking the photo becomes secondary or farther down the line.
By choosing to shoot more than 90% of my photos of the last half decade with a small camera phone and then choosing to send them directly from the phone to the internet with no stops at Photoshop, means that I purposefully chose to constrain myself to a small camera that in many cases had less megapixels and less of a lens & digital sensor system than the contemporary point & shoots, not even considering what the comparable time period of DSLRs could do.
But the magic of setting the self-imposed discipline of the constraints of a camera phone plus no or very little post-phone processing seriously, meant that I had to really hone my eye, my composition, my observation of the scene, and then just shoot and shoot and shoot. I have shot a lot of bad photos in the last 5+ years, but I have also shot a lot of good to wonderful photos with my camera phones.
And it is the discipline of the constraints of a camera phone that make the great photos all the more sweeter than when I shoot a good photo with a Nikon film SLR or DSLR.
All of that being said, I have some to quite a bit of trepidation about the next generation of camera phones, particularly the Nokia N8, as it really is better than the point & shoots out on the market right now. The photos from its big 12 megapixel digital sensor & Zeiss lens are extraordinarily good.
After 5.5 years of pushing, working around, thinking, changing the angle, doing whatever I could to capture the vision in my head with a camera phone, to have a camera phone that will be not just good enough, but great… …that is why I said in the last article that I started to think seriously about film rangefinders or purchasing a high end Nikon. My thoughts were – if the Nokia N8 is so spectacular then I won’t have much in the way of constraints, then whole rubric for why I have shot with camera phones since 2004 will be over.
Yes, as I said in 2,045 Days with a Camera Phone, the Nokia N8 is the arrival of the maturity of camera phones as a photographing instrument and the pioneering era is mostly over, particularly if one was shooting with camera phones from the perspective of constraints or enjoying the toy quality of some camera phone’s imagery.
But I am not going to run away. Why? Because I trust Damian. I trust Mr. Dinning’s vision that he has had the last 6 years to push the technology of camera phones to meet that of the highest quality levels. He and I had several interesting conversations over meals at the big adventure in May that gave me an insight to his desire to make the Nokia Nseries line of cameras cross from good to great. Damian and his team have not failed me in the Nokia N86 or any other Nseries camera phones that I have taken photos with since 2004.
So, I will let go of my imposed constraints and walk into a new era and see how good camera phones can really get for the photographer who wants a camera on one at all times, with the N8 I will just have to find a few new challenges to set for myself.
Here’s to the future.

Will the Moblogging Hack Work to Post from The Nokia N97 to MT4

Photo of Scruffy taken by Ms. Jen with a Nokia N97.
Sun 04.11.10 – Ok, I just got over the toughest part, I was able to upload the photo using Movable Type’s ‘Upload File’ with all thedialog box CSS hacks working.
I am able to save and now will hit publish. When you see this it means I was successful in hacking my Movable Type install to allow me to post and upload photos directly from the Nokia N97’s native browser with no plugins to MT or any 3rd party app or site. Wheeeeee…
Update from the N97 a few minutes later: YAY!

Daily Practice Makes for Good Creative Habits

Tues 11.03.09 – Regardless of whether you are participating in National ________ Posting/Writing Month or just reading/watching others, I think the best part of the November novel writing, blog posting, vlog posting, drawing, and any other permutation, is that daily practice really does hone one’s creative skills and ingrains, in a good way, the habit of the activity.
One of my favorite authors of all time, Madeleine L’Engle, frequently in articles, her books, and in writers workshops would encourage folks to write at least 30 minutes every day. She stated that with the daily habit comes the inspiration, not the other way around.
For a few years after taking the workshop with Ms. L’Engle, I would draw for 30 minutes every day. And then by the late 1990s, it became taking photos for at least a total of 15-20 minutes every day.
Rather than attempt to count up time and compare it to one creative activity, now I make sure that I reserve 30 mins to 1 hour every day for a / some creative activity be it writing, drawing, blogging, photography, or mobile blogging. By doing this regardless or schedule or busy-ness, it means that I carve out time time to slow down, time to create and explore.
Today on Twitter I started asking who of my circle of association is doing one of the Na__ __ Mo’s? I found that a good variety of folk were participating in the original NaNoWriMo, NaBloPoMo, NaVloPoMo (video blogging), and NaDrawMo (drawing).
One of my Twitter friends made apologies for his lack of participation saying he was not creative, I replied back that one can blog about whatever, it doesn’t have to be a story or long post. I would like to reiterate that this month is not about being the best or most polished or even the most creative, but about clearing a space for yourself to establish a new daily habit or even just to challenge yourself in something that you have always wanted to do but never did. So many of the folk who are writing novels this month have never written fiction but are doing the NaNoWriMo to really let go and loose their inhibitions about the activity.
It is not too late to join us.
Here is a list of the folks that I know in real life or via the Internets who are participating in National DoSomething Everyday Month:
Kasper Jespersen
Steve Lawson
James McNally
Sudhamshu Hebbar
Velvet Verbosity
Mrs. K (of course)
Jessica Spengler
Vikki Chowney
Lauren Isaacson
Laurie White
Mauricio Reyes
Utku Can
Ann McMeekin
Mike Maddaloni
James Whatley
Lloyd Davis
Benny Crime
Rupert Howe
Shaun Inman
Trey Piepmeier