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Boogie Woogie #5 – A Great Version!

Ernie was kind enough to post this great version of Boogie Woogie #5 by Puffy Ami Yumi on his Tumblrblog. I love how Puffy Ami Yumi have taken the spirit of boogie woogie and completely updated it. Very nice. And cute dancing boys. ;o)
I have two blog posts to be posted today, one on Nokia’s Nseries Urbanista Diaries and one on the photo / camera comparison that I put my “classic” N95 and the WOM World trial N95 8GB through this weekend, but before I can post either, I have to return to and finish in the PHP / PEAR salt mines by the end of the day.

The Final Stretch

Eden sent an email to NaBloPoMo 2007 participants today encouraging us to keep blogging strong to the finish line at the end of the week. I appreciate the encouragement, but I have utterly failed to post daily here at Black Phoebe :: Ms. Jen, due to traveling and a lack of wifi and/or mobile connection. I wanted to, the spirit was willing but the connections and flesh were weak.
Yes, I could have used my US sim chip to blog short notes to this space every night from my phone’s Lifeblog (my UK sim chip does not have the needed email/ISP data plan that Lifeblog requires), but either tiredness or cheapness got the better of me most nights.
My biggest problem with blogging is that I always compose whole posts in my head when I am miles away from my computer and then when I get back and have the time to write it all out, edit, rewrite, and then publish the post, I am too tired or have lost the train of thought or…
Having a Nokia mobile camera phone with internet connection the last three years has greatly helped me to keep my computer from being the black hole of digital photos, as now I can post my photos to this blog or flickr when I take them, but my brain is still a black hole of writing / text / opinion posts. Either I need voice recognition software that will translate recorded ideas into text that then can be posted or I need a direct brain to blog link.
I even have a folder on my desktop with posts that are started but not finished, idea rough drafts, and whole written pieces that need revision before posting. I had hopped to use the November NaBloPoMo challenge to move those posts and ideas out of the folder and on to this space. Sigh.
Well, there is always December and I still owe y’all a bunch of photos from the last 11 days of traveling around Ireland and England. Yeah, that is what I will do on the 10 hour plane ride on Wednesday back to LA, I will edit photos and write posts, if I can wrangle a seat with a power port…

London – Day 6 – Future of Mobile

Future of Mobile 2007
Exterior of the IMAX Theatre Gareth Rushgrove and Chris Mills Daniel Appelquist of Vodafone Dave Burke of Google Mobile At the Pub after Future of Mobile Barbara Ballard and Kai Hendry Brian Fling talking to various folk
Photos taken by Ms. Jen with her Nokia N95 on Wed. 11/14/07 at the Future of Mobile.

Wed. Nov. 14, 2007 – Future of Mobile – BFI IMAX Theatre
Carson Systems / Carsonified put on the Future of Mobile today at the BFI IMAX theatre next to Waterloo station. Per my usual, here are my typed notes from the conference. Due to the theatre-style seats, lights directly in face, and IMAX screen, the likelihood that I will be able to type an accurate translation is very low. After the first break, I moved seats. Photos to come.
9:10 am – Tony Price – Keynote
AMF Ventures
Mr. Price talks very fast. Some of what he is saying is very good, but so fast, it is not sinking it. Some of what he is saying is cheesy. Cut out the cheese, slow down, and this would be a good talk.
“Who will I trust with my digital footprint?”
Tony states that the screen is not the thing, sound and uniqueness is the thing with mobile.


My Nokia Lifeblog Wish List

Nokia’s Lifeblog for one’s mobile phone and PC was released in 2004. I had the opportunity to participate in a project with Lifeblog in late 2004 through to early 2005.
I use Lifeblog all the time, on all of the Nokia phones I have owned since Dec. 2004, as the best way to view my photos on my phone, or to send the photos as MMS’s to my Flickr account, or to post the photos to my website using Lifeblog’s Atom posting to this Movable Type 4 powered blog (Thanks to the MT team for making this happen with 4.0, you guys rock). I don’t use Lifeblog for the PC, as I have a Mac.
Though Lifeblog is the single most useful application on any of the Nokia N-Series phones that I have owned, I have a few beefs with Lifeblog:
1) Lifeblog has been stagnant and has not moved with the times, as there have been very few changes or upgrades to the mobile app since 2004.
2) Lifeblog is PC-centric and there is not any Mac interface. Wake up, Nokia, there is now a significant Mac population out there. Many of us own your phones. (Nokia’s Multimedia Transfer (beta) for Mac does not count, as it is not an app for both my computer and my phone).
Here is my wish list for Lifeblog:
1) Lifeblog, interface with my Mac. Thank you. Be it a Lifeblog for Mac or a complete and consistent interface with iPhoto, I care not, just do it. I prefer Lifeblog over iPhoto, as Lifeblog for the computer also keeps track / a history of my mobile video, emails, and texts – i.e. my whole mobile life.
2) Lifeblog, I have this lovely Nokia N95, it has GPS. Please take the GPS data and embed it into the EXIF data of my photos, so that when I send them to Flickr or my blog via Lifeblog I can use the geo-coordinates to map the photos or videos. ShoZu does it, so can Lifeblog.
3) Lifeblog, please have an update the app menu function on the mobile. ShoZu does. I never know if you have a new version until I go to the website and download and …. And while you are at it, give me an “About Lifeblog” menu choice so that I know what version of Lifeblog I currently have on my phone.
4) And last but not least, actually the most important request to the list… Lifeblog, please make your mobile app work with internet data rather than email, or let me decide which to use. When I am at home in California, this is fine to have to use the email / ISP data on my phone, as I have a contract with AT&T that allows me to have an email connection. But when I am abroad (like now) I have a pay as you go sim chip that only allows for phone, text, and internet data but NO email / ISP data. So, I can’t use Lifeblog when I am in Europe. Lifeblog, ShoZu uses regular ole’ internet data, please give me that option. Thank you.
Here I am at the end of my wish list and I should honestly ask myself, why not use ShoZu, as they have GPS interaction with my photo EXIF data and they use internet data rather than MMS or email? Well, ShoZu does not post to my blog. Lifeblog does. ShoZu has lots of ShareIt partnerships with companies, but not with my mt-atom.cgi script. Lifeblog does have a connection to my mt-atom.cgi script.
Come on, Lifeblog, sharpen your sword. Get out there, be the best.

London – Day 1 … Or how to Nap off your Jet Lag

Pizza Arrives for the iPhone Queue

Dave Stone Steve Marshall in the Queue And they are let into the Apple Store Paul Walsh & Sokratis Papafloratos compare Nokia N95s St. Martin's LaneJust outside the Embankment tube station
All photos taken by Ms. Jen with her Nokia N95.

Fri Nov. 9, 2007 – My plane arrived at Heathrow at 6:38am this morning. I did not really sleep at all on the plane nor eat after last evening’s lovely gluten-free plane meal. The Heathrow line for passport control was very long, but the agent I dealt with was very nice and easy going. Thanks, sir!
Just a little before 8am found me at Paddington Station and off to my hotel. Damian the fabulous desk clerk / manager was able to get me into a room by 10am, where upon I showered and meant to take a 2 hour nap before going to lunch and then to the Regent’s Street Apple Store to watch the big to do for the UK release of the iPhone. Six hours later I woke up for a deep sleep.
After much rushing, I arrived at the scene of the London iPhone geek queue by 5pm. I found Steve Marshall right off the bat standing about 20th in line, as he had tweeted his placement in the queue, and Dave Stone who was observing from the edge of the sidewalk. For the next hour, I hung out with Steve and Dave, as well as chatting with various mobile company folk who were friends of Dave’s. It was a blast. The security and cops were a little over organizing, as the crowd wasn’t overly large or obnoxious but instead was happy and excited. Free pizza and champagne was given out to folks in line by local merchants, lots and lots of UK press was out and about interviewing folk. All in all, darned good spectacle and fun.
After Steve and the rest of the line was let in the Apple Store to make their purchases, Dave and I went around the corner to the Liberty Bar to have a drink with Walid and Sokratis of TrustedPlaces as well as Paul Walsh. Dave and I had a lively conversation about mobile, our various punk youth experiences, running with the Trickster, and other bits, which melded into a lively conversation with Paul and Sokratis about the future of the web, the mobile web, and device adnostic web standards. Good fun. An excellent way to start out a trip to London.
From there I went off to find food, as the others had to go their ways. Now I am back at my hotel and am hoping to actually go to sleep before 1 am London time…

Here We Go, Here We Go…

To quote the Bouncing Souls, “Here we go“…
Tomorrow is the big day: the departure for London Calling, the November Edition or the Future of Mobile Edition, as well as, Dublin Calling, Ulster Calling, and Andalucia Calling.
As I have started all the packing and the last stages of planning, I had to run lots of errands today. One of the errands took me to the Main Place Mall in Santa Ana, so that I could obtain a variety of Peek-a-Poohs for the small Hickseys. Whilst at the Mall, I stopped in at the AT&T/Cingular store to inquire as to why my sim chip has been going screwy of late. Some days my phone announces that it is Cingular. Some times AT&T. And some days, oddly, T-Mobile. What?!?!?! For fear of a large roaming bill, I decided to stop in to the AT&T/Cingular store and see what was up.
At the store, I found three men there, two obviously clerks and one in a suit, of which all three matched up my idea of the typical mobile / cell phone store employees: Mr. Indifferent, Mr. Helpful/Nice, and Mr. Pindick. When I walked in Mr. Indifferent and Mr. Pindick ignored me. Mr. Nice asked after what I needed, I explained to him that I was wondering if my old school AT&T sim chip from 2004 is on its last legs and described the issues I was having with it. Mr. Nice was very helpful, said yes I needed a new sim chip, and recommended where I could get a new AT&T sim chip without paying $25 for a new one and having to sign up for a new contract that his store would require.
I then asked when AT&T will be upgrading their 3G network. Mr. Nice did not know, he suggested I ask Mr. Indifferent the Regional Manager and Mr. Pindick. Over to the other two I went and inquired. Mr. Indifferent the Regional Manager asked which plan I had, I told him that I had an old school data plan from 2004, he was impressed. But his phone rang and he walked off to answer it.
Mr. Pindick, after arguing that I could have had an unlimited data plan since 2004, asked to see my current phone, I pulled my N95 out of my purse of which Mr. P. inspected.
Mr P: “Do you know that your phone is European manufactured?”
He didn’t give me time to answer, “No shit, Sherlock, that is why I bought it.”
Mr. P: “This phone does not work on the American 3G network, only the European and Asian ones. Which is why you don’t have a good 3G connection with our network. You need an American 3G phone.”
On he pressed. Me, repressing a snotty reply to the effect of “Cingular/AT&T has a 2.5 G network, the “EDGE”, which is why I am asking when you will be upgrading to a REAL 3G network.” He went on…
Mr. P: “Nokia has released an N95 for the American market.”
Me: “No….” ((BLAH))
Mr. P as he turns my phone over and fondles it: “The American N95 has a black cover (his thumb rubs over the back cover of my phone repeatedly), instead of the purple one that this one has.”
Me: ((Mr. Pindick is having thumb sex with my phone!!! AGH!!!))
Mr. P: “The new Nokia lacks a camera lens cover and has a bigger battery. Too bad you don’t have that phone, you wouldn’t have the problems with the network.”
Me: “When will AT&T be selling them?” ((Knowing they aren’t at this time and knowing even if I had the new Nokia N95-3 for the US market that the Cingular/AT&T network would still be slow…))
Mr. P: ((????)) [He did not answer.]
Me, smiling and taking my poor abused phone back: “Thank you.”
Mr. P, voice dripping with condescension: “I guess you need a better plan and a better phone.”
Me: leaving.
Going to a cell phone / mobile carrier retail store has become as unpleasant as going to a car dealership. Unfortunately, it is unavoidable as the call center folks can’t help me replace my sim chip.
Dear Mobile Carriers, please screen out the Mr. Indifferents and Mr. Pindicks of the when you are hiring for your stores. Thank you.