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Lumia Conversations Interviews Ms. Jen in ‘Out of this World’

The Moon, as shot through my telescope using my Nokia Lumia 1020

Microsoft’s Lumia Conversations interviewed me this last week about my love of mobile photography and my quest to take photos of the Moon, planets, and some stars with my camera phone in an article entitled ‘Out of this world: Meet Jenifer Hanen, astrophotographer‘.

This upcoming week, Lumia Conversations will publish my camera phone astrophotography tutorial, so that you, too, with every little gear and some gumption can go out and take photos of the luminaries with your mobile phone.


For folks who want a little data on how I shot the Moon photo above:
Telescope: Celestron Astromaster 130eq (who knows what year, my Dad bought it used)
Telescope eyepiece: Celestron 15mm
Nokia Lumia 1020’s Nokia Pro Camera app set to 200 ISO, 1/100th shutter speed, EV -1.0, WB to fluorescent, and focus set to infinity.

I took the photo about 30 minutes before sunset, as the moon would not be so luminous / glowing. It took about 12 test shots to get the camera settings and the angle of holding of the camera phone over the telescope’s eyepiece right. ;o)

Week 2400, Day 5

A portion of today, after work to-dos were handled, was spent moving folks from my ‘Nokian’ twitter list to my ‘SquashFolk’ list. Although, if I was being politic, I would rename the list Microsoft One or Microsoft Mobile.

È finito, indeed.

—– A few Updates —–

The best of the goodbyes, from John Kneeland.

CNET on Farewell Nokia: The rise and fall of a mobile pioneer

Nokia’s HERE Maps appoints new CEO

Nokia appoints Rajeev Suri as President and CEO and announces new strategy, program to optimize capital structure, and leadership team

—– An Opinion or Two —–

Ms. Jen says: I can only hope that the best of Nokia’s mobile DNA – the people, the ethos, the passion for design, the passion for innovation – will be injected into the Squash. Microsoft is in need of new passion. One can only hope.

CJ and Alvin say: UnleashTV Episode 76 : The One with ‘Microsoft Mobile’ [starting at 27:01]

UnleashTV Special- Microsoft buys Nokia (Smart Devices Division)

Mon 09.02.13 – This evening Nokia and Microsoft announced that MSFT is buying Nokia phones division, leaving networks, maps, and Advanced Tech/R&D to Nokia Oy.
Immediately Clinton Jeff messaged me asking if I would join and Unleash the Phones UnleashTV Special on the Microsoft and Nokia deal.
The above video is our UnleashTV Special broadcast. Language, esp at the beginning, is NSFW.
My take away is that I find it interesting that Microsoft/Nokia deal talks failed earlier in the summer, Ballmer announces early retirement last week, and now Microsoft/Nokia deal is back on. Fascinating.

Video: A Microsoft-built Windows Phone: What it means for Nokia

Tues 10.02.12 – This afternoon in the 5 o’clock hour, London time, Clinton Jeff tweeted:

CJ followed up with this tweet:

After reading the WPCentral article that CJ referenced, I asked if we could do a special Google Plus Hangout to talk about the rumor that Microsoft would be possibly releasing their own Windows Phone.
Clinton Jeff and Alvin Wong, both of Unleash the Phones, and I convened on a G+ Hangout within 15 minutes to discuss the news and repercussions and the above video is a recording of our hangout.
Rumor sources with supposed inside knowledge:
WPCentral : Microsoft does indeed have their own Windows Phone in the works
WPCentral : Is Microsoft making its own Windows Phone in 2013? We discuss the options.

Boy Genius Report : With Windows Phone still failing to gain traction, Microsoft plans to launch its own smartphone

Why I Should Not Be Let Near a Windows Machine…

Windows XP Safe Mode Hates Me
Photo taken by Ms. Jen with a Nokia N79.

Mon 04.13.09 – I expect too much from Windows. I expect that the operating system should actually work and when it doesn’t I try another way, then it throws errors.
Dear Windows, there is a reason I switched to Linux on my old Dell and to Mac OS X for my regular use computer…