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#NokiaComp Goes to SXSW Interactive 2010

#NokiaComp winners and the WOMWorld fellows

Nicole Lee and Mark Guim Adam and James George and a Bagel George plays ukelele to a flowering tree ;o) Adam kicking! George at Kick! Iain running into home base Adam, Big Phil, and Charlie at the Nokia Chatting at the Nokia Party Iain, Adam, and Vaibhav James and Ms. Jen George and Big Phil Dan's Bag of Tricks, Ovi Map Tricks Dan and his Tricks George learning to drive a Segway Ricc and Dan getting the Nokia N97's all set to Ovi Maps Vaibhav learning the Segway All lined up and ready to Segway! Iain and Ricc on the Octo-bike We picked up a game SXSWi attendee to join us on the Octo-bike We followed bikers on Harley hogs Adam
navigating Dan and Iain on Segways Navigating around a jackalope  on 6th Street And then we found Ewan on Dan's Ovi Map route Using Ovi Maps to navigate a route of Dan's planning Lunch at the Boiling Pot after the Segway Map adventure Lunch at the Boiling Pot after the Segway Map adventure Sunday evening's game of Guess Who A view of Guess Who Ricc, Chris, and Adam working Guess Who Playing Guess Who Ricc and Alexi the Guess Who Winner! Off the SXSW Grid - Open Mic Comedy night that Phil Schwarzmann found and got up at the Mic

Photos by Ms. Jen with a Nokia N86.

SXSW is my favorite conference/festival/springbreakforgeeks event of the year and has been since 1998 for Music and 2001 for Interactive. I love Austin in early to mid-March.
For a few years now, I have felt that Nokia has missed a big opportunity to reach out to the North American and International web, mobile, gamer, and interactive creator & influencer communities by not participating, attending, or throwing a big open to all badges party at SXSW. Last year Nokia held two private by invite only parties that were kept on the low down, which was completely baffling for a company that is struggling in the North American market, as SXSW would be the perfect place to get all the influencers and bloggers to start talking.

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Nokia viNe How To Tutorial

Tues 10.28.08 – The below screenshot slideshow is a pictorial tutorial on how to use the Nokia viNe (formerly LifeviNe) mobile application. Click on the first photo at the top and navigate through the lightbox slideshow. Detailed notes are below. If you have questions, please comment below and I will do my best to answer your questions, but please see the Troubleshooting post.
Here is the companion posts I have written on Nokia viNe:
* Troubleshooting / Bug Report post, please comment there with your troubleshooting tips and bug reports on the Nokia viNe Mobile app.
* My previous post on Nokia’s (life) viNe with some how to.
The Tutorial:
A) Before you start, please make sure that you have already set up a Sports Tracker account at or do it from the mobile Nokia viNe application. The way that the Nokia viNe app works is that the mobile app will upload your photos and video from your mobile to your Sports Tracker Account.
B) Then you can get the Maps + Photography widget and display your Nokia viNe journeys / photos / video on your website or Facebook or other spots online. If you are a participant in the Nokia viNe campaign / project, then you can view your uploaded journeys at the Nseries Nokia viNe flash interface.

1. Open up the Nokia viNe application on your mobile. 2. The Record / Start: Start the Nokia viNe application by pushing the middle select button. 3. If the GPS doesn't load automatically, You will see this No GPS note. 4. Now let Nokia viNe run in the background while you take photos, videos, or listen to your music. 5. If you need to pause recording, click on the leftside "Options" menu to Pause. 6. When you are done, click on "Options" and then click on "Stop Recording". 7. At this point it will ask you if you want to "Proceed" and upload your journey now or "Upload Later" 8. But before you "Proceed" you can edit the name of your journey & choose your media. 9. If you are choosing your media, the viNe mobile app will present you with a grid of thumbnails. 10. At the Tags screen, the viNe app will encourage you to add the name/tag of your location or activity 11. Before Uploading Photos, Did you make sure you have the Correct Access Point? 12. To Check your Access Point, Click on "Options", then "Settings" 13. Click on "Access Point". 14. Click on your best access point (free wifi or your unlimited data plan with your carrier). 15. Hopefully, you will have success and will be able to get the "Upload Successful" & be able to view your Journey on your widget (as seen here) or at Sports Tracker, or title=


Nokia Nseries Widget or Why Nokia Really Needs a Good Internal Communication System

Nokia Nseries Widget

Black Phoebe :: Ms. Jen

In order to view the Nokia Nseries Widget you need JavaScript and Flash Player 9+ support

On one of those amusing trips down Internet Blackhole Lane last week that started at Twitter and ended 5 clicks later at someone’s website, led me to finding the Nokia Nseries Maps + Photography Widget.
This is a great widget, much more useful than the Urbanista Diaries widget. The above widget has all the Sports Tracker uploads that I have made public, from my India trip to various bits afterwards to the current Nokia viNe uploads. And more importantly, it is fast and works.
But this hidden widget is interesting.
Super interesting, as I had been bothering the folks over at WOM World since early September about when the Nokia viNe testing/campaign participants would be getting the widget to publicize our adventures in Nokia viNe land, but up to last week there was no widget for the viNe campaign.
When one trots over to the Sports Tracker site, there is not a single thing about a Nokia Nseries web site widget that scrapes one’s Sports Tracker account for the data, geo-paths and imagery. One would imagine that more than a few Sports Tracker users would love to know about this widget so that they could display their paths and imagery on their website or Facebook page.
Hello, Nokia. Helllllllooooooo…..
The above Nokia Nseries Maps + Photography Widget that uses my Sports Tracker username & data would be an excellent addition to the downloads on the Sports Tracker site. It would also be lovely to have it available for download over at Nokia viNe site.
One would think that if a large and lovely mobile corporation was going to spend lots of money on developing a widget and/or web services and/or promotional campaigns, such Nokia viNe and Sports Tracker, that one would have the internal teams and external vendors talking to each other to let each other know when a product/widget/campaign has been created that would benefit the other team or each other. If one is going to create a great useful widget, it would be lovely to have it cross-linked to as many places on the Nokia website as possible to get as much traction as possible.
Dear Nokia, if you need a good internal blog / intranet to improve your global marketing campaigns, hire me, I will set it up for you and get your teams talking. Inter-team and intra-team communication equals better promotions and pr, which equals more sales.