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January 2nd: Camellias blooming in London and the Grayson Perry Exhibition

Camellias blooming in London on Jan 2nd!
Tottenham Court Tube exit Reflections The British Museum Courtyard of The British Museum Alison, Andy and the ADOX Grayson Perry's Motorcycle with a Alan Measles Stunt Double Quarter Moon upon exiting the British Museum about 5pm

Photos by Ms. Jen with her Nokia N8.

Mon 01.02.12 – It must be a warm winter as a camellia bush in Bayswater is already in full bloom.
Today I had the opportunity to go with Alison Austin and Andy Budd to the Grayson PerryThe Tomb of the Unknown Craftsman‘ exhibition at the British Museum and then to the Teddy Bear Tea afterwards in the 3rd story cafe.
The exhibition was wonderful, humorous, thoughtful, and many layered; go see it. I have a new favorite artist thanks to Alison!
Best part of writing this blog post is discovering that Grayson Perry’s teddy bear, Alan Measles, has a blog.

New Year’s Day 2012

Tea and Cakes with FJ at Maison Bertaux Dinner with Alan and Cami at Khan's in Blackheath

Photos taken by Ms. Jen with her Nokia N8.

Sun 01.01.12 – New Year’s Day 2012 was a day of bringing in the social new year with several lovely friends: I had dim sum lunch at the Imperial China in SoHo with FJ van Wingerde, then FJ took me to Maison Bertaux for tea and cake where Helen Keegan met up with us for a good conversation and more tea, then I took a bit of a convoluted train trip (due to signal problems) to Blackheath to have dinner with the newlyweds Cami and Alan. It was a truly lovely day.

New Year’s Eve 2011

Swan Tube Blur Last self-portrait of 2011 At Mecca's New Year's Eve Party Mecca and her two friendsSparklers!

Photos taken by Ms. Jen with her Nokia N8.

Sat 12.31.11 – The last day of 2011 was spent with a nice big walk through Kensington Gardens and Hyde Park before returning to my hotel to get ready for Mecca’s New Year’s Eve Party in Kew just outside of London Central. The party was a good deal of fun and I met some very lovely folk, it was a relaxed way to spend New Year’s Eve.

The Gilbert Scott

St. Pancras exterior Lunch at The Gilbert Scott The dining room after lunch

Photos taken by Ms. Jen with her Nokia N8.

Fri 12.30.11 – This afternoon, I had the marvelous opportunity to join Mecca and Michal for lunch at The Gilbert Scott in the St. Pancras Renaissance hotel. The food was lovely, the architecture amazing, and the conversation was good.
It was a lovely way to ring out the old year on the Eve of New Year’s Eve.
Mecca’s photos from lunch are on the Great British Chef’s Flickr.

Hello London

Hello Oxford Circus

Thurs 12.29.11 – I arrived mid-day, with a couple hundred other folk on a Boeing 777 from LAX to LHR, in London today for a two week Christmas present to myself. After cleaning up, I decided to step out in the late afternoon darkness to buy 120 film for the ADOX at Jessops, check out the sales at the various Clark’s in and around Oxford Circus, and get wet as I forgot my umbrella at the hotel.
Very glad to be in London.

London’s Burning

I <3 London, it is one of my favorite places on the planet next to the Sierra Nevada Mountains here in California. The riots and looting of the last couple of days in and around London have made me very alternately sad and a bit horrified that my favorite city is in flames and the police & government have appeared to be asleep at the wheel. We live in gravely odd times, an era that will make for great history reading many years from now but scary hard to shitty to live through. London is an ancient city but also a marvelously modern one - a city of great history but any history can be tossed aside and torched in an instant as the inhabitants try to figure out how to live in the now. I sincerely hope that the rioting and looting will stop tonight and the city will have a peace and space to thoughtfully determine where to go to next. It took LA a number of years after 1992 to sort ourselves out, but we are now a better and healthier city. Yes, there is still poverty and inequality, but there is more hope and space to have dreams.
London, may you do the hard work to find peace, space, and give all the people room for hope. Hope for a future, hope for an education, and hope for a reason to live and thrive.
Read Annie Mole’s How will London recover from this?