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Jenifer Hanen is Creating Art & Writing at Patreon!

Greetings Lovely folk of the Internet!

The past two years have been very fruitful creatively for me, I have been quietly writing fiction stories and working on a film photo project, as well as my working on my mobile and DSLR photography. The writing and film projects take time and money to complete.

It is time for me to bring my work out of Google Docs files and the black hole of Lightroom on my computer and share them in a more substantial way with folks who wish to help support my writing and art making endeavors. By support, I mean a community of folk who are excited to read, view, comment on, and receive photos, stories, essays, and be the first to hear about new works in progress.

Would you like to participate in a community that supports my creative endeavors with a monthly photo and story, as well as a weekly link round up? If so, come join me at Patreon by make a pledge.

The various tiers of monthly pledges will range from thank you and here is a weekly round up of links to Patreon-only Monthly photos and stories all the way to a Monthly mailed Photo Card (real printed photos from the film project) to a Yearly signed Photo and|or Story Book. I will also be making and sharing my photos and writing at this blog and other social media sites with a weekly round up of links of my work and other interesting links here at Patreon.

The monies from the pledges will be going to help fund the writing and photography.

Thank you for joining me in this creative endeavor. You rock!

Jenifer Hanen, aka Ms. Jen

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Lumia Conversations Interviews Ms. Jen in ‘Out of this World’

The Moon, as shot through my telescope using my Nokia Lumia 1020

Microsoft’s Lumia Conversations interviewed me this last week about my love of mobile photography and my quest to take photos of the Moon, planets, and some stars with my camera phone in an article entitled ‘Out of this world: Meet Jenifer Hanen, astrophotographer‘.

This upcoming week, Lumia Conversations will publish my camera phone astrophotography tutorial, so that you, too, with every little gear and some gumption can go out and take photos of the luminaries with your mobile phone.


For folks who want a little data on how I shot the Moon photo above:
Telescope: Celestron Astromaster 130eq (who knows what year, my Dad bought it used)
Telescope eyepiece: Celestron 15mm
Nokia Lumia 1020’s Nokia Pro Camera app set to 200 ISO, 1/100th shutter speed, EV -1.0, WB to fluorescent, and focus set to infinity.

I took the photo about 30 minutes before sunset, as the moon would not be so luminous / glowing. It took about 12 test shots to get the camera settings and the angle of holding of the camera phone over the telescope’s eyepiece right. ;o)

Mobilism 2011: Ms. Jen’s How to put the Mobile in the Mobile Web

Fri 05.13. 11 – Here are the slides from my Mobilism 2011 presentation this morning, I would also like to highlight the conclusion ideas and some of the links:
Moving Forward:
* Form a grassroots set of folk to work up the hybrid server/client side solution for mobile browser and feature detection as proposed in Brian Rieger’s presentation.
*Work with browser makers for a more complete feature profile and to alert of user preferences on data, media, and current context.
*We are all here now, what are we willing to accomplish & organize?
The Mobile Web is young, let’s keep the lines of communication open and work together.
The Three Presentations after mine that expand on CSS (Media Queries), Client side, Server side and Hybrid approaches:
Steve Hay’s Presentation On Media Queries
Scott Jehl’s Presentation on Mobile JQuery and how it is used on the new Boston Globe site (he will be posting this later after permission is gained)
Brian Rieger’s Presentation on Muddling Through the Mobile Web
Text W3C’s Mobile Web Best Practices
W3C’s Mobile Web Application Best Practices
Authoring Practices for the Mobile Web
USC’s Best Practices in Mobile Detection
Quirksmode Mobile
Detect Mobile Browser
Simple javascript mobile OS detector
Deploying WURFL
Tera-WURFL UA & Feature Explorer
The Switcher
Manifesto for Responsible Reformatting
Also, this presentation was geared as a guide on where to begin for web designers and developers to who are wanting to get started in Mobile. I would recommend starting with the resources to move forward.
Also here are a few links to:
James Pearce’s Modernizr-server
W3C Media Queries
Rethinking the Mobile Web

Following the Huntington Beach Oil Trails, a Tale of Two Photos

View of the Oil Wells from the Huntington Beach Pier, late 1950s / early 1960s View from the Huntington Beach Pier, June 2010

On the Left: 1950s/1960s photo from the Huntington Beach archives, On the Right: 2010 photo taken today by Ms. Jen with her Nokia N86.

Sun. 06.13.10 – Yesterday while researching my blog post on the century of oil wells & pumping in Seal Beach & Huntington Beach, California, I found the above left photo of oil wells as seen from the Huntington Beach Pier taken in the late 1950s or early 1960s.
Today, I decided to drive down the pier before sunset and try to find the place the photo was taken and take another photo, on the right. The original must have been taken from the mid-pier lifeguard tower due to the angle, and I did not have access to the tower, so I took it from the place the ladies the in the original stood.
I wanted to have the photos show how much HB has appeared to change in the last 50 years, although underneath not as much. There is still oil being pumped in between and around the million dollar ocean view homes.
As I drove out of the parking lot just north of the pier, I decided to take a video, see below, as I drove north up Pacific Coast Highway to narrate both as a visual and verbal history what I know of the land between the Huntington Beach Pier and the Bolsa Chica wetlands.
There is still some visible oil pumping and drilling, but much of it is now hidden or expensive homes have been built over the capped wells. As one drives north on PCH from the HB Pier towards Bolsa Chica the oil rigs, wells, pipes, and tanks along the roadside become more visible to the watchful eye. Then as the road descends into the Bolsa Chica wetlands, the oil wells and pipes become highly visible on three of the four sides of the wetlands.
Please do read yesterday’s blog post, On Offshore Oil, if you are wondering what I am talking about.

Video taken by Ms. Jen with her Nokia N86 while driving north on Pacific Coast Highway from the Huntington Beach Pier.

The UX Web Summit : User Experience Design Curious?

UX Web Summit - The Online User Experience Conference

Next Wed., April 21, 2010 is the UX Web Summit, of which anyone anywhere in the world with an internet connection can attend.

Our online Summits bring the experts to your desktop! Forget about the hassle of travel or leaving family so you can focus on diving deeper into Web design and development topics.
A great user experience (UX) can mean the difference between merely having a web presence and truly engaging your visitors so they’ll gladly come back over and over again. Practical techniques to create the best UX are hard to come by, though.
Join some of the Web’s most experienced UX professionals as they share experiences culled from working on sites big and small. Learn from the pros how to tackle user experience difficulties head-on with proven methods in use by some of the most popular sites on the Web.

Cindy Li, the fabulous designer and illustrator, and I will be speaking on Mobile User Experience Design, both from the perspective of native mobile apps and the mobile web. Cindy will be presenting on how to best approach the UX of iPhone app design and I will be tackling the UX of the mobile web. I am very excited to co-present with Cindy on this topic as both of us are passionate about User centered design and the mobile space.
More info on our session:

Mobile UX by Jenifer Hanen & Cindy Li Online
Mobile platform has become more and more important part of the web experience, but how do you design for it? Presented by Jennifer Hanen and Cindy Li, this session will cover resources for mobile design, what you need to get started, principles for mobile design, and prototyping your next mobile application.
Topics covered:
* Resources for templates in Fireworks and Photoshop
* Principles to consider when you are designing for mobile
* Keeping the essence of your traditional desktop web site
* Is it a mobile app or website?
* Designing for a mobile location-based mobile app
* Creating a test without coding
* What to send off to Apple to get your iPhone/iPad app approved

The UX Summit will also have sessions by Dan Rubin, Daniel Burka, Juliette Melton, Nick Finck, Donna Spencer, and Rob Goodlatte.
For a registration Discount, go to or use the discount code UXHANEN10 for 10% off!