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More Macro Photo Experiments

Macro - Aloe Flowers Macro - Passiflora Macro - Star of Persia Flower

Sun. 05.26.19 – Today I went out and about with my cheap Amazon $12 extension tubes for Macro photography. I went out and explored yesterday to see if there are any flowers in Hyde Park that would work to take macro photos of. The answer was yes as late May spring has fully sprung in the London parks.

Thus, I took my extension tubes with a manual 24mm old Nikon lens along with my Nikon D850 DSLR out and took many photos up close. Very up close.

Here are a few of my favorites. Per usual, double click to see the enlargements.

Photos taken by Ms. Jen with her Nikon D850 at Hyde Park in London, UK.

Late Afternoon Walk in the Park

The Serpentine
Round Pond Swan, Round Pond Prince Albert's Memorial Serpentine Gallery's outdoor patio First of the Horse Chestnut trees to be turning The Serpentine with Clouds Fountain in the Rose Garden, Hyde Park Corner New sculpture on the banks of the Serpentine

All photos taken by Ms. Jen with her Nokia 808 PureView cameraphone.

Wed 09.26.12 – I attended a Social Media Week London session “Inside the Firewall: The Social Workplace Revisited” at the Hub Westminster in the late morning and then after a few errands went back to my hotel to see if my missing suitcase had arrived or at least had been located. No updates on American’s website bag status area more than 24 hours after the bag had been known to be missing, so I called the number I had for the Heathrow lost luggage area and a nice man said he would research it and call me back.
He called back within 10 minutes, said a bag matching mine’s description had been found in Chicago with all the tags off of it. He had me identify a few items and yes, it was my bag. Yay! Yay! Yay!
After this call, I decided that it was time to go on a late afternoon walk around Kensington Gardens and Hyde Park since the rain had stopped and I needed to go on a long walk and take photos as the light at this time of year is lovely.

On the Other Side or Walking in Kensington Gardens

Looking On One Side Looking On the Other Side
Squirrel Nutkin and his wee stumpy tail The Round Pond I wonder no longer about allergies... Horse Chestnut trees in Bloom Tip top of the Albert Memorial Chestnut flower path Europa Ducks on the Serpentine: Mandarins and Mallards Gray Heron and Swan Hawthorn Flowers

All photos taken by Ms. Jen with her Nokia N8.

Mon 05.07.12 – My first full day in London coincided with May Bank Holiday which meant that streets and Park were fairly quiet, so a good long walk in Kensington Gardens was a lovely way to start my AppRetreat. A good long walk after catching up on my sleep and battling jetlap induced nap attacks.
After a rather dry winter, London and the UK have had the rainiest April ever and now the beginning of May is a lovely soft green with flowers unfolding everywhere.

London, Week 1

Tulips in Hyde Park
Spring Green Dinner with Dan, Thayer, and Chris (not seen) Andy Tweeting the Session The London Eye, as seen from Hyde Park Spring Blossoms Reading The Circle Line arrives
Photos from my first week in London taken by Ms. Jen with her Nokia N8 from Tues. 04.12.11 to Sat. 04.16.11. Photos from UXLondon and the day in Chelsea with Hywel coming up next.

London – Day 3 – Red Poppy Day

Fall Colors Hyde Park Feeding and Photo'ing the Fowl The Serpentine, Hyde Park Bright Tree Horse Guards 1914 + 1919 War Memorial and the Wellington Arch The Australian War Memorial Leaves at the Australian War Memorial The Flame Memorial for Commonwealth Allies Remembrance Day Parade Route Bright Yellow Trees in St. James' Park The Welsh Guard March

Sun. Nov 11, 2007 – Today is Remembrance Day in the UK, Veteran’s Day in the US, and “Red Poppy” Day according to Ms. Jen.
Starting this Thursday, while at Chicago O’Hare airport, I saw a few red poppies pinned to coat lapels. Growing up in SoCal, I don’t remember red poppy pins as a way to symbolize the Great War (WW1), although my Mom says they wore them to school when she was a child in the 1950s in Los Angeles.
The first time I can remember noting them was in Ireland two years ago. Ever since arriving here in the UK early on Friday morning, I am have been seeing Red Poppy lapel pins en masse.
Walking around Hyde Park, the Great War Memorial, the Australian Memorial, and St. James’s Park this afternoon, red poppy wreaths and lapel pins were everywhere. I apparently just missed the big parade, but was just in time for the Welsh Guard veteran’s march.