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End of an Era: Great Aunt Babe and Grandma Grace

Great Aunt Babe and Grandma Grace at Thanksgiving 2006
Tues 04.19.11 – Yesterday marked the end of an era, when at approximately 12:30pm in Palm Desert, California, Great Aunt Babe passed away after a couple months of illness at the age of 97. Yes, people, 97 years old!
Great Aunt Babe was my Grandma Grace’s older sister and I am not sure that anyone told her that Grace passed away three weeks ago. I prefer to remember both of them in good times, like the above photo I took at Thanksgiving 2006, they had a lovely time hanging out and my Grandma had on a badass pair of sunglasses from Oakley that my cousin Brian gave her.
Babe was one of those great flinty, tell it like it is, but very loving ladies. Last year at Thanksgiving she told me that she was still playing bridge weekly with the young men (70-something). One of my fondest memories is when she and my Grandma Grace were sitting across the table from me at my Grandma’s 85th birthday party and both of them finally answered some old family questions that I had.
Goodbye Grandma and Babe, I love both of you. I hope when I am in my 80s & 90s, that I will be one fraction as fabulous and inspirational to others as you both have been the last 10-15+ years, as you helped redefine what it meant to be elderly and active. Y’all kicked serious bootay.

A Very Long Week

Two Days before the end: Cousin Brian, his son Weson, and Grandma Grace
Hello lovely friends and readers,
Please forgive the lapse in posting on this blog, but there has been a big interruption that I eluded to last week in my CTIA posts. Last Tuesday, when I was at CTIA, I received a phone call from my Mom that my Grandma Grace had just been diagnosed with a terminal disease and was being put in hospice at her home. After many phone calls and talking to relatives, it was determined that I didn’t need to rush home from CTIA but that the situation was serious.
On Friday I went to visit my Grandma, who is 91, and she was somewhat awake and was surprised that so many folks were visiting her. This Monday, her health had declined and more of the family had gathered, at one point she woke up enough to greet her newest great-grandchild, Weston (as seen above), and then ask the rest of us, “Are we having a party?” “Yes, Grandma we are.”
A bit later she asked me privately, “Am I sick?” “Yes, Grandma, you are.” “Oh.”
Sick enough to die yesterday, Wednesday, March 30, 2011 at 1:45pm, as myself, my Aunt Dana, my sister Allison, and my cousin Traci stood at her bedside.
I have much to say, but right now I am too sad, too exhausted, and too worried to write it all out. I owe work to clients, proposals to future folk, blog posts & photos to you all, but right now is not the time. I wish I were the type who could separate personal from professional and plow forward, but I am not.
What I would like to say right now, tonight, is that my Grandma Grace was my best Grandma and I miss her terribly already.