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Sunday Tidbits for Your Reading Pleasure…

Single petaled rose with large stames casting shadows

Above photo of a rose taken by Ms. Jen on May 26, 2018 at Castle Howard, Yorkshire, with a Nikon D850 and a Nikon 50mm f/1.4G lens.

The Pivot:

“Something huge is happening in the UK right now, and I wonder where it’s going. […]

Brexit was a classic example of a collusion conspiracy. Many of the named politicians and businessmen above stand to gain millions of pounds from a hard Brexit that causes the British stock market to fall. Others stand to make millions from juicy investment opportunities they were offered in Russia. We cannot know for certain what the quid pro quo for those investment deals were at this time, but I strongly suspect that support for Brexit (and more general socially-authoritarian right-wing policies) was part of it.

And now we’re seeing a rival collusion conspiracy surface. Not all billionaires stand to profit from seeing the remains of British industry sink beneath the waves, and not all of them are in the pocket of the Kremlin’s financial backers. There are a bunch of very rich, rather reclusive men (and a handful of women) who probably thought, “well, let’s sit back and see where this thing leads, for now” about 18 months ago. And now they can see it leading right over a cliff, and they are unhappy, and they have made their displeasure known on the golf course and in the smoke-filled rooms, and the quiet whispering campaign has finally turned heads at the top of the media empires.

If I’m right, then over the next four to eight weeks the wrath of the British press is going to fall on the heads of the Brexit lobby with a force and a fury we haven’t seen in a generation. There may be arrests and criminal prosecutions before this sorry tale is done: I’d be unsurprised to see money-laundering investigations, and possibly prosecutions under the Bribery Act (2010), launched within this time frame that will rumble on for years to come.” – Charlie Stross, The Pivot

Juno Solves 39-Year Old Mystery of Jupiter Lightning

Oldest bubonic plague genome decoded

Facebook confirms that it tracks how you move mouse on the computer screen

Demise of the Nation State

Clever Street Artist Transforms Ordinary Public Places Into Funny Installations

Umberto Eco’s 1999 article on ‘Ur Fascism

Here’s to Unsuicide: An Interview with Richard Powers

Recommended Watching: WikiRebels

Dave Winer at the Scripting News posted the New WikiLeaks documentary, entitled “WikiRebels” today in on his site. I watched all four YouTube videos that Dave posted tonight in less than an hour and it was time well spent, as the documentary gives the background on WikiLeaks, as well as interviewing at least 6 of the folks involved with WikiLeaks as well as various journalists and politicians.
WikiRebels was made by SVT and treads a fine line between being sympathetic to WikiLeaks and presenting the information from both sides.
The documentary spends a good ten plus minutes on the video of the Baghdad shooting of civilians and Reuter’s journalists. Go watch it, as the information genie is out of the bottle and we all as a society need to be informed.

Tidbits :: The Wikileaks Edition

Quote of the Day:

“Wow! Assange cornered and detained, his bank account closed, Paypal refuses to accept donations from him and his lawyers are being harassed. All that mess for a broken condom?
In other news, the Bin Laden family is still wealthy.”
– Anon, Comment #82, Boing Boing post on Assange arrested in Britain

More on the WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange’s arrest:
The Guardian’s WikiLeaks US embassy cables: live updates : This is a great, big round up of live blogged links, excerpts, and commentary from The Guardian.
Mefi discusses Julian Assange Turns Himself In
Salon’s Glenn Greenwald on The lawless Wild West attacks WikiLeaks
Patrick Nielsen Hayden of Making Light on I feel a great disturbance in the Force, as if millions of people suddenly facepalmed and then were silent: Commenter #7, Steve C, “And in related news, the TSA will celebrate the Fourth Amendment.”
Update on 12.08.10:
Evan Hanson in Wired on Why WikiLeaks Is Good for America: “Instead of encouraging online service providers to blacklist sites and writing new espionage laws that would further criminalize the publication of government secrets, we should regard WikiLeaks as subject to the same first amendment rights that protect The New York Times. And as a society, we should embrace the site as an expression of the fundamental freedom that is at the core of our Bill of Rights, not react like Chinese corporations that are happy to censor information on behalf of their government to curry favor.”

That’s Heaven, That’s Not Earth

Tues 10.06.09 – Ta-Nehisi Coates and Andrew Sullivan conducted an interview to talk about Ideas | Life | The World | Etc a week and a half ago, and since both have released video snippets on their blogs that have been very intriguing. I hope that the Atlantic will post the whole of the interview on their website – Look! They have, in pieces.
Today’s snippet, above, deals with war, innocence, gay rights, sacrifice/transcendence , Jesus, and Martin Luther King, Jr. Good stuff.
Here are a few of the other video snippets:
Touching The Void
Obama, The Tory
Almost Grateful
On another note, Sullivan does some great Dog Blogging this past week.