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Eschew Obfuscation

The other day, while driving north on PCH near Long Beach State, I saw a beater of n car driving towards the university with a bumper sticker that said, “Eschew Obfuscation”.
I had a good laugh and thought, “That must be a grad student in the humanities, criticism, or literature.”
For those of you who are scratching your heads, basically it means “give up making things unclear” in opaque language.
From the nice folks at

Eschew /ɛsˈtʃu/ [es-choo]
-verb (used with object) – to abstain or keep away from; shun; avoid: to eschew evil.
Origin: 1300-50; ME eschewen < OF eschiver, eschever < Gmc; cf. OHG sciuhen, G scheuchen, shy2

Obfuscate /ˈɒbfəˌskeɪt, ɒbˈfʌskeɪt/ [ob-fuh-skeyt, ob-fuhs-keyt]
-verb (used with object), -cat·ed, -cat·ing.
1. to confuse, bewilder, or stupefy.
2. to make obscure or unclear: to obfuscate a problem with extraneous information.
3. to darken.
1525-35; < LL obfuscātus (ptp. of obfuscāre to darken), equiv. to L ob- ob- + fusc ( us ) dark + -ātus -ate1

On another amusing word usage tip, Languagehat parses out the oldest known word in English for wedding: bridelope.
Last but not least, a good quote from a 19th Cent. British physician, H.G. Bohn:

“Nature, time and patience are the three great physicians.”

TuttleLA Photo Comparison: Nokia N97 v. N86 v. E73

Nokia N97, 5 megapixel camera phone: Geoff & Al Nokia N86, 8 megapixel camera phone: Geoff & Al Nokia E73, 5 megapixel camera phone: Geoff & Al

Photos taken by Ms. Jen with a Nokia N97, a Nokia N86, and a Nokia E73.

Fri 08.27.10 – At Tuttle Club LA today, I found myself in possession of a Nokia E73 (trial phone), my Nokia N86, and a Nokia N97 of which I was testing out Foursquare via Gravity (works) and Gowalla mobile (doesn’t work).
When I first sat down at our table, I loved the contrast between Toorak Coffee’s interior orange walls and the green shirts that Geoff and Al were wearing, so I pulled out the first camera phone, the E73, in my bag and took a photo. Then I pulled out the N97 to check in to Foursquare and the like and took the same photo (mostly) from the same angle (mostly). Out came the Nokia N86 8 MP to take the final photo.
When Matt and I looked at the phones’ screens, the N86 rendered the best photo where the colors looked as they actually were, the E73 the second best, and on the N97’s screen the photo looked washed out. But now that I have them transferred to my computer, resized to 800×600, and posted to this blog, the N86 and the N97 look better but the real color was somewhere between the two with the N97 being a bit washed out and the N86 being a bit dark/saturated, and the E73’s photo is a bit blurred and the color a bit light/bright.
The interior of Toorak is a good challenge for a point and shoot camera or a camera phone as the ceilings are high with big halogen/fluorescent lights and orange paneled walls with dark wood furniture. It is a gorgeous interior visually but a bit stressful for a camera, then add on Geoff & Al’s shirts…. A comparison waiting to happen.
What do you think?


The Nokia E73 Mode Beach Party

Mike, All lined up on the beach
Lenny, aka The Truth Dennis and Lenny Donna, laughing between takes, Glenn in the background Playing with the Nokia E73 Mode Al Pavangkanan and Mike Macias Donna giving instructions Mike and Al all ready to Kayak Donna looking back, Jeb doing his best to play bumper kayaks Jeb and Al next to the Parental Advisory Duffy boat The Great Tipover Adam, laughing while wet Volleyball: Beach locals vs. Mobile Geeks Volleyball: Beach locals vs. Mobile Geeks

Photos taken by Ms. Jen with a Nokia E73.

Sat 08.21.10 – This afternoon and evening was the very fun Nokia E73 Mode Beach Party with a set of ‘challenges’ in Sunset Beach as hosted by Nokia and WOMWorld.
Attendees were given the choice to dress up in suits provided by the WOMWorld folk and to be apart of the challenges that also involved a film crew. The film fellows were using Canon 7Ds to record the video of the adventures.
WOMWorld’s Donna was our ‘boss’ and the best parts were going out kayaking in the Huntington Harbor and the volleyball game in front of the Beach Party house, as seen in the photos above.
I enjoyed using the Nokia E73 Mode to take photos, as the camera is 5 megapixels and much improved over the last ESeries device I trialed – the E71. The photos are clear, the color is fairly correct, and the camera was fairly fast. My only complaint with the E73’s camera is that in automatic mode it does best focusing at objects about a meter (3 feet) away and is a bit blurry and anything closer as seen in the photos above.
As always it was wonderful to catch up with friends who are also passionate about mobile and make new ones. Big thanks to Nokia, WOMWorld – Donna, Adam, and James, for hosting a lovely party and weekend.
The big question is when will the video come out?

Serendipity, or the Return of the Super Punk Teenage Ninja Turtles

My Mom arrived late this afternoon with a HUGE cooler full of organic, pasture raised, rancher slaughtered beef, pork and lamb. She bought at auction 4H raised meat at the Bishop Ag Fair in July. After we packed various white paper wrapped bits into our freezers, Mom, Scruffy, and I set off on a walk around 6pm. We took the long way around Seal Beach.
As we hit Main Street, the first time around, we ran into Mike Magrann and Lucy the wonderful brindled ex-pound pup. Mike is freshly back from CH3’s East Coast and UK tour, and he told us the highlights beyond what I had read on his blog.
After chatting with Mike, Mom and I continued on to the far north end of town before looping back down Ocean Ave and then back up Main Street. At the corner of Main and Electric, Mom suggested that we go have a glass of wine at the Wine Bar, as she wanted to wind down from her big drive down from Bishop.
We sat at the pew style benches next to the big open windows so that Scruffy could be right there as we sat and had our glass of wine. Time wound on, we had a 2nd glass of wine, the sky started to darken, and I was watching folks walking down the sidewalk, when I saw Julia Johnson Britt walking by on the sidewalk.
While I have known Channel 3’s Mike & Kimm since 1983 or 1984 and see them fairly frequently, the second longest friend I have kept in (mostly) continuous contact with has been Julia Britt. She and I met at Richard’s Beauty College in 1985 and had many adventures together including a summer of 1988 tour of England, France, Germany, Ireland, and back to London again. We most recently ran into each other, other than keeping in contact on Facebook, while walking down Cesar Chavez (aka 1st St) in Austin, TX, two years ago at SXSW when Julia was skating with the Houston Roller Derby girls.
A few weeks ago, on Facebook, Julia messaged me to let me know she would be in SoCal for the first week of August plus a bit. I emailed her back to say that I wanted to get together, but didn’t hear from her. When I saw her walking down the sidewalk tonight, I called out and she joined us at the Wine Bar.
It was a good deal of fun to catch up. She had not seen my email, as she had not read her gmail in a bit, regardless of nearly missing each other we did to hang out for a few hours at the Wine Bar. It was delightful to see two old friends in one day, particularly delightful to see Julia when she lives in Houston and we did not plan to find each other this evening.
Glad that Mom wanted to go the Wine Bar. ;o)

Goodbye to Oberon the World’s Cutest (Currently) Charcoal Lab Puppy

Oberon's fascinatingly disjointed puppy gait

Photo taken by Ms. Jen with a Nikon D70s at Dog Beach on Thursday afternoon.

Sun 07.25.10 – I have a ton of things to do tonight before the workday starts tomorrow, but none of it is going to get done as I am crazy tired from the last 5 days of dog sitting Oberon and all of the family activities of the last 5 days with my sister Allison’s birthday & my cousin Kristin’s baby shower plus all of the other attendant family to dos. Emails are not getting sent, the blog posts in my head are staying there, the photos to be downloaded are still on the cameras. Etc. etc. etc.
The big excitement of the weekend was the fact that last evening Oberon, aged 12 weeks, go so excited that his poor bladder decided to empty itself on my bed. Yes, a huge puddle of puppy pee discovered only after I sat down to read. Most of last night was taken up with laundry of my clothes & bedding.
After I started the first load of my comforter & sheets, I was laying on my living room floor trying to compose myself with the front door open when I heard my mom tell Oberon to drink water out of a bowl and not from the algae infested garden hose area.
Oberon then escaped my Mom’s grip, and bounded in my apartment only to come plant his whole wet, algae encrusted muzzle on my mouth, as I gasped in astonishment, he then put his wet paw in my mouth and then proceeded to climb on top of me to reach Scruffy. I screamed, my mom caught him, I started laughing in reflexive hysterical waves all the while I was crying from being completely exhausted and overwhelmed.
Good thing for Listerine mouthwash and the fact that I drove Oberon back up to Culver City today at noon to be returned to his family. Oberon is a beautiful and amazing dog, but I was not really mentally prepared to dog sit such a young and active labrador retriever puppy with so much family & work obligations as well as having Scruffy around.
One of Oberon’s people texted me this morning when we were trying to arrange the drop off, “I hope the wee beastie has not been too naughty.”
No, just a wee naughty.
Now I am off to bed a couple of hours early. ‘Night y’all.