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Mobile Mad Lib Fun for the Mobile Javascript Summit

Mad Mobile Libs
The client says that their ________ research shows that their ________ want an ________ for their _________ mobile device. The __________ demographic that the client is aiming for Loves/Hates (circle one or both) ________ brand, as well as ________ brand, and insists that the ________ works also for the _________ user base. ____________ bandwidth is / is not (circle one or both) a problem but the client insists that we must also take into account folks with _______ fingers if we are going to design for ________. The user base may or make not have great ________ and that will need to be taken into consideration. But regardless, the _______ says that other __________ shows that market penetration…..

More on Meego 1.2 on my Nokia N900 – The Photo Edition

Testing the N900's camera with the Meego dual boot: Ryan in the bright sun Testing the N900's camera with the Meego dual boot: Tammy in the bright sun Testing the N900's camera with the Meego dual boot: Belle inside

Sat 07.02.11 – This Wednesday, I installed the Meego 1.2 ‘MidSummer’ Community release on to my Nokia N900’s microSD memory card. My first act after booting up to the Meego side of the dual boot was to take photos to see how the N900’s camera ran on Meego. The outdoor photos of neighbors Ryan and Tammy results were amusing as the light sensor didn’t know what to do with strong sun v. shade, but the indoor photo of Belle turned out as nice as any photo taken on the Maemo 5 side of the Nokia N900.
The problem I encounted the last couple of days since Wednesday, is that due to the fact that Meego 1.2 wrote the photo files to the microSD MMC card that the OS itself is living on and I was unable to get the photos off as bluetooth on the Meego partition was not interested in talking to my MacBook and USB cable only saw the N900’s Maemo 5 side of the partition, I couldn’t get the photos off to show y’all.
At the urging of Jukka Eklund (@jukkaeklund) and Randall Arnold (@texrat) on Twitter, I posted a what is best practices question on the Meego Forum. The nice folks at the Meego forum suggested SCP to transfer my trapped photos to a server, this morning I ended up using SFTP on the N900 Meego’s Terminal app to transfer the photos to my server and now to the world, or this blog post as the case may be.
Once I solve my Qt/deb/Meego issues that I talked about in my forum question, I will *hopefully* have a branched version of d-pointer’s Quickflickr that will work on the N900’s Meego side so I can send my photos directly to Flickr.
But not today, as I am helping my Mom move into her new summer beach apartment this afternoon.

Oxfordshire Easter Weekend

Walking the Common: Olive & Jon Walking the Common Jon and Leigh, Laughing Lovely Sunset Sky Remy entering the Dalek sleeping pod Remy inspecting mobile phone White Hawthorn Blossoms Country lane Dandelion Steve & Ms. Jen Fraggle Steve, Alun, and Ian Olive still thinks she is a lapdog Manda, the guinea pigs, and Steve Ian and Manda Olive Mego making felt Leigh making felt Lovely old (hawthorn?) tree and violets in foreground
Photos taken on Sat 04.23.11 and Sun 04.24.11 by Ms. Jen with her Nokia N8 while visiting Family Hicks in Witney, Oxfordshire.
Saturday the 23rd was Leigh’s birthday, celebrated with a lovely lunch and friends over in the evening. Sunday the 24th was my birthday, celebrated with Steve Marshal, Ian & Manda Lloyd, as well as Alun & Mego & Alex Rowe coming over for Easter lunch and hang out time.
The weekend in Witney was good fun, relaxing, and very nice to be in the countryside. Big thanks to Jon and Leigh Hicks for their hospitality over the weekend.

I leave for SXSW in Three Days!

Blast from the Past: SXSW 2001 - Jason from the Amazing Royal Crowns & Ms. Jen

After I went to the big Sunflower Street post office and shipped the last four weeks of work off in big trackable priority mail envelopes, I allowed myself to finally start thinking about SXSW.
Yes, the Annual Spring Break for Geeks Pilgrimage to Austin, Texas, for the best little, ok… not so little anymore, conference / festival on the planet.
This year will be my 10th Interactive, but 13th year overall (1998-2000, I attended Music only). I guess this makes me an Austin veteran.
Now to figure out when to hold the annual wine & cheese party…

Tron Legacy Screening at Club Nokia

Adam, Mike, Michelle, and Donna at the Tron pre-party Mike and Michelle at the Tron pre-party Bryan and Amy at the Tron pre-party James and Jeb at the Tron pre-party Jeb, Donna, Amy, and Bryan after the Tron screening Michelle, Mike, and friend after the Tron screening Donna after the Tron screening

Photos by Ms. Jen at the Tron Screening with a Nokia N8.

Tues 12.14.10 – The nice folks at WOMWorld invited me to join them and many other folk at Club Nokia in downtown Los Angeles for the Tron Legacy pre-view screening that Disney and Nokia were sponsoring as well as an LA mini-launch party for the Nokia N8.
The evening started with a pre-party on the first floor of Club Nokia of which the dj was playing music on the verge of too loud to talk, but we endeavored to try anyways. It was good to see a wide range of LA, OC, and outland blogging/twitter friends, as well as meet new ones.
The movie was shown upstairs in stadium style seating. I must confess that I am a cinema jacobite and have not been to a movie at a theatre since 2004 or 2005, and let’s not even discuss how I have had the same unwatched dvd from Netflix since last February. The upswing is that I am not necessarily the best person to invite to a movie. But I did behave myself.
I liked Tron Legacy. It was a cute movie. It was beyond overly loud at Club Nokia and I spent half the movie with my fingers in my ears. I didn’t take to the 3D glasses, so I only wore them when I really had to, mostly in the computer generated fight & flight scenes. Even though the sound was too loud and the 3D glasses made my eyes go askance, I enjoyed the film.
The story was a fairly simple but good father and son tale with technology and gaming culture woven into it with a well thought out sci-fi world. Jeff Bridges’ Kevin Flynn as a 60 something zen-dude-programmer made me laugh as it was a bit too close to some of the older guys I know in California who lived fully through the 1960s and have lived to tell the tales. I think the Church of the Dude folks need to open a sub-denomination for the Church of the Zen-Flynn-Dude.
The most amusing part of the evening was when security was inspecting folks before walking into the seating area for the film. The security folks kept telling everyone that all cameras had to be checked in but phones could be turned off and put in your pocket or purse. Our group was all in possession of 12 megapixel Nokia N8 camera phones, of which I had been giving informal demos of the great video recording capacity at the pre-party, when the security fellow looked at me and said after shouting again about cameras needing to be checked in, “Oh, you have a phone, just turn it off.” And then he waved me through.
After Tron Legacy was over, I decided that I had to take photos of folks in the 3rd floor lounge adjacent to the cinema area, as the lighting was an amazing lavender and the walls had a silky silver brocade material. Of which did not last long before the security ushered us down many flights of stairs to the exit area of LA Live. On to home.
Thanks to Nokia, Disney, and WOMWorld for the nice evening, good laughter, and a good film.

Good Morning: Stross has a Good Poke at Steampunk

If you like to read and have been more than bewildered by the sub-genres that have spawned off of sub-genres, go read Charlie Stross’ rant on Steampunk* – The hard edge of empire.
It is a good and glorious essay/rant:

We’ve been at this point before with other sub-genres, with cyberpunk and, more recently, paranormal romance fang fuckers bodice rippers with vamp- Sparkly Vampyres in Lurve: it’s poised on the edge of over-exposure. Maybe it’s on its way to becoming a new sub-genre, or even a new shelf category in the bookstores. But in the meantime, it’s over-blown. The category is filling up with trashy, derivative junk and also with good authors who damn well ought to know better than to jump on a bandwagon. (Take it from one whose first novel got the ‘S’-word pinned on it — singularity — back when that was hot: if you’re lucky, your career will last long enough that you live to regret it.) Harumph, young folks today, get off my lawn ….

I am not a big fan of Steampunk the sub-culture, as I have only seen it in the late stages of its decline – the point where it is a fashion/identity sub-culture**. As for Steampunk the literary sub-genre, I have only read one novel that even has a bit of steampunk in it, of which the book was a tongue-in-cheek bit of romance-vampyre-regency-werewolf-steampunk-victorian-humor fluff of the best read it in three hours sort.
But then again, that is how I find myself reading many genres of fiction, I start off reading the humorous parody novels, get curious, and then start reading the ‘real’ books in the genre, which is not a bad way to find books to read.
All that to say, go read Charlie’s The hard edge of empire.
* Steampunk is a sub-genre mashup of SF/Fantasy, time anachronisms, Industrial Revolution dystopia/utopia, and sometimes with the addition of either the historical Romance and/or Vampyres & Zombies genres.
** Now as a person who has participated, with joyful abandon, in several fashion/identity/music sub-cultures, I will not condemn the folks who are having fun living the steampunk life, I am merely stating that it is not my thing (too much brown, sepia, and finicky metal bits).