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Lukas at the Tot Lot

Photo of Lukas at the Tot Lot taken by Ms. Jen with her Nokia 808 PureView.

Tue 07.02.13 – Today Erika and Lukas came down to Seal Beach for a visit. We went swimming in the pool, Lukas had a nap, then off to Udupi Palace for a paper dosa and thali, and finally to the Tot Lot before they had to return home. It was lovely to have Erika and Lukas come for a visit.

The Serendipity of Twitter, or How I found Dhruv in London

Dhruv Bhutani in London! Nirave
Dhruv and Nirave Ms. Jen and Dani And then general mobile geekery ensues... Oxford Street all dressed up for the Diamond Jubilee

All photos taken by Ms. Jen with her Nokia N8.

Sun 05.06.12 – I arrived at London Heathrow to start my two month #AppRetreat this afternoon around 1:30pm or so. The airplane journey from LAX to LHR was fairly uneventful and so was passing through passport control and customs at Heathrow.
Upon arriving at my fave studio hotel and getting settled in, I checked twitter, only to see that Dhruv Bhutani was tweeting about sightseeing London. After a few back and forths, I found myself taking the Tube down to Oxford Circus and meeting up with Dhruv, Nirave, and Dani at the Slug and Lettuce next to the Apple Store on Regent’s Street.
[Insert jokes here about mobile geeks meeting up next to the Temple of the Oh Holy Jobs…./]
I last saw Dhruv and Nirave at MWC in February and Dani last year in Berlin and did not expect to see any of the three on my first evening it in London, so it was a delightful surprise to find Dhruv in London for a few days for the Galaxy S III launch.
From our meet up point at the Slug and Lettuce, we walked over to Busaba eathai on Wardour Street in Soho for a very tasty dinner of chicken, chicken, chicken, and aubergine, as well as a lot of mobile device and app programming talk.
Thanks to Dani, Nirave, and Dhruv for making my first night in London a great one!

The Canvas Shop Grand Opening Party

Dan Canvas Shop grand opening crowd Uncle Marty and Earl Sr. Tammy and Solomon Karen and Terri Hide 'n Seek Carolyn Seal Beach ladies Ryan using his new Square on his iPhone Ralph and Megan Kurt and friend
All photos taken by Ms. Jen with her Nokia N8.

Sat 11.19.11 – After many months of hard work and much planning, design, and thought, Tammy and Ryan Callis had the Grand Opening party of their new Canvas Shop tonight.
It was good fun to not only see how they have transformed the 1940s era boat canvas space into a dual custom canvas creating shop in the back and a locally sourced art / creative gift shop in the front. They are selling a wide range of California created art and artisan created objects from local band’s CDs to jalapeno jelly to handmade surfboards to books and paintings. It is wonderfully eclectic and a great addition to Seal Beach.
Canvas Shop
702 Marina Dr. (corner of Marina & PCH)
Seal Beach, CA 90740

This Photo from the Nokia World 2011 Party is so Full of Win!


Regardless of how I personally feel about the Nokia-Windows alliance, the above photo is SO FULL OF WIN that it makes my whole day happy.
On the left in the slightly rumpled-it-is-the-end-of-a-long-day suit, smiling away is Stephen Elop, the CEO of Nokia.
In the center with his thumb up is everyone’s fave happy, enthusiastic blogger, Mr. Clinton Jeff.
Why Full of Win?
1) How many CEO’s of Fortune 100 companies run around towards the middle or end of the yearly company conference party rather than be in the extra special VIP area?
2) How many CEO’s would pose towards the end of said party with happy, excited overly caffeinated bloggers?
3) How many humans on the planet would say to said CEO, “Hi, will take a photo with us?!?!?!?” Clinton would. This is why we love CJ, he has got cajones.
4) Rewind 15 months ago to 4 years ago, would OPK have posed for this photo and actually looked HAPPY? No.
Mr. Elop has now risen in my estimation. Now if he would resurrect Harmattan/Meego…