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Punk Rock Bowling: The First 24 Hours

24 hours ago saw myself and Tink arriving at Julie Wanda’s house in Orange. The yearly January migration to Lost Wages had begun. Now, sitting on my little bed on the floor of our hotel room in Las Vegas, I am writing to report to you that this year’s Punk Rock Bowling is shaping up very very nicely already. Happy Days.
Fun road trip out. Hanging out with friends at our annual Friday night cocktail party in the room. Going to see The Adolescents and 7 Seconds at Jillian’s downtown. Breakfast at 1:30am at the hotel coffee shop. Yapping with more friends until 3:30am. My group has decided I must be running for Mayor…
So far I am having a ton of fun! Today is the big bowling day.
I am moblogging to this blog, to my flickrstream and to’s flickrstream as we go.

Cities Visited, 2007

Eoin Arrives at LAX Wild Youth Jessica and Ms. Jen @ Lunch Mom at Old Salem Steve Shakin' Tern! Kristin and Grandpa Sunday Supper Earl & George At the Fair Custom House Cranes At Bowling Mom, Me, and Ruth Blue St. Paul's

Upon reading Steve Johnson’s post today, My Year in Cities, I remembered to post my 2007 in Cities or places visited for fun or for business or both:
Huntington Beach, CA (lived)
Las Vegas, NV (2)
Austin, TX
Palm Desert, CA
Raleigh, NC
Durham, NC
Salem, NC
Denver, CO
Seal Beach, CA (live)
Carmel by the Sea, CA
San Francisco, CA (2)
Oakland, CA (2)
Los Angeles, CA (mulitple)
Sequoia, CA
Fresno, CA
Yosemite, CA
Bishop, CA
Chicago, IL
San Jose, CA
Alameda, CA
Ojai, CA
London, UK (3)
Oxford, UK (3)
Brighton, UK
Dublin, IE
Omagh, NoIE, UK
Letterkenny, IE
Cantebury, UK
Chicester, UK
Salisbury, UK
Swindon, UK
Long Beach, CA (multiple)
I will not make caveats or explanation, if curious puruse the photos and text on this blog or flickr for the last year.

London – Day 1 … Or how to Nap off your Jet Lag

Pizza Arrives for the iPhone Queue

Dave Stone Steve Marshall in the Queue And they are let into the Apple Store Paul Walsh & Sokratis Papafloratos compare Nokia N95s St. Martin's LaneJust outside the Embankment tube station
All photos taken by Ms. Jen with her Nokia N95.

Fri Nov. 9, 2007 – My plane arrived at Heathrow at 6:38am this morning. I did not really sleep at all on the plane nor eat after last evening’s lovely gluten-free plane meal. The Heathrow line for passport control was very long, but the agent I dealt with was very nice and easy going. Thanks, sir!
Just a little before 8am found me at Paddington Station and off to my hotel. Damian the fabulous desk clerk / manager was able to get me into a room by 10am, where upon I showered and meant to take a 2 hour nap before going to lunch and then to the Regent’s Street Apple Store to watch the big to do for the UK release of the iPhone. Six hours later I woke up for a deep sleep.
After much rushing, I arrived at the scene of the London iPhone geek queue by 5pm. I found Steve Marshall right off the bat standing about 20th in line, as he had tweeted his placement in the queue, and Dave Stone who was observing from the edge of the sidewalk. For the next hour, I hung out with Steve and Dave, as well as chatting with various mobile company folk who were friends of Dave’s. It was a blast. The security and cops were a little over organizing, as the crowd wasn’t overly large or obnoxious but instead was happy and excited. Free pizza and champagne was given out to folks in line by local merchants, lots and lots of UK press was out and about interviewing folk. All in all, darned good spectacle and fun.
After Steve and the rest of the line was let in the Apple Store to make their purchases, Dave and I went around the corner to the Liberty Bar to have a drink with Walid and Sokratis of TrustedPlaces as well as Paul Walsh. Dave and I had a lively conversation about mobile, our various punk youth experiences, running with the Trickster, and other bits, which melded into a lively conversation with Paul and Sokratis about the future of the web, the mobile web, and device adnostic web standards. Good fun. An excellent way to start out a trip to London.
From there I went off to find food, as the others had to go their ways. Now I am back at my hotel and am hoping to actually go to sleep before 1 am London time…