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The Coyote’s Ode to the Full Moon

Thursday, March 1st was the full moon. Late Thursday night / very early Friday morning, the local coyote society decided to yip and howl out an ode to the Full Moon.

It started with one coyote making a low keen, a second joined in with a howl, and before you know it a number of coyotes were yipping, keening, and howling – of which started off several local dogs to barking.

The dog barks were in a low, fierce tone. The coyote yips, keens, and howls were at least an octave higher on the musical scale and more delicate. It was as if the coyotes were singing a love song to the full moon.

A Nearly Full Moon at Bolsa Chica Wetlands

Nokia Lumia 1020 - The nearly full moon, shadows, and benches on a rise Nokia 808 PureView: The nearly full moon and the curve of the path

Click on photos for larger versions and captions, both taken by Ms. Jen at Bolsa Chica Wetlands. First photo is taken by the Nokia Lumia 1020 and the second one by the Nokia 808 PureView

Mon 08.19.13 – I have been turned around on my days since Saturday’s crazy jaunt from Tiki Oasis in San Diego up to Thomas’ graduation in Pasadena and have thought it was one day later than it was for the last two days. Today I thought it was Tuesday most of the day, even when all my technology was telling me it was Monday the 19th. Thinking it was Tuesday, August 20th the evening of the full moon, I dragged my Mom out for a walk just before sunset to the Bolsa Chica Wetlands, which has a great open view of the east and south for risings of the sun (not that I go see that much), the moon, and any other planet or star on the epliptic.
But the moon rose at least 40 minutes before the sun set, and not even that clued me into the fact that it was the Day Before for Full Moon. Silly me. But here are two of my photos of the nearly full moon taken from the walk around the wetlands, one taken with the Nokia Lumia 1020 and the other with the Nokia 808 PureView.

Full Moon and the Alley

The Full Moon and the Alley

Fri 04.06.12 – My new remote control cord arrived today, so I had to go out and test it in the light of the full moon this evening from the balcony of neighbor Bruce’s place.
Photo taken by Ms. Jen with her Nikon D800 and a Nikon 50mm f1.8D lens.

Early Saturday Morning: Full Lunar Eclipse

6:07am Looking East towards the Sunrise 6:07am Looking West towards the eclipsed full Moon

Photos of the Lunar Eclipse taken by Ms. Jen on Seal Way with her Nokia N8.

Sat 12.10.11 – Saros Cycle 135 Full Lunar Eclipse was visible from Seal Beach from about 4somethingAM to about 20 minutes before the moonset at 6:50am, as the last I saw a faint remnant of the eclipsed moon was at 6:27am. Left my house just after 5:45am to walk along Seal Way to see both the eclipsed moon setting in the west and the sun rising in the east.
While cold, it was a lovely morning to see the full moon slowly but surely being eclipsed by the earth’s shadow.