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Chennai, Before the Wedding Starts

Paper Dosa time!
Diana and Abhi just after arriving from the airport Ms. Jen and Abhi Diana and Abhi at lunch Outside Saravana Bhavan restuarant Sharanya on her phone Grotto + Ad Hanging out with Chandru and Sharanya Fountain at the Sheraton Chola in Chennai

All photos taken by Ms. Jen with her Nokia N8 cameraphone.

Sun 06.05.11 – These are all photos from my first day in Chennai for Abhi & S’s wedding. This was pre-wedding festivities ‘down’ day. Fellow(ess) wedding guest, Diana Morales, and I arrived about the same time in the early early morning to the Chennai airport and after a wee bit of delay due to slow baggage, we plus Abhi, who picked us up, were off the Madras Club to check in. A small sleep was procured and after Abhi had a groom ceremony, we met up with Chandrachoodan Gopalakrishnan (aka Chandru) for lunch at a famed Chennai dosa/idli place. It was tasty.

After lunch, Chandru and I went off to meet up with Sharanya Manivannan, and they guided me in shopping for some appropriate Indian attire to wear to the wedding. Chandru and Sharanya were very helpful, as my own taste veres towards minimalism and South Indian weddings are to be bright & sparkly. I am good at sparkly personality, but not sparkly clothes.

In the evening I met back up with Abhi and Diana, as well as met Kelvin another wedding guest who had just arrived and we went to dinner at Ente Keralam, which was very tasty, before turning in to get a good night’s sleep.

Abhi’s Big Fat Indian Wedding

In February 2008, I went to India for the Nokia Urbanista Diaries photo mobile blogging trip. It was great.

My second day in India, I met up with a bunch of Chennai area photographers to participate in the 4th Chennai Photowalk.

As I walked up to the arranged meeting area on Anna Salai, I did not see anyone else with a camera and began to panic a bit about getting the directions wrong in my jetlagged haze when I saw a tall guy wearing cargo shorts and a Quicksilver t-shirt with a big DSLR camera. I walked up to him and asked if he was going to the photowalk, he said yes and that he didn’t know where folks were. We introduced ourselves and then he then called and found out the meeting place was around the corner.

Abhi and I have been friends ever since and every time I have come to London in last three years Abhi and I meet up for a meal and sometimes a photowalk. Tomorrow morning I am flying from London, where I am now on a layover, to Chennai to go to his wedding.
Big Congrats in advance to Abhi and S on their wedding this week!

Mobilism 2011: Photos at the Conf and on Saturday

Amsterdam, Canal-side
Jon Arnes! Dinner on Thursday Night The Indonesian Combo Plate Talking at Felix Meritis Jessica, Dana, and Joni Cafe Hoppe, Anno 1670 Stephen Hay and Martin Sutherland Ijveer 51, Ferry to NSDM Fabulous Fish & Fabric Sculpture / Windsock at the NDSM Werf Cycling to Het Twiste with Family Sutherland Windmill near Het Twiste Drinks with Jay, Joni, and Brian Fooling Around with Google Goggles at Dinner

Sat 05.14.11 – Here are a few of the photos taken during and after the sessions of Mobilism 2011, as well as on Saturday. Both Thursday and Friday, I had the opportunity go out for delicious dinners with other speakers and friends. On Thursday, we went to Kantjil & de Tijger, a dutch-indonesian fustion place on Spuistraat, and on Friday a super delicious Italian slow food restaurant, Pianeta Terra on Beulingstraat. After dinner on Friday, we went over to Cafe Hoppe (Anno 1670) for drinks and talk.
On Saturday, after all of Mobilism was over, I rented a bike from the hotel, took the ferry to the NDSM werf and met up with Martin & Abi Sutherland and their family for a late lunch at the fun & funky Cafe Noorderlicht and then a lovely bike ride up to Het Twiske, as well as a tour of the book cases. As a proud reader & book addict, I too, one day endeavor to have a two wall living room / book case showroom. Even more important, Abi gave me a few good book recommendations.
On Saturday evening, after a bike sprint back to Amsterdam and a walking sprint to the Ouid-Zuid, I met up with Brian LeRoux, Joni Rustulka, and her brother Jay. We had dinner at an Eritrean/Ethiopian restaurant that had the best tasting Ethiopian food I have ever eaten (not usually a fan) and a lot of laughs. All was well, until 2am, when the food decided it didn’t like me. Oops.
All photos at Mobilism or afterwards taken by Ms. Jen with her Nokia N8.

Oxfordshire Easter Weekend

Walking the Common: Olive & Jon Walking the Common Jon and Leigh, Laughing Lovely Sunset Sky Remy entering the Dalek sleeping pod Remy inspecting mobile phone White Hawthorn Blossoms Country lane Dandelion Steve & Ms. Jen Fraggle Steve, Alun, and Ian Olive still thinks she is a lapdog Manda, the guinea pigs, and Steve Ian and Manda Olive Mego making felt Leigh making felt Lovely old (hawthorn?) tree and violets in foreground
Photos taken on Sat 04.23.11 and Sun 04.24.11 by Ms. Jen with her Nokia N8 while visiting Family Hicks in Witney, Oxfordshire.
Saturday the 23rd was Leigh’s birthday, celebrated with a lovely lunch and friends over in the evening. Sunday the 24th was my birthday, celebrated with Steve Marshal, Ian & Manda Lloyd, as well as Alun & Mego & Alex Rowe coming over for Easter lunch and hang out time.
The weekend in Witney was good fun, relaxing, and very nice to be in the countryside. Big thanks to Jon and Leigh Hicks for their hospitality over the weekend.

London, Week 1

Tulips in Hyde Park
Spring Green Dinner with Dan, Thayer, and Chris (not seen) Andy Tweeting the Session The London Eye, as seen from Hyde Park Spring Blossoms Reading The Circle Line arrives
Photos from my first week in London taken by Ms. Jen with her Nokia N8 from Tues. 04.12.11 to Sat. 04.16.11. Photos from UXLondon and the day in Chelsea with Hywel coming up next.