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Still Sick. Still Sad.

Tues. 11.15.16 – I am still sick with the flu/evilvirus/snotmachine/nauseathing. I am still sad. Sad about Scruffy – I keep calling Belle Scruffy even though she is a different breed, taller, bigger, not Scruffy, etc. Still sad/mad about our election of the Narcissist-in-Chief.

I will have more substantial thought posts when I am not being attacked by the evilvirus.


Sat. 11.12.16 – I promised myself and Roland that I would blog every day this month to help me get back into the swing of blogging again. And it has.

Big thanks to Roland for all of his encouragement and comments.

I have not much to say today other than this week got more extra special when I was returning home from the vet to drop Scruffy off for cremation. I felt nauseous as Belle and I drove back and as I pulled into a parking spot I knew I would not make it into the apartment. I got very sick. Luckily, I still had two dog bowls in the car.

I have the flu. I am still crying about Scruffy. And Trump is still Doofus-in-Chief-Elect. Gah.

Rabbit Rabbit

Hello February 1, 2013.
Once again, I was all geared up to BLOG DAILY and a wrench or two has been thrown in my path. I have been sick with the flu*, yes the real live infuenza, for the last 8 days and then on Monday my wifi went down and out. Neither problems have been fixed fully at this point. I am still sick & I am still using my Nokia N9 to get a small thin stream of internets.
My big praise for the week is to Open Mobiles. Yes, my Nokia N9 is a true working horse trooper. My Nokia Lumia 920 said no – sorry, can’t, my 808 PureView valiantly tried, and the Nokia N9 just did it. I very much look forward to the the open linux mobile phones to be released this year by Jolla Mobile, Ubuntu, and Firefox.
Tomorrow is my Dad’s 70th birthday. We are going on a bit of an adventure with Grandpa’s ashes (if I can find which box they are in) and then to a lovely birthday dinner. Hopefully, I will have enough energy and will not cough up on everyone.
Tomorrow is also St. Brigid’s Day and Groundhog’s Day!
Happy February to you.
* I was terribly sad to find out that this season’s flu did not have a sexy name & story like the Swine Flu or the Bird Flu or the Hong Kong Flu or the like, but has a very dull name of Influenza A (H3N2) [556] (mostly likely of the blabbity blabbity California or Victoria sub-name blabbity boring we-have-no-storytelling-naming-capacity blabbity blabbity strain). The October 2009 Swine Flu was MUCH MORE SEXY. Because if you are going to be stuck in bed with 103F fever and bored out of your skull, the virii should have a great name and story. kthnxbai

The Pig

I come from a large family on my Mom’s side, she is the oldest of five and each of her siblings has had between 2 and 7 children of their own plus a few grandkids scattered here and there. We haven’t all gotten together since May of 2002, and partially in May of 2007, then last week Tuesday my Mom’s siblings all got together, sans issue. Thus, various aunts were in town over Thanksgiving weekend.
On Saturday, my Mom’s youngest sister, Dana, who lives in Oregon, and I went to lunch at Udupi Palace for a lovely lunch and then we took Scruffy McDoget to Dog Beach for a good long walk. When we got back to my house and my aunt’s car, she left pretty quickly, which I thought at the time had to do with the fact we had hung out for about 4 hours at this point and the fact that she is a strong introvert.
On Sunday, I ate the leftovers from our lunch over the course of the day, including my Aunt’s leftovers. Hey, its Udupi Palace, spinach dosa is always good, even the next day.
On Monday, I got a text from my Aunt Dana that she had been officially diagnosed with H1N1 and if I got sick I should immediately go to the doctor.
Yes, it happened that fast. From what I found out today from my Aunt Anne, Dana was fine at lunch and after our walk she started to feel really bad, by the time she drove back to Anne’s house about 30 miles south of my place she was really sick. By Sunday, super sick, sick enough to go to the doctor.
I texted her back to let her know that if she needed any help to let me know. The first day, I was bemused. The Pig, The Pig, it is coming.
By Tuesday, while I felt fine, I did some research and found that the infectious period for H1N1 was heatedly debated and could be anytime from when the person was first infected until the last cough and the incubation period if exposed to a person with H1N1 could be anywhere from one to seven days.
How about if you shared a dosa, uttapam, and sambar with someone with H1N1 in the infectious period?
I then decided that getting The Pig would be a forced Staycation with a real good excuse for missing work. I twitter this. Yes, yes, I know, Hanen Black Humor Alert. Funny, ha ha.
All week, I have felt normal. Well, as normal as I ever feel. Ok, so I lie… Really, I have had a bit of a sore throat and swollen glands, I did cough up a big cough up yesterday on to my steering wheel while driving. Surprise!
BUT IT ISNT THE PIG, I swear. Today I have felt a little off, but not much. Really, I promise. I just stayed in all day and had the heater on. I never run my heater. It is SoCal, no need for a heater on when it is 72F, right?
This evening, my aunt Anne called to give me the report on how Aunt Dana was faring, to ask how I was feeling, and to give me instructions on how to get into my Grandma’s storage tomorrow so I can get & put up her Christmas decorations.
Aunt Anne: “How are you feeling?”
Me: “Fine.”
Anne: “You don’t sound good, your voice is weak and you have been coughing as we have been talking.”
Me: “…..uh….((cough))”
Anne: “Are you feeling sick? If so, go to the doctor…”
Conversation about immediate doctor visit and Tamilflu ensues, all the while I remain in DENIAL. I am fine. I swear.
No Pig here. The only Pig I can see is the one in the freezer. Maybe I should turn down the heater before it melts the apartment.