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The Phantom Blog Post

Do you ever find yourself wanting to refer to a big blog post that you spent a great deal of time thinking out, composing, and rewriting? A blog post that your friends remember reading and quote you on, but later when you go to find it to refer to it you can’t find it? That it doesn’t exist?
This happened to me this today. I wanted to refer to the blog post that I thought I wrote in early October about my very favorable experience with AT&T’s customer service, particularly a blog post about how AT&T’s Brenda Rangel went out of her way to help me. A blog post I remember writing and publishing. A blog post that doesn’t exist, a blog post that I can’t find.
Did I think about writing it to the point of composing it in my head while driving, but never actually wrote it down? Did I talk about writing it to Erika that when I was having problems with AT&T back in September and then this week when the troubles resurfaced she referred to my good experience with Ms. Rangel and suggested that I call her for help, such that I thought I wrote a blog post?
But I can’t find the blog post. Not published. Not in draft. Not at all.
This is disturbing.
I truly hate that I can’t blog directly from my brain as I think and flesh out ideas as I am driving or falling to sleep or sitting in bed in the morning. Where is my true moblogging interface?
Brain to blog. Until then, I will occasionally experience phantom blog posts.
Anywho, since I can’t find the post… Brenda Rangel of AT&T’s International Data division and Karen Aitken of the Customer Service division both rock hard and should not get laid off. In fact, Brenda should get a raise and a promotion for work ethic, intelligence, and willingness to make a customer’s experience better. Karen rocks, too.

Malcolm Gladwell on Late-Bloomers & Electrolicious on the Stock Market Troubles

Rather than torture you all with more photos of small white dogs* this evening, I am going to direct you to several great articles:
1) The ever fabulous and bright, Malcolm Gladwell has alerted his blog readers of his new New Yorker article, “Late Bloomers: Why do we equate genius with precocity?“.
This is one of the best articles I have read in a while, as Malcolm digs deep into a phenomenon that I have noticed for years: it is not the precocious or prodigies that you want to watch in life, but it is the late-bloomers who are most interesting. Malcolm weaves research into creativity and age v. output with historical references and current anecdotes into the lives of contemporary writers.
Excellent. A must read.
2) The ever fabulous Ariel Stallings Meadows, aka Electrolicious, has the best summary of the Black Mondays & Fridays of the recent Stock Market crash that I have read to date. Her analogy may shock the squeamish amongst us, but it is words to take to heart and live by. Listen to Ariel, Just don’t look down there. Really, don’t look at your stock portfolio until after the new year.
Just don’t look.
div class=”note”* Just so y’all know, I already have it worked out with Erika that if I die suddenly by accident that she will post photos of Scruffy & Belle for 365 days after my death. I am compiling a stock of photos for her. So, y’all should darned hope I don’t die suddenly, as after a year you will be darned glad I am gone. So here’s to the hope that I have the longevity of all my other elderly family members who are currently in their 80s & 90s and doing things like golfing a few times a week (great Aunt Babe, aged 94) or flying to Uruguay for his holiday (what my 86 year old grandpa did on Sunday), etc. Just sayin’.