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Pygmy Nuthatches at the Dripping Faucet

Pygmy Nuthatches at the Dripping Faucet

Sat. 10.20.18 – Once again the pygmy nuthatches returned to the water faucet today and I was prepared with my Nikon D850 and a 300mm f/4 lens. I was further prepared by optimizing the fn button on the front of the D850 to switch image size between FX and DX crop so that I would get more reach to take a nice photo(s) of any birds at the water faucet.

This photo makes me happy.

And it Was Hot

Photo taken by Ms. Jen with her Nokia N86.
Sunday 09.26.10 – The first day of real summer heat occurred on the fourth day of autumn. Welcome to SoCal’s fire season.

Happy Autumn to You!

At 8:09pm Pacific Time, 3:09am UTC, it will be the secondequal‘ day/night of the year. In five minutes we, here in the Northern Hemisphere, pass from Summer to Fall / Autumn, which starts my favorite time of year.
Ok, not really fave time of year in SoCal due to our usual fall fires, but when I visit other places, I love autumn.