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More Dreams

Fri. 11.09.18 – Last night I had more bizarre dreams that bordered on nightmarish. It was truly cold here in Mammoth, with the low of 12F / -11C, and El Coache’s heater worked overtime to keep the internal temps around 54F / 12C. As a result, every time the heater cycled back on – loudly – I vaguely woke up. When one is roused from sleep on a regular basis, one tends to remember most of the dreams from the REM sleep one does get.

In last night’s case, it was dreams of other people hitting my rental car and me being stranded with a rental car employee yelling at me about my insurance. Somehow, in each dream, Family Hernandez (Alex, Paige, the boys, and Penny Laine) showed up to drive me home and rescue me from bad rental car employees.

My brain on anti-histamines and being woken up by an RV heater is a rather frightening place. And yes, with all of my serious allergy problems of recent years, I am a daily or twice daily anti-histamine taker – I like living.

I am renting a car next Wednesday and plan to pull two sets of rental car insurance, just in case – as Alex and Paige may not be available to pick me up.

Furthermore, I am wearing ear plugs tonight.

Strange Dreams

Sun. 10.14.18 – This morning I woke up every hour after three in the morning with strange dreams that involved my favorite bath towels disappearing as I folded them while doing laundry.

I have four red bath towels and wash clothes. I fold the wash clothes into the towel fold, so they do not get lost when I store them in the cupboard.

I am not afraid of nightmares or disturbing dreams, but the dream of my towels disappearing as I folded them kept coming back every time I fell back to sleep.

Odd but true.

Sweet! It is May 1st…

The NaBloPoMo theme for May 2009 is sweet. Interpret the word sweet as one will.
The month of May is quite full right now and so it makes complete sense for me to sign up for NaBloPoMo when I will be overly busy. (not). But the theme this month intrigued me and I decided to sign myself up. I may be naturally bubbly and happy, but how many sweet things can I write about in 31 one days? We shall find out, won’t we?
Our lovely friends over at the Online Etymology Dictionary give the word sweet’s history as follows:
sweet (adj.)

O.E. swete “pleasing to the senses, mind or feelings,” from P.Gmc. *swotijaz (cf. O.S. swoti, Swed. söt, Dan. sød, M.Du. soete, Du. zoet, O.H.G. swuozi, Ger. süß), from PIE base *swad- (Skt. svadus “sweet;” Gk. hedys “sweet, pleasant, agreeable,” hedone “pleasure;” L. suavis “sweet,” suadere “to advise,” prop. “to make something pleasant to”). Sweetbread “pancreas used as food” is from 1565 (the -bread element may be from O.E. bræd “flesh”). To be sweet on someone is first recorded 1694. Sweet-talk (v.) dates from 1936 (in “Gone With the Wind”). Sweet sixteen first recorded 1826. Sweet dreams as a parting to one going to sleep is attested from 1908. Sweet and sour in cooking is from 1723, not originally of oriental food

Thus, I will spend the month attempting to blog about all things “sweet, pleasant, agreeable, and pleasing to the senses”. Since I am already blogging either a photo or a text post every day this year (as with last year), for the NaBloPoMo challenge, I will write a text post everyday with a possible photo each day, too. Possibly.
As for the sweet bit about today, I had a fuzzily delightful dream last night/early this morning, just in time for May Day where I was in a forest (a west side of the Sierra Nevada giant sequoia forest) and I had a mobile, handheld map of the forest made of model sized trees. To navigate you turned the tree model upside down and let your hand feel where to go in the forest.
The May Day 2005 post from this blog.
The May Day 2008 post from this blog about a dream I had May Day morning last year.
Last but not least, I hope you had a delightfully sweet day today, whether it was enjoying spring flowers and maypoles or out marching in the name of Labor. Though celebrating Beltane seems a bit more delightful than a march…

Fifteen Years

Fifteen Years!
Fifteen years ago this summer, I was in the midst of the summer of weddings.
On July 10, 1993, Vicki married Rick in Brea, Ca. I was a bridesmaid.
On July 24, 1993, Annemiek married Ken in Gouda, Netherlands. I was a bridesmaid.
On August 7, 1993, Kimberly married Dave in Long Beach, Ca. I was a bridesmaid.
On August (something, 2 or 3 weeks after K & D), 1993, Naomi married Stephen in Shaver Lake, Ca. Blessedly I was NOT a bridesmaid. I had some other function of which I can’t remember.
I ended that summer a lot poorer in dollars, but richer in bridesmaid dresses. By the time the summer of 1993 ended, I had been a bridesmaid 6 times. I swore that after that, I would only ever be a bridesmaid for Erika or my sister. When I moved to Boston in 1994, I sold all the above bridesmaid dresses at a garage sale (except the one for Kimberly & Dave’s wedding, which bizarrely is still in my closet).
After the first wave of marriages within 2-4 years of graduating from college, there was a lull for about 10 years. Now the second wave of mid-to-late thirties marriages seems to be subsiding. With the big 40 birthday this year (yikes!), I have been doing a lot of reflecting on my hopes & dreams since college, as well as my friends and their hopes & dreams. I have thought about who we were and who we are now. I was so hopeful then.
Last Friday, Kimberly and I walked Scruffy down to the River Beach and let him run. I did the numbers in my head, and announced, “OMG! You and Dave will have your 15th Anniversary this year!” [[BRAIN EXPLODES!!!!]]
To all my friends who got married in the summer of 1993, Happy Anniversary! May you look back at 15 years of married life with pleasure.