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The Views From Dog Beach Late This Afternoon

Crystalline Iceplant blooming on the path to Dog Beach
Mom Belle

Photos taken by Ms. Jen with her Nokia 808 PureView.

Tues 05.21.13 – My Grandpa has been in the hospital for the last 5 days and the way my Mom and I have been dealing with it is to go to Dog Beach after visiting the hospital.
The best thing we saw was a small pod of dolphins surfing the waves and the adults were teaching a young dolphin to surf in the wave. It was lovely. Unfortunately, due to sun glint on the waves from my angle (see Belle photo above), I was not able to get a photo with the dolphins in the waves.
It was a lovely late afternoon, dolphin photos or no.

The 3rd Day of Christmas, Dog Beach it is

Earl at his canvas and sail shop Sunglint Mom, looking at the wavesScruffy having good wrestling fun at Dog BeachView of Long Beach and the Bay from HB's Dog Beach

Photo taken by Ms. Jen with her Nokia 808 PureView.

Thurs 12.27.12 – Today’s adventures included dropping by to visit Earl at his canvas and sail shop, lunch with Mom, and then off to Dog Beach for a good walk.

Gracie’s First Trip to Dog Beach

Gracie and Scruffy at Dog Beach Post Winter Storm Wind Blown Ocean A Tangle of Dogs Gracie building a Sand Castle, Scruffy wondering why we aren't walking

Photos taken by Ms. Jen with her Nokia N8.

Tues 03.27.12 – Today neighbor Tammy had to go deal with some exciting county government stuff, so she needed someone to watch 2.75 yr old Gracie for an hour or two. I offered to take Gracie to Dog Beach in Huntington with Scruffy and I as a diversion. Even though it was chilly and very windy, we had a lovely time, that is the chill and wind got to be a bit much for Gracie. She napped soundly all the way home.

Scruffy and Belle at Dog Beach, The ADOX Camera Version

Scruffy and Belle at Dog Beach, photo taken with a vintage film camera
Tues 12.27.11 – Photo of Scruffy McDoglet and Belle le Cane taken yesterday at Dog Beach in Huntington Beach, Calif, with Thomas Bertling’s ADOX Golf 63 1950s era vintage bellows range finder medium format camera. I used Fujifilm 120 color film at 200 ISO and got the film developed and printed at Fromex in Long Beach.
I am very pleased at the results as Thomas did not think the camera worked any longer as it was given to him by an aunt who had it since the 1950s and neither of us had a manual or much of an idea how it should work. I took the ADOX to Samy’s Camera in Santa Ana yesterday morning to see if the folks at the film counter would be able to help me and they did by determining that 120 film would fit in the canister.
The first few shots on the roll were taken by complete trial and error as I tried to figure out how to advance the film, as well as the settings of the f-stop and the shutter speed in conjunction with the focus ring as all three are interconnected at the end of the bellows on the lens with out much explanation and no light meter. When I got to Dog Beach, I used the Nikon D70s’ light meter settings to determine that at 200 ISO, I should shoot at f22 and 1/200th shutter speed, as the light declined and the sun set, I switched it to f11 at 1/50th shutter speed.
The ADOX Golf 63 has the following available settings:
F-stops: 6.3, 8, 11, and 22
Shutter speeds: B, 1/25th, 1/50th, and 1/200th
Focal length: 1 meter to 20 meters and an infinity setting
There is no ability to set ISO.
I am very pleased on how well the photos turned out since I was guest-imating on focus, f-stop, and shutter speed. Why was I guessing on focus? The ADOX is a range finder camera and I don’t have a siting attachment for it, so I was looking through the little eye hole that does not change in focus at all as you turn the focal ring.
The first roll from the ADOX Golf 63 is here at Flickr so you can see all 12 photos. I just scanned them and did not do any photo editing. The color is pretty accurate to the printed photos, and any grain is from the photo paper and spots on my scanner, as the actual printed photos are wonderfully clear. The vignetting is a result of the square medium format film and the size of the lens/bellows set up.
All in all the whole experiment is/was so successful that I am taking the ADOX on vacation with me, so expect more photos, printed and scanned.