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Patton Oswalt: The Horror of New York City

Mon 11.04.13 – I am one of those people who likes my cities a bit spread out and , like London, Istanbul, Mumbai, and Los Angeles. While I have visited New York City four or five times in my life, I have almost always wanted OUT of this city by half a day or less*. I have only ever spent time on Manhattan Island and have only passed through Brooklyn and the Bronx.
When Andrew Sullivan linked to the below Patton Oswalt stand up comedy routine about the horror of New York City, I laughed hard. Really hard.
The following video is definitively Not-Safe-For-Work-or-Religious-Conservative-People (NSFWoRCP – Strong language warning), but it is really funny whether you are a fan of NYC or not:

* This summer, when I went to the Nokia Lumia 1020 launch event in NYC, I wanted out before I even left La Guardia airport. NYC summer plus Ms. Jen’s don’t equal or match or even mildly agree with each other. Chennai just before the monsoon is more pleasant.

Nokia N8: Night Blossoms

Nokia N8: Local fruit tree blossoms at night
Sat 02.05.11 – This week has been eventful from the server surprise on Tuesday to Grandma Grace’s pre-91st birthday party today. The best part of the week was all the local fruit trees decided to be in full-bloom just in time for lunar New Year and St. Brigid’s Day.
This evening as Scruffy and I went out for his last walk of the evening, I decided to try out the night mode on my Nokia N8 to see how photos of the blossoms would turn out in the dark with only a street light for illumination. The blossoms were lovely in the dark with the yellow of the street light shining down.

Happy St. Brigid’s Day!

Feb. 2006 - at St. Brigid's Well Feb. 2006 - at St. Brigid's Well Feb. 2006 - at St. Brigid's Well Feb. 2006 - at St. Brigid's Well

All photos taken by Ms. Jen on Feb. 4, 2006 with her Casio Xlim40
digital camera at the ‘newSt. Brigid’s Well in Kildare, Ireland.

Yeah! This weekend is the time for my two favorite, highly under-appreciated holidays! St. Brigid’s Day today and Ground Hog’s Day / Candlemas tomorrow!
Go out and celebrate the transitioning of winter-spring and the increasing daylight by giving your local Ground Hog a big kiss… ;o)
A prayer:

Everliving God, we rejoice today in the fellowship of your blessed servant Brigid, and we give you thanks for her life of devoted service. Inspire us with life and light, and give us perseverance to serve you all our days; through Jesus Christ our Lord, who with you and the Holy Spirit lives and reigns, one God, world without end.

Even More Blue Sky Showed Up Today…


… for at least 15 minutes. I even needed sunglasses during those 15 minutes. Given that I left my sunglasses in my car in SoCal, I should be glad that the big dark heavy rain laden clouds returned promptly.
Today was Mom and I’s last full day in Ireland for this trip. We ventured southwest from Letterkenny to Glenties and then down the N-56 to the N-14 via Donegal town to Sligo. Most of the drive was lovely. The above photo was taken on the small, one lane road to St. John’s Point.
While in the Sligo area, we visited the Creevykeel Goort Cairn, Strandhill Beach with surfers (to quote one after Mom asked after the water temps, “It is feckin freezing!”), and then off to Carrowmore Megalithic Tombs just before sunset.
The sky was completely dark by 4:30pm and we were off down the N-4 to Dublin. Tomorrow we fly back to the UK for the last week of the trip.