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It is That Time Again: The Annual NaBloPoMo!!!

Yes folks, after you have said your “Rabbit Rabbit” and properly put on your All Saints Day / Día de Muertos attire*, it is time to start with the 9th annual November National Blog Posting Month!
If you need a few reasons to blog daily, Eden Kennedy is here to help.
I am going to do my very best to write out a text / typed post every day during November and a photo or photo/essay. I also have a backlog of photos** that need to be posted, including some awesome black and whites from the Nikon FM3a.
* What?!?!? You aren’t dressed up as your favorite Saint or Día de Muertos’ figure today?
** Can I say Helsinki and the visit to Nokia House in July? Ummm… Why yes, those photos did fall down into the black hole that is my computer’s ‘Pictures’ folder!


Wed 07.13.11 – I am trying to reverse my blogging decline / slide into the morass of non-blogging. After five months sporadic, here and there a few times a week blogging, I endeavor to get back on the daily blogging habit, be it photos, text, or both.
So far so good this week. Remind me if I fall off the daily blogging wagon again…

Bits and Bobs, The Tidbits of the last Day or so, Possibly the last few Minutes

04.26.11 - A View from AA Flt. 137 in the 10th hour, aka boredom has set in
Wed 04.27.11 – Many thoughts have crowded into my head today and then fled just as fast as the miasma of jetlag has descended on my brain.
A few of the fleeting thoughts that I either can recall right now or have repeated on my brain:
1) I really do want to get back to daily photo and/or text blogging. I want to reinstate the multiple year daily blogging that got disrupted in February. One of the things I thought about while in London, is how much I do love blogging and that this is my place. It is time to reclaim it. Please encourage me.
2) The complete disconnect in big big big companies between the executives and the teams that actually do the work astounds me. Last week in London, I heard a true account of one Big Company Making a Big Contract with another Big Tech Company of which it is due to be executed contractually by this June, yet the Big Company to do the work decided to lay off the workers to do the work a few months ago and then when the executives realized that without the workers that the work wouldn’t get done and they would be in breach of contract, much LOLs followed. Ha ha ha. F*cking Executive Idiots. Ha ha ha.
3) So Nokia + MicroSquash deal got signed in the workers’ blood this last week. Hope the 7,000 employees that are to be laid off aren’t the workers who are to actually do the work to make the contract happen, like in tidbit #2 above. Wouldn’t that be LOLs?
4) If a certain Mr. Elop is to wield the hatchet, hopefully he will lay off the multiple layers management between him and the teams that do the work. Wouldn’t it be big time LOLs if he keeps all the management that have throttled innovation & execution the last five years and lays off the teams that actually do the work?
5) In between bouts of jetlag brain, I did a big spring clean of my house and found the Angry Bird furry slingshot toy that Adrian Parker won for me at CTIA. Adrian, I will mail it you tomorrow.
6) Glad to hear that folks are rescuing Delicious from a certain death by starvation, hope that some passionate social photographers with $$$ will rescue Flickr from Yahoo neglect.
Photo of Ms. Jen reflected in the seat back entertainment screen in hour ten of the plane ride between London and Los Angeles on Tues 04.26.11 with her Nokia N8.

Oops… I Skipped a Day

I took yesterday off from blogging, working, and all the like.
Instead I read a novel that Erika loaned me, Soulless (The Parasol Protectorate) by Gail Carriger.
Soulless was an amusing mashup of regency romance genre tropes with Steampunk Victoriana plus vampires & werewolves set in an 1870s alterna-London. A very good romp. The kind of book that once one starts reading it, one keeps reading it, even when one has other things to do.
Reading an actual book broke my 2 years + daily blogging streak.
And I don’t regret it.

NaBloPoMo : Tomorrow

If you were wondering why the all the Future or upcoming events style posts here on Black Phoebe :: Ms. Jen for the last few days, well I am participating in NaBloPoMo’s August “Tomorrow” challenge, which one is allowed to interpret as any future related thing/idea.
Expect more future oriented posts as the month wends on… You can laugh if I prove to be a poor futurist.

A Year and a Month of Blogging

Late last December, a year ago, I decided to participate in Blog365 and I am here to tell you 367 days (365 days + leap day + today) from the start of the daily blogging for a year that I did it. I blogged every single darned day for the last 367 days, including leap day of which we were allowed to take off but I didn’t.
Due to the fact that I allowed myself the leeway of blogging from my computer and / or moblogging from my phone, I was able to complete the challenge and not feel that it was a struggle. Being able to moblog directly from my Nokia phones (N95 & 2 N82s) to this Movable Type powered blog via Nokia’s Lifeblog made all the difference in being able to complete the daily blogging schedule on top of daily life, work, friends/family, travel, and the vicissitudes of life.
Then to make life interesting a more than a bit challenging, I decided to participate in NaBloPoMo in July over at the Happy Tastebud and in November here at Black Phoebe.
In the Blog365 challenge, I decided that which/what content I (mo)blogged didn’t matter, it could be text or photo, as long as I had one blog post per day. In the November NaBloPoMo challenge, I decided that I had to blog text every day on top of any photo posts. That was hard, but really good.
After November was over, I had more text / opinion posts that I wanted to write but December got too busy and I didn’t have a challenge to goad me on to actually write rather than just mo-pho-blog. I am going to continue daily posting here in 2009 be it text or photos, but I resolve to blog more text, at least 3 times a week.

A Day Without Photography

I will admit that I have a photography problem. In any given week, I will take over 200 photos and if the day contains a good event or if I am out and about, I can take up to 100 photos in a day.
Most days, per reviewing my iPhoto install, I will take between 10 – 20 photos or more. It has been my goal the last few years to take at least a photo everyday and then to post, usually via moblogging directly from my camera phone to this website, everyday.
There are a few days every month where I don’t take a single photo. At all. Usually the no photos days are a day where I am chained to my computer working and I am too involved in said project to go out and about or even to remember to take a photo. Or if I do take a photo, it is a dud that involves the interior of my house or my dog. Y’all have seen enought photos of Scruffy.
Today, I have been wrapped up in finishing a website redesign. I thought that I should take the Nokia N82 with me when I went to the store, but I by accident left it on the charger at home. I did see two very extraordinary California Pelicans flying close to the car, that if I had the mobile camera phone with me, I would have a photo for you all today. But I left it at home.
Due to absent mindedness, I didn’t take a pelican photo. A good mobile camera phone, like a Nokia Nseries, always at hand is essential to my daily photo workflow, but if I forget to take it with me… well, it becomes a day with out a photo.

NaBloPoMo 2007 Starts Today

Ladies and Gentlemen,
Get your engines started, here we go, National Blog Posting Month!!!!!
For the next 30 days, I will be posting not just mobile blogged photos everyday, but also text / writing posts everyday. I have tons of things that I have been meaning to write for you all in a folder on my desktop, but I never seem to allow myself to actually blog it due to time restrictions and the distractions of life. Well, time restrictions and deadlines will have to line up 2nd to blogging this month.
From Nov. 16th to the 28th, it may be a challenge for me to get something here everyday on time, as I will be traveling in Ireland and Spain with spotty to no internet connection, so with the help of my trusty Nokia N95 on those days I will be blogging from my mobile.
Been having trouble posting to your blog with any regularity? Well, join us. Even if you can only post a photo a day or a few sentences, giving 10 – 30 minutes a day to blogging will make it easier to blog, you a better writer or photographer or podcaster or video-ist or artist or…. Do it!
Thanks to Mrs. Kennedy for organizing NaBloPoMo!