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Mobile: What is the best / most beautiful / most innovative / most creative use of a mobile phone recently?

Eight years ago, I conducted a survey on the creative use of mobile devices by creative professionals, which became the research base for my Masters thesis: Moleskine to Mobile.

But that was 8 whole years ago, which in mobile or technology time was practically before the dawn of Mammals. In the last few years, it seems many people have settled into the mobile version of humdrum suburbia: iPhone photos uploaded to Instagram, sharing updates to Facebook, making a video of one’s favorite pet/child/drunkfriend and uploading it to YouTube, or just letting others do it while one watches, etc.

Much like any supposed boring suburbia, there has got to be something interesting going on behind the facade of your mobile’s casing…

People! What is the best and/or most interesting, innovative, beautiful, creative use of a mobile that you have done, seen, heard of, have a link to in the last few months or year? Even if what you think is not really that interesting, but you haven’t told anyone else you are doing it, let me know.

Yes, you, photographer, artist, DJ, musician, banker, teacher, couch potato, maker, creator, builder, I am talking to you. Don’t be shy. If it isn’t you, then tell me about your creative friend. If it is you, share what you have been up to with your mobile. Doesn’t matter if it is a smartphone, feature phone, or super basic phone…

2014 – Let me know. Post the link to your or someone you know of’s creative/innovative activity with there mobile phone. Comment here or tweet a link to me @msjen.


Nokia Connects has a fun program / award called MVC – Most Valued Connector (which really should be Most Valued Creative), wherein a group of us nominate folks who are doing cool and amazing things with their Nokia Lumia mobile phones or helping folks connect in some way thereof.

On top of wanting to see what y’all have been up to with any mobile phones, if you or a friend is doing some cool, creative stuffs with their Nokia Lumia phone, please send me the link so that I can recommend them for a nomination.

Y’all rock!

Help an Artist Take a Big Leap: Contribute Dan Rubin’s Photo Studio

Mon 11.11.13 – Have you thought about about telling your current life to bug off while you take a flying leap into the new life you have been dreaming about only to be held back by a set of circumstances?
Photographer, designer, and all around great creative Dan Rubin is currently, due to a set of circumstances and wanting to make a leap into a new photography life, running an Indiegogo campaign to help raise funds to start his photo studio and in return you get to choose a few amazing printed art photos.
Yes, you don’t have to look at blank walls in your rooms anymore. Instead you could have original art prints in teurn for supporting a photographer to take his big leap in life.
I have known Dan for about 8 years through the web design / dev conference circuit and we have been talking about our mutual passions for photography, design, life, travel, and mobile for years. The last time we got to hang out we talked so long about photography we were both in mid-sentence when I had to leave off at Liverpool Station in London for the last train.
I respect Dan, I respect his art, his process and his character. Getting your rental car broken and your stuff stolen into while visiting one’s ill father sucks. I had my apartment in Boston broken into twice in 1995-1997 and had all my photography gear plus more stolen, not only is it horrible but when your creative outlet is also gone. But…
I also admire Dan for being willing to leap towards a creative career in photography and shift away from a full-time design career.
Shall we help Dan leap?

NaBloPoMo, Sleeping, and All Saints Day

Today, the 1st of November, is the start of annual November National Blog Posting Month, where folks blog daily. It is also the start of NaNoWriMo (write a novel in one month!) and NaVloPoMo (video yourself & friends daily!).
Per usual, I am encouraging you, dear reader, to take up the challenge this month and flex your creativity muscles with daily practice – go blog, vlog, write, photoblog, etc!


Nokia N900 : The Artist Phone

Drawing using the Nokia N900's Sketch App Nokia N900 photo using Macro/Close-up mode with no Flash in low light
Drawing and Photo by Ms. Jen with a Nokia N900.

Fri. 11.27.09 – Different folks will approach the same mobile device from a variety of perspectives, and I am here to tell you as a Professional Art Weirdo, the Nokia N900 exceeds my hopes as an Art Phone.
Yes. People. OMG. Creativity. Not. Consumption. This. Phone. Rocks.
I have spent all evening drawing, taking photos and trying out the browser. Tomorrow, I will get on X-Term and download Maemo Python and try some programming out.
The Nokia N900 has a native phone app called “Sketch”, and while other mobiles I have used have had a sketch program, this is the first time that I have found the app to be usable as an actual sketching device. The feel of the N900 in my hand plus the screen ratio, on top of the line control in the sketch app, makes me feel like I am using a wee moleskine notebook. While the N900 is about a centimeter smaller in width & height as my moleskine, it does not need to be opened, instead I can use the stylus to draw with the device comfortably in my hand.
Comfortably after 20 minutes of sketching Scruffy’s paw while he slept. The N900 did not feel weighty or get uncomfortable. I was able to switch between drawing with a fine line and then erasing to get the white space back. A true delight for an artist with small hands.
Then I used the camera on the N900 to take a close-up/macro photo with no flash of Scruffy’s paw and the camera accurately captured the paw in the low light.
This is the mobile phone that I and other creatives dreamed of when I was doing my interviews in 2005 & 2006 for my master’s thesis, ‘Moleskine to Mobile: How Creative Professions Are Using Their Mobile Phones’, has now arrived in one kick ass device. Multi-faceted creativity has returned to the N-Series.
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