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Day Something of Being Inside with a Walk

Tues. 03.24.20 – As the Corona Turns…

✓ Staying Inside
✓ Am used to this really as I have worked from home since Sept. 2000
✓ Only going out for a Walk with Social Distancing and some replenishing at the market
✓ Doing my best to get 10,000 steps in that One Walk with Social Distancing
✓ Staying 6 ft / 2 m from everyone while waiting in line at market
✓ Washing hands with Dr. Bonner’s rose castile liquid soap, as it is less chapping.
✓ Dancing while singing while washing hands. Helps with steps. The song has mostly been the Hamster Dance. Be v. afraid. Be glad you are not near me.
✓ The background processes of my brain are stressed and giving me weird stress dreams.
✓ Insomnia from 2am – 6am is now officially back after a few years of remission.
✓ Was mad at neighbor for holding an all night drum circle session, then realized on night #3 it was my fridge.
✓ Instead of adding focus, any caffeine is now scattering my brain to the wind.
✓ Am lucky if I get 3 good productive hours out of the day in terms of computer / tech / development / writing work.
✓ Doing my best to only check the news & Twitter once a day, preferably in the morning.
✓ Have closed all windows and turned on allergy air purifier as local trees are having a lot of sex. Pollen from said tree sex is making me sneeze and cough. This then leads to a brain spiral.
✓ Making strange bean soups with odds and ends from the fridge
✓ Follow bean soups with fruit. Because somewhere back in the distant 1970s California macrobiotic craze I was told as a child not to mix beans and fruit.
✓ So bored am almost excited to see what the beans and fruit will do in my already challenged digestive system.

How are you doing?

Shopping in the Time of Covid-19

Today, I went to the supermarket.

There was very little meat left on the refrigerated shelves, so I asked the butcher for a small portion of ground beef. As he was wrapping it up, a woman came up to the meat counter declaring loudly, “They have it and they are here! Shopping for food! Why!”

My brain couldn’t process what she was saying and the question the butcher was asking me. I nodded to him.

I took my package and walked off to find the line for the cash registers.

The line for the cashiers was over a 100 people long with completely full shopping cards. I stood with a half full small shopping basket on my arm and waited. I moved up as the line moved.

As I got to mid-line, all of the sudden two people wearing full hazmat gear and respirators were escorted to the front of the line.

The whole line backed up fast.

I turned to the security guard near me and said, “The Whole World has gone insane.”

He nodded. “Mad, simply barking mad.”