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Responsive Web Design Summit 2013 – One Week Away – Come Join Us!

The lovely folk at Environments for Humans are hosting the 2nd Annual Responsive Web Design (online) Summit April 16-18, 2013.
The great thing about the E4H online summits is that one can attend and participate in the summit from anywhere were you have a data connection – home, office, coffee shop, car, mountain, desert, the ISS, wherever.
Yes, there is a the traditional presenter presents with slides, but the best part – speaking from experience as a presenter and as an attendee – there is a real time chat that the attendees can use to ask questions, comment on the presentation, and otherwise interact with the group, which then gives the presenter an opportunity to interact back.
I love this style, as it makes the presentation into a more of a meet up or workshop conversation amongst peers around the ideas in the presentation rather than Lone Speaker on Podium speaking Truth to Audience.
I will be presenting at 9am (CT) on Wed April 17, 2013 on “Mobile Development on a Shoestring Connection”.
Please come join me, a whole slew of great speakers and topics, and fellow designers & developers, whether you are currently working in Responsive Web Design or Mobile or are RWD/Mobile curious, for the RWD Summit next week. It will be good, stimulating, and great way to get up to date on a wide range of ideas in the RWD and mobile spaces.
Use ’20JEN’ when registering to get 20% off an individual or meeting room ticket!
Look forward to next week at the RWD Summit!

Qt Developer Days 2012, The Santa Clara Edition

Qt Developer Days 2012 : ICS's Peter Winston kicking the conf off Qt Developer Days 2012 : Checking Twitter in between speakers Qt Developer Days 2012 :  Digia's Tommi Laitinen's Keynote Qt Developer Days 2012 :  Lars Knoll's Keynote Qt Developer Days 2012 :  The Qt Dev Days Welcome Sign Qt Developer Days 2012 :  Lars Knoll and David Greaves at the coffee break Qt Developer Days 2012 :  Ash Nazir giving a BlackBerry 10 demo Qt Developer Days 2012 : Jens Bache-Wiig presenting on QML Desktop Components Qt Developer Days 2012 : Talking with John Deere's Hank Miller about tractor display UX Qt Developer Days 2012 : Dinner at Pedro's Qt Developer Days 2012 : Dinner with a great group of developers Qt Developer Days 2012 : Mock fight between David and Ash at the dinner table Qt Developer Days 2012 : Goodbye Santa Clara, it was fun...

All photos taken at Qt Dev Days 2012 by Ms. Jen with her Nokia 808 PureView.

Sat 12.08.12 – Here are my notes from the Qt Developer Days 2012 conference in Santa Clara, Calif. Per my usual, the notes are a running transcription and paraphrase of the speaker’s slides and spoken words plus my own opinions on the session. Official session slides and videos will be up at the conf website soon.
Once again, I am very glad that I went to the Qt Developer Days and was very encouraged by Digia’s commitment to continuing Qt development as well as the strong community support for not just the desktop and embedded linux sides of Qt but also Mobile. It was very good to see the Jolla Mobile, BlackBerry’s Cascades, and Mer Project mobile Qt presentations, as well as the ongoing strength of the open source, community contributed Qt Project.
Go Qt, Go!
Qt Developer Days 2012
Santa Clara Marriott
Thurs 12/6/12
9am – noon
I tweeted the keynotes, didn’t take notes. Here are my tweets:


Breaking Development: A Minimalist’s Guide to the Mobile Web

Mon 04.16.12 – Here are the slides from my presentation on “A Minimalist’s Guide to the Mobile Web” from Breaking Development Orlando.
Here is the official description of the talk for the BDConf website: “Designing and developing for mobile devices can be overwhelming in the sheer amount of factors to consider. Questions of where get started or how to retool for fast and lovely mobile sites can send one screaming for the supposed safety of Webkit before running and hiding under an iOS rock. But such fear and trembling is unnecessary and we can go forth in confidence with the minimalist’s guide on data sipping as a legitimate lifestyle, serving responsive images, how to strip that code, and do I really need all this Javascript?”
A video the presentation will be available soon on the BDConf Vimeo channel.
If you are a mobile or web design and/or developer who really would love to attend a great one track, intimate conference on the mobile web, Breaking Development Dallas will held in September 2012.

Breaking Development: A Minimalist’s Guide to the Mobile Web

Breaking Development Conference
On April 16, 2012, I will be speaking at the Breaking Development conference in Orlando, Florida on:

A Minimalist’s Guide to the Mobile Web

Designing and developing for mobile devices can be overwhelming in the sheer amount of factors to consider. Questions of where get started or how to retool for fast and lovely mobile sites can send one screaming for the supposed safety of webkit before running and hiding under an iOS rock. But such fear and trembling is unnecessary and we can go forth in confidence with the minimalist’s guide on data sipping as a legitimate lifestyle, serving responsive images, how to strip that code, and do I really need all this javascript?

Come join us for a mobile spring break in Orlando at BDconf! Register here with the following discount code, ORHAN12, will give you a $100 off the registration.

Qt Dev Days 2011, The Photos

The Famed @Yeswap, aka Dennis, has arrived! The Mysterious Qt for the Next Billion Slide Digia's Tuukka Ahonien presenting Jussi and John, the N9 App Doctors Tuukka, Juha, Suvi, and Riku at the Qt Dev Days Welcome Reception Having fun at Knuckles - Juha Nokia's Richard Kerris presenting the morning's first Keynote Qt's Jeremy and Benedikte helping someone The Delicious White N9 The Qt Dev Days 2011 SF Expo All the Lovely Ladies who registered us and helped with questions Aditya, Pablo, and Oscar Mildy scary circus man with a glowing ball at the Qt DD dinner & party Jurgen and the Cotton Candy Lady Alexandra and her fabulous feather boas Magician Jay Alexander showing his tricks to awed geeks The N9 and the Lumnia attempting to have drunken phone... Riku and Juha Digia folks at the Party: Suvi, ___, Tuukka, and ___ William and Sunny Laughing while attempting to navigate/fly an AR Drone Watching an AR Drone flying Jeremy discussing the Rasperry Pi In the How to Contribute to the Qt Project Session

All photos taken by Ms. Jen with her Nokia N8.

Thurs 12.01.11 – As the Qt Dev Days 2011 wrap up and are over, I present to you a summary of the photos I took over the course of the three days of the training and conference.
I really enjoyed and learned a good deal over the course of the Qt Dev Days. One of the best parts is the high ratio of nice and smart folks I met and the conversations were good. I attend at least 3-4 conferences a year and this one rates up there with Mobilism for my fave conference of the last 2 or so years in terms of content and inspirational conversation with other attendees.
Big thanks to Qt, Nokia, Digia, Futurice and all the other sponsors for putting on a great conference.
Even bigger thanks to all the lovely folk I met, the good conversations on mobile & development that were had, and letting me take your photos. Y’all rock.
See everyone next year, if not sooner.
My Qt Dev Days conference notes:
Qt Dev Days 2011, Day 1: Training
Qt Dev Days 2011, Day 2: Conference Sessions
Qt Dev Days 2011, Day 3: The Last Day

Why the Mobilism Call for Papers is Brilliant for the Mobile and Web Communities - Academia vs. Business - Some engineer out there has solved P=NP and it's locked up in an electric eggbeater calibration routine. For every 0x5f375a86 we learn about, there are thousands we never see.
Mobilism has announced a Call for Papers for their May 2012 conference in Amsterdam. I think this is very exciting.
As the xkcd comic above amusingly illustrates a problem that gets solved by an academic gets many years and much publicity generated out of one problem, and in business it is on to the next problem with nary a peep out of the problem solver.
Web design and development have evolved faster in the last 15 years than academia’s ability or desire to keep up with it, in response the community has been largely self-educated with keen practitioners who have solved various problems rising up to write articles, blog posts, books and speak at conferences. In the last few years, a certain set of these practitioners have become the rockstars of the web publishing and speaking worlds.
Recently there has been a bit of a brouhaha about how conferences seem to have the same speakers, the prices are high, and charges of elitism have been leveled on the in crowd.
On one hand, as Andy does, one can argue that known speakers are needed for conferences to draw paying attendees so that the conference organizers can rent the venue, pay for all the attendant expenses, etc. On the other hand, known speakers and authors can state that they are feeding back into the community by getting the information on standards, new & best practices, as well as lighting an inspirational fire for other designers and developers.
Be that as it may, there are many other web and mobile designers and developers who by dint of introversion, fear of putting oneself out there, thinking the problem or solution is not good enough, busy-ness at work, family obligations, NDAs and other corporate contracts who are not being heard or even seen as they just move on to the next problem to be solved and keep quiet about the one they just solved. The rest of the community is much the poorer for their silence.
For this alone, the Mobilism Call for Papers is brilliant, as it will hopefully be the (structured) encouragement that many developers and designers who have solved really cool problems but never think to or have not yet published or spoken about them will come out of the woodwork and will submit their solutions as a paper for the 30 minute presentation slot.
Yes, you, don’t be shy, share your ideas and solutions, go submit a paper to Mobilism 2012.
Update: Wed 10.05.11 – Please read the comments below as Jeremy Keith asks a pertinent question about my language and link choices and I reply.
Also, Helen Keegan, FJ van Wingerde and I comment about this from an the academic v. practitioner point of view on Facebook.

The Mobile JavaScript Summit

Mobile JavaScript Summit
This Tuesday, August 30th from 9am – 6pm (Central Time, read Texas Time), the Mobile JavaScript Summit will be coming to a browser near you. If you are a web designer/developer who is wondering how to get started with designing/developing for the mobile web and mobile apps or have already started but would love to know more about how to take the web technologies you work in and turn them to mobile, then this will be a great one-day online conference for you.
The great thing about the Environments for Humans’ Summits is that the price is low and you attend the conference on your own computer. The software used to present the conference allows the attendees to not only have a video feed of the presenter, also the slides in the main window and the ability to ask questions in real time.
Here are the talks that will be given:
Josh Clark on The New Rules of Designing for Touch
Jonathan Stark on Mobile Apps and the Enterprise
Jenifer Hanen (me) on The Realities of Mobile Design
Simon Laurent and Daniel Pinter on From “It Works” to “Wow! This is Fast!”
Lunch break
David Kaneda on Sencha Touch
Stephen Gill on Phone Gap
Marc Grabanski on jQuery Mobile
Kevin Whinnery on Appcelerator Titanium
Tom Dale on SproutCore
I presented last year at the UX Summit and really enjoyed the online format, I definitely look forward to talking about one of my favorite subjects on Tuesday.
If you would like to join us, please use the following discount code, HANEN20, at The Mobile JavaScrip Summit.

The UX Web Summit : User Experience Design Curious?

UX Web Summit - The Online User Experience Conference

Next Wed., April 21, 2010 is the UX Web Summit, of which anyone anywhere in the world with an internet connection can attend.

Our online Summits bring the experts to your desktop! Forget about the hassle of travel or leaving family so you can focus on diving deeper into Web design and development topics.
A great user experience (UX) can mean the difference between merely having a web presence and truly engaging your visitors so they’ll gladly come back over and over again. Practical techniques to create the best UX are hard to come by, though.
Join some of the Web’s most experienced UX professionals as they share experiences culled from working on sites big and small. Learn from the pros how to tackle user experience difficulties head-on with proven methods in use by some of the most popular sites on the Web.

Cindy Li, the fabulous designer and illustrator, and I will be speaking on Mobile User Experience Design, both from the perspective of native mobile apps and the mobile web. Cindy will be presenting on how to best approach the UX of iPhone app design and I will be tackling the UX of the mobile web. I am very excited to co-present with Cindy on this topic as both of us are passionate about User centered design and the mobile space.
More info on our session:

Mobile UX by Jenifer Hanen & Cindy Li Online
Mobile platform has become more and more important part of the web experience, but how do you design for it? Presented by Jennifer Hanen and Cindy Li, this session will cover resources for mobile design, what you need to get started, principles for mobile design, and prototyping your next mobile application.
Topics covered:
* Resources for templates in Fireworks and Photoshop
* Principles to consider when you are designing for mobile
* Keeping the essence of your traditional desktop web site
* Is it a mobile app or website?
* Designing for a mobile location-based mobile app
* Creating a test without coding
* What to send off to Apple to get your iPhone/iPad app approved

The UX Summit will also have sessions by Dan Rubin, Daniel Burka, Juliette Melton, Nick Finck, Donna Spencer, and Rob Goodlatte.
For a registration Discount, go to or use the discount code UXHANEN10 for 10% off!