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Same County, Two and a Half Hours Apart

3:03pm, Hwy 241 Southbound to Santa Margarita 5:31pm, Seal Way, Seal Beach
Mon 01.03.11 – This afternoon I helped my sister and mom pick up Allison’s new used Prius at the Penske Toyota dealership in Santa Margarita, as we drove to south east Orange County the rain clouds opened up and blue sky peeped through an avocado grove. It was beautiful.
By the time I got home, it was time for Scruffy’s evening walk and off we went. Only two and half hours from the time I took the first photo in the Orange County hills, it was cloudy and ominous in north west oceanic OC. As we set out for our walk, the sun will finished setting and the last refracting blue light of dusk was shooting through the clouds at odd angles on top of the yellow cast street light bouncing off the houses.
Photos taken by Ms. Jen with her Nokia N8, no post-processing other than resizing done to either image.

June Gloom in July: La Nina or Eyjafjallajökull Ashes to Blame?

June Gloom in July

Photo taken by Ms. Jen with her Nokia N86 this misty morning about 10:30am looking out from Seal Beach to Esther the Oil Platform.

Mon. 07.05.10 – Rarely does the Southern California’s June Gloom last into July. Some years the marine layer of clouds will stubbornly persist in the mornings until the Fourth of July, but most years the Fourth of July dawns sunny and hot, not low, gray, looming clouds with a windy chill as yesterday’s weather.
In the course of my living memory, there have only been two summers where the clouds stayed past noon and/or the clouds stayed all summer long, depressing many and causing tourists* to snark about “Sunny California”.
The summer of 1983 had clouds that lasted well into July and it did not get good and sunny at the beaches until August. The winter of 1982/1983 was one of our biggest El Nino years in history and the following year was a La Nina year. The summer clouds created by the chillier than normal ocean & hot land foretold of the La Nina to come.
The summer of 1991 had clouds as far inland as Buena Park all summer long, while it was odd to be socked in with clouds 20 miles inland from the ocean in August, that was the year that Mt. Pinatubo blew it’s top and created the 2nd biggest eruption in the 20th Century. But the early nineties were also a strong La Nina and California drought era.
In a year of drought, it can be a blessing to the parched hillsides to have clouds and a bit of mist over a hot, drying sun, even if it causes S.A.D. and cranky beach goers.
Scientists announced last month that this past year’s El Nino had abated and that the Intertropical Convergence Zone in the Pacific has lower than normal temperatures and they declared 2010 to be a La Nina year. Or shall we also account Eyjafjallajökull’s ashes to partially account for this year’s extended June Gloom season in SoCal?
My bet to account for the longer than usual June Gloom this year is largely with La Nina with a possible sprinkling of volcano ashes. Regardless, this morning and yesterday morning had low lying clouds bordering on fog and the temperatures were in the 60s F / late teens C and not the 80s F.
Yesterday the sun finally burned the clouds off at 12:43pm and they did not return until after 5pm. Today we had a sprinkling rain most of the morning, the clouds didn’t burn off until after 2pm and by 4:30pm the clouds had rolled back in.
Clouds most of the day with a fine misty morning? Who imported in a nice western Irish summer to Los Angeles?
* Dear tourists, please note that SoCal is at her *TRUE* glory from Jan 15 – March 15th. When your town is knee deep in with snow & cold, SoCal gets a storm or two that blows in, blows out, and leaves crystal clear, sunny days with snowy mountains. Our summer does not really start until July most years, and does not really heat up until August & September. Check and book your holidays accordingly. kthnxbai.

Pigeons Sipping at the Showers by the Pier

Pigeons sipping shower water at the Seal Beach Pier

Photos taken by Ms. Jen with a Nokia N97.

Tues 03.02.10 – Photo taken on my morning walk with Scruffy McDoglet, the sky was heavy with storm clouds over the land, but clearing up out near Catalina Island, so if you look closely the big, tall automobile carrier ship out in the bay has sunlight glinting off of it.

Pigeons, Part II, plus the Auto Carrier in the Bay

A Sunny Sunday Afternoon at Sandra and Justin’s

Scruffy in the shade and Pogo basking in the sun Pogo and Justin Pogo and Sandra
Photos taken by Ms. Jen with her Nokia N95.

Sun 05.31.09 – After three days of “June Gloom” or maritime inversion layer or clouds that have not evaporated by the afternoon, my sister Allison and I decided to see if we could get out of the dreary clouds near the beach and go east to the desert to find sun. We called Sandra and Justin who live in Ontario (Inland Empire) to see if there was sun at their house and there was, albeit hazy, and by the end of the afternoon the haze had shifted to clear sun.
For a spontaneous Sunday afternoon road trip, it was delightful to not only not only be saved from a May-June case of SAD but also hang out for a few hours with Sandra, Justin and Pogo in their backyard soaking up the sun and laughing.