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The Nokia N86 – Review and Photos

Since the true beauty and genius of the Nokia Nseries 8x line is the camera functions, I will start this review of the Nokia N86 with the photos that I took with the N86 while in Germany for the Carl Zeiss lens factory tour on Mon. June 22 and at the Limes Museum and surrounds in Aalen, Germany, on Tues. June 23rd before I had to hand the N86 back. All of the below photos were taken by me (Ms. Jen) with a Nokia N86 8 megapixel camera phone and later resized by Fireworks with no other retouching before uploading.

Second Photo with the N86, after the video of Phil talking about the N86 Rita very happy Ms. Jen and Rita Khoury (aka Dotsisx) Anssi hugging the bag of Nokia N86s Lavendar outside of the Carl Zeiss Superconductor Factory Carl Zeiss : Lens barrel painting Carl Zeiss : 35mm CineLens and a Hasselblad with a Carl Zeiss lens A cross section of a Carl Zeiss camera lens Dinner at the Brewery: Risto and Donna Laughing Zum Laam Brewmaster Phil, Meraj and others at the Zum Laam Brewery Tour Zum Laam Brewery Dan in the Bottling Room Peggy and friend during the Brewery Tour Pipe End Bottling Machine Bottling Machine at the  Zum Laam Brewery Helmut and Anssi Katie and Phil Fortuna : at the Aalen Roman Limes Museum Jewellery : at the Aalen Roman Limes Museum Ivory Comb remains : at the Aalen Roman Limes Museum


Should I Declare Flickr Bankruptcy?

The big question that I have had over the last month is should I declare Flickr bankruptcy?
For a variety of reasons, I have not managed in the last 5-8 weeks to post my regular daily photo or two from my phone to Flickr, I have made a valiant effort to keep up here at Black Phoebe, but Flickr has fallen to the wayside.
Part of the problem started back in late April when I returned the lovely little Nokia N79 it its rightful owners and reverted back to my good, old, faithful Nokia N95 camera phone. In early May, after a firmware upgrade, I found that there was no more Shozu mobile application to download unless I wanted to purchase it. Given that I have planned to purchase a new camera phone this summer, I didn’t want to commit to any new mobile software until I knew which phone I would be getting, and thus which software or app would be best for the phone in question.
Starting in May, I tried to remember to download my photos to my computer every few days and then upload them to Flickr. Anytime that I involve my computer in a part of the photo upload process, there is failure, as my computer is always a black hole for photos, which is why I started blogging directly from my phone in the first place.
The winning equation for me the last 4.5 years since I got my first internet enabled camera phone was as follows:
Take photo -> Add subject -> Send Directly From Phone to Internet = Win
This is the bad equation:
Take photo -> Save on camera or camera phone -> download to computer -> fiddle with and|or forget != Photo on Internet (quite the opposite actually of photo on the internet, the photos never leave my computer)
Because of the fact that I am not into photo processing on my computer and that photos that enter my computer very rarely leave (Hotel SoCal MBP), for the last 4.5 years ever since I got the lovely Nokia 7610 and an unlimited data package, I have used a variety of methods to daily post photos to Flickr and to this blog (or at least attempt to do it daily).
This spring’s camera phone disruption has lead to me getting out of the habit of posting daily photos to Flickr. It has gotten worse. I am not a few days behind, or even a week or two, but five – Yes, 5 – weeks behind in posting photos to Flickr.
I now have 140 – 180++ plus photos from San Francisco, life around SoCal, Germany, Carl Zeiss Factory Tour, London, and Fourth of July that I could post to flickr.
Should I just do it – upload them all, name them, add them to sets, etc – or declare Flickr bankruptcy?

The Nokia N86: Phil Campbell’s Off-the-Cuff Review of Video Features

Video taken by Ms. Jen with a Nokia N86 on Mon 06.22.09.

Thurs 06.25.09 – Praise the minor and major deities that rule over YouTube and BTInternet! I have *finally* after 2 days of trying, got video uploaded. In case you were wondering, the internet connection at my hotel in London had slowed the BTInternet snail got off the salt bed intact and found a nice cool misty forest to traverse over, thus while it was still slow it was reasonably slow rather than chew my f*ing arm off slow.
Thus, here it is my video of Phil Campbell reviewing the Nokia N86’s video capacities mere minutes after Anssi Mäkelä handed us the phones as we got in the car to go to the Carl Zeiss lens factory tour.
Phil was quite happy with the video capabilities of the N86, and I am more than quite happy with the photography capabilities (with the exception of the focus on the macro setting, but that can be fixed in a software update).
My full review of the N86 and my review of the Carl Zeiss factory tour upcoming.