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Zoom ReInvented: The Day Before

Nokia 808 Pureview: Just before Dawn at LAX Nokia 808 Pureview: Somewhere over Texas Nokia 808 Pureview: Looking down at the repainted gate lines at DFW Nokia Lumia 925: Hanging out with Jimmy Lee near Times Square Nokia Lumia 925: Clinton Jeff and Mark Guim Nokia Lumia 925: Jason! Nokia Lumia 925: Jay and his screen glow Nokia Lumia 925: The Lenny! Nokia 808 PureView: Afterwards on the edge of Times' Square

Photos by Ms. Jen, click on photo for caption & camera phone.

Wed 07.10.13 – Today was the big travel day of transporting myself and my bags from LAX to DFW to LGA (La Guardia in New York City) for Nokia’s Zoom ReInvented event. While the whole of the day was taken up with travel, the evening was meeting up with friends, fellow bloggers, and Nokians at the R Lounge on the edge of Times’ Square.
It was good fun to catch up, hear what folks have been up to and what they are excited for / about in the world of mobile, as well as be enveloped in the warm almost sauna-like temperatures of NYC in the summer.
Tomorrow is the big day!

CTIA: The Last Day

Nokia C7: Lake Tohopekaliga

Photos taken by Ms. Jen with a Nokia C7.

Thurs 03.24.11 – On our last day in Orlando, the nice folks of WOMWorld, aka Tom Messett & Adam Woodley, took us to the Boggey Creek airboat rides at Lake Tohopekaliga in Kissimmee, Florida. While completely different from anything to do with mobile, it was a great palate cleanser after the neon thumping wiz bang of the CTIA trade show. It was very nice to get out of the composed, planned Orlando and drive south to the edge of the start of the headwaters of the Everglades to take an airboat ride through a Florida lake.
As a birder and nature lover, it was wonderful to see a sandhill crane on her nest, to see many egrets, herons, various water fowl, alligators, a water moccasin snake, and best of all, a bald eagle soaring within 100 ft of us. The shallow lake waters with tall grass, lily pads & flowers, as well as miles of flat waters, green grass and blue sky, was a delightful tonic to a techno-weary soul.
I flew home in the evening and would like to give a big thank you to Nokia and WOMWorld for a good trip filled with lovely devices, great conversations, and good new friends. Thank you.
Photo comparison post between the Nokia Astound/C7, Nokia E7, and the Nokia N8 coming up next.

CTIA: Day 2: The Nokia Booth and Photo Testing

CTIA: Nokia N8: The NFC Cup Game at the Nokia Booth CTIA: Nokia Astound / C7: Jeb and Brad at the hotel bar
Photos taken by Ms. Jen with her Nokia N8 and a Nokia C7.

Wed 03.23.11 – Today started with a breakfast meeting between the Nokia E7 enterprise team leaders and the bloggers, while not as lively as a discussion as yesterday morning, the enterprise guru – Todd Thayer – gave some good background on the considerations of creating a good mobile device for the enterprise customer.
After the breakfast meeting we went back over to the Convention Center for more of the Trade Show and keynotes, as well as participating in an Angry Birds high score challenge. I spent most of my day wandering around taking photos with the Nokia N8, C7 and E7 for a future photo comparison blog post. To give you a wee sneak peak, the E7 is an amazing and marvelous device with a great qwerty keyboard, a delicious tilted screen, but a sub-standard camera. The Nokia C7/Astound beat the E7 on every photo and occasionally took as good as the N8 photos.
I also spent a good hour or two at the CTIA Nokia booth in conversation with various folk, including the bright and talented Darin Burris. We covered a wide variety of subjects from mobile development, user experience design, how one goes from an artist/musician to a designer/developer, the Nokia+MicroSquash alliance, to the wonders of maltese dogs, as well as attempting to get a red circle on the Nokia Near Field Communication (NFC) cup game to no avail.
The folks at the Nokia booth had four stations of demo/display phones plus two NFC readers at each station that would read a NFC chip embedded on the bottom of coffee cups. Once one got a cup, one could go around to the stations and put the cup on the reader to see if one won, if the circle turned bright red and stayed red then one would win a Nokia N8. It was fun, interactive, and a great way to get CTIA attendees involved.
The evening hours were spent at the CTIA Unplugged event at the Hard Rock cafe which included a Lady Antebellum concert. Unfortunately, I did not feel very festive due to yesterday’s bad news and was not too peppy, but the company was good and I really had fun text with Erika on the Nokia E7’s qwerty keyboard. Love that keyboard, love it.
The evening ended with a nightcap at the hotel bar with our group and a few SXSW friends that walked by.

CTIA: The Nokia Astound and Cheeky T-Shirts

Nokia CTIA: Breakfast meeting with the Nokia Astound/C7 team Nokia CTIA: Jimmy's Philadelphia t-shirt Nokia CTIA: Trent's Mac t-shirt
Photos taken by Ms. Jen with her Nokia N8.

Tues 03.22.11 – The first full day of the Nokia CTIA adventure started with a breakfast meeting with the Nokia Astound / C7 team leaders and the CTIA Social Reporters (aka blogger type humans). We had a lively discussion about the Nokia Astound, its specifications, the aesthetics (I think it is lovely), and its market. I will write more on the Astound later, but it is truly a great smartphone in that not only is it full powered, lovely, elegant, takes good photos, and it will only be $79 with a contract on T-Mobile.
After the breakfast meeting, we, the blogger type humans, had an Ovi Maps Check In challenge before going over to the Orlando Convention Center for the CTIA Trade Show. The Convention Center was truly awe inspiring in size, scope, and over all hugeness. The Trade Show had so many bells, whistles, loud sounds, flashing lights, etc, that I thought I would need dark shades and ear plugs. The only downside was a some bad news from the home front. In the evening, we met up for dinner and had a lovely evening.

Tron Legacy Screening at Club Nokia

Adam, Mike, Michelle, and Donna at the Tron pre-party Mike and Michelle at the Tron pre-party Bryan and Amy at the Tron pre-party James and Jeb at the Tron pre-party Jeb, Donna, Amy, and Bryan after the Tron screening Michelle, Mike, and friend after the Tron screening Donna after the Tron screening

Photos by Ms. Jen at the Tron Screening with a Nokia N8.

Tues 12.14.10 – The nice folks at WOMWorld invited me to join them and many other folk at Club Nokia in downtown Los Angeles for the Tron Legacy pre-view screening that Disney and Nokia were sponsoring as well as an LA mini-launch party for the Nokia N8.
The evening started with a pre-party on the first floor of Club Nokia of which the dj was playing music on the verge of too loud to talk, but we endeavored to try anyways. It was good to see a wide range of LA, OC, and outland blogging/twitter friends, as well as meet new ones.
The movie was shown upstairs in stadium style seating. I must confess that I am a cinema jacobite and have not been to a movie at a theatre since 2004 or 2005, and let’s not even discuss how I have had the same unwatched dvd from Netflix since last February. The upswing is that I am not necessarily the best person to invite to a movie. But I did behave myself.
I liked Tron Legacy. It was a cute movie. It was beyond overly loud at Club Nokia and I spent half the movie with my fingers in my ears. I didn’t take to the 3D glasses, so I only wore them when I really had to, mostly in the computer generated fight & flight scenes. Even though the sound was too loud and the 3D glasses made my eyes go askance, I enjoyed the film.
The story was a fairly simple but good father and son tale with technology and gaming culture woven into it with a well thought out sci-fi world. Jeff Bridges’ Kevin Flynn as a 60 something zen-dude-programmer made me laugh as it was a bit too close to some of the older guys I know in California who lived fully through the 1960s and have lived to tell the tales. I think the Church of the Dude folks need to open a sub-denomination for the Church of the Zen-Flynn-Dude.
The most amusing part of the evening was when security was inspecting folks before walking into the seating area for the film. The security folks kept telling everyone that all cameras had to be checked in but phones could be turned off and put in your pocket or purse. Our group was all in possession of 12 megapixel Nokia N8 camera phones, of which I had been giving informal demos of the great video recording capacity at the pre-party, when the security fellow looked at me and said after shouting again about cameras needing to be checked in, “Oh, you have a phone, just turn it off.” And then he waved me through.
After Tron Legacy was over, I decided that I had to take photos of folks in the 3rd floor lounge adjacent to the cinema area, as the lighting was an amazing lavender and the walls had a silky silver brocade material. Of which did not last long before the security ushered us down many flights of stairs to the exit area of LA Live. On to home.
Thanks to Nokia, Disney, and WOMWorld for the nice evening, good laughter, and a good film.


I hate that word/phrase. It is vaguely insulting and has airs of superiority from the person who utters it or types it.
Normob is a shortened catch phrase for “Normal Mobile” or the average mobile user, to indicate that the person one is speaking of is not of the heightened level of knowledge and superior usage of a mobile phone or device as the speaker / typer.
I am calling bullshit on this.
Get off your high horse. There is not some special tier for mobile tech bloggers and folks who stand in line to get the first edition of any given high end mobile phone, other than the tier known as fanboi*. Fanboi does not equal superiority. Fanboi equals passion and extraordinary desire to dig deep into one’s wallet for the newest, latest, and greatest, frequently.
Just because your mom, your boss, your neighbor has the free phone with the monthly plan/tariff does not make them worthy of a derisory term like normob. It just means they have other priorities.
I have a friend who runs a literacy project in Freetown, Sierra Leone, Africa, and she *loves*loves*loves* Nokia phones. She loves how reliable they are, how they will keep working no matter what, how they can be used as a flashlight. No, she is not talking about an Nseries or Eseries phone, she is talking about the cheapest, most reliable phones that can be bought by the folks in Freetown, of which model number I have no idea what it is. So, are she and all the folks in Freetown “normobs”?
No. They are using mobile devices to the fullest extent of the ability of their budget, their local networks, and it suits them well. This is good.
Is my mom a “normob”?
No. She loves her Nokia N82. She loves the photos she can take. She likes to moblog her photos to her Vox blog. Can she use most of the other features on her N82? Mmmm… mostly not, not due to stupidity or normality but due to the fact that she wanted a phone that was also a very good camera. Those are the features what she wants from a mobile besides the ability to make phone calls.
Dear Mobile Bloggers and Journalists, let’s drop the word “normob”, to use it is snotty and below you, unless you would like to use it about yourself. There is no distinction between you and the folks worldwide who love their mobiles for very different reasons and ways from the way you do.