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Where did Blackphoebe come from?

Michael asked that folks describe their website’s orgin.
Here it goes…
For my first two years of publishing on the ‘net (1995-1997), I used my staff 6 meg allowance on the BU ACS servers. For the next two years, I published to my 10 megs on Earthlink.
In Jan. of 1999, Alex West and I reserved and started publishing all things related to music, life, the world and the universe, as well as a contentious message board & mailing list.
In late 1999 or 2000, I decided to reserve a personal domain whose name derived from the name of my favorite Western bird – the Black Phoebe. During that time, a black phoebe nested in my brother’s backyard and we all discovered that not only was it a beautiful bird, but highly fierce belying its small size and cuteness factor. I decided that it was my totem bird.
When I reserved, I tried to convince contributors that it would be a great place for us to publish personal and memorior style writings / art that would not fit’s music and culture focus, to no avail. I had not yet heard of Blogs.
In Nov. of 2001, I finally posted a front page (a flash version of a Malevich piece) and some manifesto about what I wanted to do here. In 2001-2002, I used this space to publish websites for college art / art history classes I was teaching at the time.
March 2003, SXSWi… I caught Blog Fever, I came home and decided to set up Movable Type on my underused One year and eleven months later, this is my primary web publishing space. I love it.

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