Waxing Gibbous Moon Rising

Sat 11.25.23 – Waxing Gibbous Moon Rising over the White Mountains as seen from Dixon Lane while walking the dog. Photo taken with my now nearly elderly Samsung Note 9.


Tues. 10.24.23 – One of the completely unheralded parts about being over age seven or even twelve is the lack of celebrating one’s half birthday. Happy Half Birthday to Me! Today, I am fifty five and a half years old. Yes, 55.5 years old….

NaBloPoMo 2022 : Enroute, The Train Blur

Sat. 11.05.22 – Today via train: KIN -> BOS. Via Plane: BOS -> LAX. I am tired already, and I have not yet left Boston. The Rhode Island autumnal leaves were still in some color as seen from the train window. This is the…

The Ginkgo Biloba Tree

Thurs. 11.21.19 – Here have another auntumnal photo of a bright yellow gingko tree from my Monday Kew Gardens photo walk. The last of the bright fall trees are a delightful remedy for the dark, rainy skies. Photo taken by Ms. Jen with a…

Afternoon Walk through the Park

Tues. 11.19.19 – The overarching weeping tree near the Albert Memorial has made a delightful yellow autumn path to walk through. Photo by Ms. Jen with her phone.

Late Afternoon Walk Through the Last of Autumn’s Bright Glory

Thurs. 11.14.19 – One of my favorite things to do when I am visiting London is to take a long walk in the park(s) every day. If it is warm, I will only walk through Kensington Gardens and Hyde Park, but if it is…

Pygmy Nuthatches at the Dripping Faucet

Sat. 10.20.18 – Once again the pygmy nuthatches returned to the water faucet today and I was prepared with my Nikon D850 and a 300mm f/4 lens. I was further prepared by optimizing the fn button on the front of the D850 to switch…