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Last Night’s Sky

Looking across the Colorado River to Crossroads with Capella and Auriga
Scorpius, Saturn, Libra, a Truck on Hwy 95 View from The River Looking Up: Jupiter, M44 - The Beehive Cluster, Venus, and Gemini Cephus and some Trees Venus, Gemini, and The River plus a palm tree

Thurs 05.28.15 – Last evening just before 9pm, I took myself to the dock at the La Paz County Park near the Buckskin Fire station to take photos of Venus and Jupiter and various stars & constellations in the very last bits of twilight. Here are the best of the photos taken last night, if you click on a photo it will take you to a lightbox gallery where you can also enlarge the photos to look at more detail.

All Photos taken by Ms. Jen with her Nikon D800 and a Nikon 50mm f/1.4G lens.


Today is a bad day in the neighborhood. A shooter, or set of folks, decided that they would gun down at very short range a congresswoman, a judge, a 9 year old girl, and others outside a supermarket in Tuscon, Arizona.
Assassination is never the answer, is only a chaos maker. Assassination or attempted assassination may seem like the fast and cheap way out of a sticky political situation, but it involves people being murdered.
If we passionately believe in the idea and/or myth of the United States of America, then assassination is never an option. Lobbying your congress human or senator, yes. Writing letters, yes. Peaceful protests, yes. Running for office yourself to do the work of change, yes. Working at civil discourse, discussion and debate, yes.
Killing people, no. Never.
I don’t care what your opinion is on guns or gun laws, killing or attempting to kill another person is not an option, it is wrong. I don’t care what your political point of view is, killing is wrong.
My condolences go out to the family, friends and neighbors of the folks killed and injured today in Tuscon. I sincerely hope that all the folks who are in the hospital, including Congresswoman Giffords will have a full recovery.

To the River and Back Again, in One Day

Diet Coke pit stop at the Seal Beach Carl's Jr in the early morn We have my Dad and are driving east on the 91 fwy The 91 & 15 interchange.  Love it. Driving through the canyons and hills between the Moreno Valley & Beaumont The Windmills before Palm Springs Allison & I when switching drivers at Dillon Rd, Coachella Stopping at Desert Center so my Dad can stretch out a bit Calif Hwy 95 & Hwy 62 interchange near Agriculture Inspection Station Hwy 62 over the Colorado River from Big River to Parker, AZ Glimpse of The River from Riverside Drive Arizona Hwy 95 south to Quartzsite with yellow grass from rainy winter T-Rock rock store with Buddhas in Quartzsite T-Rock rock store, Allison looks composed but it is 97F/38C! Rocks and Glass rocks Driving West on the I-10 down into the Indio / Coachella Valley The Windmills & Mt. San Jacinto in the evening going home Mt. San Jacinto with a bit of snow left Westbound 91 at sunset in Corona, Calif.

Photos taken by Ms. Jen with her Nokia N86 while on the crazy/fun road trip.

Sun 05.30.10 – When someone in Southern California, particularly a native or long-lived migrant, says “The River”, they mean the only one in 200 miles that runs all year around – the Colorado River on the border of the California and Arizona. To some tribes and sub-cultures going to The River from Memorial Day to Labor Day is a sacred activity, just like a certain set of East Coast tribes go to Nantucket or Martha’s Vineyard. Except it is different. Really different, different as in a different nation, different customs, morals, dress, and culture.
Anywhoo, I don’t belong to either tribe so the few times that I have ended up at The River on a big holiday weekend or in Nantucket during the summer, it always seems odd. Odd, as in: get in, do what called one to to the locale, and get the heck out real fast.
The last time I was in Nantucket in the summer, I lasted about 38 hours before I hopped on the ferry back to the mainland. Today, I went to The River for less than 3 hours, not including the 3.5 hours each way. I was on a mission and my sister, Allison, was kind enough to come along on the mission.
Mission? Getting my Dad, who is one week out of a major back surgery from Tustin, Calif. to Big River, Calif. so he can go to his surgery follow up appointment with his doctor in Phoenix mid-week.
Allison and I left Seal Beach about 8:15am, we picked up my Dad who was properly pain med-ed up for the long drive, and off we went. Upon arrival at his RV in Big River, we got him set up with food, A/C, and other bits, went to lunch, he off to a big nap, and then we got back on the road to see Quartzite, Arizona, before hopping back on the Interstate 10 to drive back to the LA area.
Once we left the LA area basin and reached the desert, it was Good & Hot all day. The temperatures were between 93 – 101F / 34 – 39C the whole drive. We only left the car’s A/C for a few pit stops, to unload my Dad & his stuff, and to walk around T-Rock rock store in Quartzite.
Other than those few pit stops, we arrived back home within 12.5 hours of departure. Now I am ready for bed. ;o)